Saturday, August 23, 2008

All I Need is a Cute Bag...

Remember this post...about the bag?

And this post about the dress?

What do you get when you mash those two posts (the green bag and Wal-Mart)together?


Isn't is cute?!? A "green" bag from Wal-Mart! And guess what! It cost $1.00. ONE DOLLAR! I am now fully stocked with non-plastic bags...and surprisingly, the Wal-Mart cashier seemed a little annoyed with my green-ness...which totally made me smile, because WHO KNEW I'd ever have any green-ness to annoy anyone with!?!

I may be able to do long as there is a cute bag involved!

Happy Saturday Friends!


  1. Cute! I get really frustrated with how much the bag boys put in the paper bags! Three jugs of juice and a container of shortning are going to end up falling out the bottom of the bag. Come on!!! I grocery shop twice a month for the 7 of us. There is alot to put away and I don't need bags breaking!! Don HATES all plastic bags, including zip locks. I may have to get some "green" bags.

  2. I have some of those. And was oh-so-proud of myself when I bought 'em.

    Now, if I can just remember to take them with me when I go shopping!


    BTW: Thanks for all your prayers...and words of encouragement this week!

  3. i have tons of cute bags too but forget them 50% of the time! Then my husband was complaining we had no plastic bags for him to put his garden booty in! argh! they do get a little irritated with the "green bags" wait till you take your walmart green bag to a different store they really look at you funny! hope you liked your flair i send you about recycling--i could not resist!

  4. I grocery shop at Wal-mart (with 5 kids it's a must) and I am TRYING so hard to be green...but I just KNOW I'm going to annoy the worries me a bit...I guess I should just suck it up huh?

  5. I use several bags from all different stores. I was at Albertsons and the cashier said in an annoyed voice " I can't believe you're using Food 4 Less bags here". I thought it was funny and told him I'd buy an Albertsons bag to use along with my others. But the Food 4 Less are insulated for frozen or hot foods, and the Albertsons, sadly, are not! It's the only time I've had a reaction. I use all "green" bags now for everything, love them!

  6. It's the little black dress of grocery bags. Looks cute and goes with everything. Because it's important to coordinate when shopping for macaroni and cheese.

  7. OK. This bag is definitely do-able. May have to go to that horrid place (I despise WalMart.) to pick up some of those bags.

    Happy weekend, BFF!

  8. I have bags for Aldi's and like the others who have commented I forget them all the time. So Sarah, since you can't remember to bring your stinkin' billfold to the store... do you think you may forget your new cute "green" bags too? :) My advice as soon as you get done unloading your groceries put the bags back in your van.

  9. I have the insulated bags and just love them (especially the blue one with the zipper). I haven't seen these yet. Yes, I think it's a good color to coordinate with our shopping attire. :)

    So that I don't forget them, I keep my bags in the trunk of my car. That way they are always with me.

  10. I used crib sheets. :) Cuz we are up to TWIN beds now! I cut the crib sheet in half and make 2 bags from each sheet. And they are big enough that our last trip I only needed 2 plus milk! I think I will make pockets in the next ones. Fabric at garage sales, clearance, whatever. Green feels Good. :)

  11. I have several from the grocery store we use. My problem?? I always forget them -- at home, in the trunk (I know, I'm too...uh tired?... to go out and get them!) Hope you make good use of yours -- and I'll try!! Really try to remember mine!

  12. Gee, a WalMart cashier was irritated? How unusual - Not! How sad to work day after day in a place that you hate going to.

    I would love to have Amie post her crib sheet/remnant fabric bag "pattern". I have tons of fabric that I can use for good.


  13. I saw those bags the last time I went to the Wal Mart - I think they are a great idea!

    Thanks for your prayers!

  14. Funny, funny, funny! I have the exact same thoughts/fears/issues with the whole "going green" thing.

    I have to say, I've been stubbornly holding on to my non-greeness just because I don't know that I like being told what to do. It's just so much pressure!

    A cute bag, however, may be all the motivation that a gal like me needs to give in just a bit!

  15. those are great. i like that one market here in town takes 5 cents off for every bag of your own you use at checkout. it helps me remember my bags.

    oh, and btw, there are programs to send your kids to re: potty training...i researched it in total desperation...if there was one w/in 200 miles of us i think i'd take her...but there isn't.

  16. This has nothing to do with your post, but I started twittering!! I'm still a little confused about it all but think I will like it!
    Have a happy monday:)

  17. Hi Sarah!
    I have those same bags! Love 'em! You can put so much more in them than the plastic bags!
    Hope ya have a wonderful day!

  18. My wife and I have toyed with picking up some of those bags-- just so we don't have to take 50 plastic bags home with us and then back again.

    Do they stand up on their own?


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