Friday, August 22, 2008

It Smarts a Little...

Today's post is pretty much just part two of yesterday's.

God is continually showing me things about myself through my children.

The latest is this: My three old's stubbornness is driving me crazy...I am God's three year old.

And frankly, that smarts a little.

Isn't it interesting that no mother has ever had to teach her young toddler to be selfish, to want his own way, to not share, to have a melt-down. The sin nature shows up early on (some earlier than others;) and a child left to their own natural tendencies most often grows up into an adult that both you and I wish we could avoid.

It wasn't until I had my own toddler that I realized how childish my own behavior can still be. And with each subsequent toddler I have been reminded over and over again :)

Here is a random list (from just yesterday) of how my three year old and I have a few things in common...
  • He wants his way most of the time. (need I say more?)
  • Out in public, he 99% of the time behaves very, very well. Compliant, sweet, obedient and just plain adorable. But in the safety of his own home the meltdowns occur. (Sound familiar?)
  • He asks me for milk, I fill his cup. Half way through drinking his cup, he changes his mind and decides he wants OJ. I say, "finish your milk and then you can have OJ"...meltdown follows. ( often do I ask my heavenly father for something and he gives it, and then I change my mind and ask for something else, and when He doesn't respond immediately I feel like "throwing my cup" and pouting on the floor...I'm just saying)
  • Potty training: He could totally do it if he wanted...instead he's decided that sitting around in a poopy diaper is not so bad. It's worked till now, why bother to change it. He has no idea the joys of underwear, for both him and I, because he's trusting in what he knows...what's familiar.

(How many times do I (we) just keep doing things the way we always have, believing it's still good enough. Believing that sitting around in the stink is not so bad?!? Instead I could just trust Him enough to believe He has better planned and step out in obedience and give it a try.)

  • He looks so sweet and sincere when he apologizes...until two seconds later when I find him spraying Windex on the couch. (does my repentance often look the same way?)
  • At three years old, in his mind, he fully thinks he's capable of calling the shots...and how do you explain to a three year old how COMPLETELY limited their knowledge and understanding is and without ME he'd be in a world of trouble. (I behave in this EXACT same way, and my three year old's knowledge is MUCH closer to his mommas level than mine is to God's)
  • He whines and whines and whines in hopes that it will change my no to a yes. (obvious)
  • He loves to tattle on his brothers if they even come close to doing something wrong or bother him in any sort of way...without ever even noticing all the wrong he managed to accomplish during the same time frame. (guilty)

Ok, ok, so I could go on for days and days on this topic, but I'm sure you get my point.

For all of the stubbornness and strong-will my sweet little Jake possesses, there's a million more absolutely wonderful things about him. And I can walk through this phase with him, because I know he will grow and mature into what God has created him to be. My love for him is changeless.

How much more so it is with my heavenly father. He walks with me, and lovingly guides and disciplines me as necessary because He longs to see me continue to grow and mature into what He has created me to be. I am so thankful He loves me that much :)

Happy Friday!!


  1. Thank you for the reminder of our Father's heart and turning the mirror on our own "todler tendencies". Great point on the "sitting in the stink".....


  3. Thanks for being so real!! This was a wonderful post that has me doing some thinking about myself.

  4. Great post - so true!

    I always think that my kids will have taught me way more than I will teach them.

  5. Awesome insight Sarah, and so true. I can completely related, holding onto "My love for him is changeless."

  6. Wow. Kinda speechless...trying to find the right words...

    God is really speaking to me this morning from your post. Wow.

    Need to go...

  7. Well, I've just come to the realization that I haven't progressed past the toddler mark in spiritual years either. :)

    One time I was debating an atheist about whether we are inherently good or bad. I explained about sin nature and how we never have to TEACH our children to misbehave, lie, take from others, etc. etc. etc. She asked what I believed the cause was (she believes people are born inherently good and religion is what messes them up). So I explained a sin nature and how over time children must be taught what is right, or belief modification. She was so abhorred by what I said she told me child services should come and take my daughter away because I was going to mess her up for life! :)

  8. O U C H this one a slap to the forehead-shoulda had a v-8 moment...

  9. Powerful truths, stinging conviction. Is it not just crazy all the lessons God can show us through our kids?!? Thanks for being real and open. You've got me thanking Him afresh for the way He loves us, despite at times our childish ways. Great stuff to ponder and act on today...thanks Sarah!


  10. I just said to my toddler yesterday "You don't have to scream every time you don't get your way!" Yes, very relate-able (is that a word?). Thanks for the good reminders.

  11. Excellent...and I admire you for delving into this...when I realized the similarities between me and my daughter I chose to ignore my portion. And while reading your plight I felt convicted and, like my daughter, because I have a tendancy to talk back...I said, "Uh, I thought you wanted me to learn new things about myself so I could share them with others...and Sarah and I have about the same readers, so she already took care of this." I'm sure he rolled His eyes because I know better.'s tough...

    You know, it also made me think that I once thought to myself, "If my daughter really loved me, she wouldn't do that." Not much logic there either, but Obeying God does show Him of our love.

  12. Have you thought about writing a book? You have a way with writing....Great post!

  13. Obedience is tough but oh the protection and blessing that comes within its realm. Great post!

  14. I know we have never met but I am pretty sure we share a brain... and maybe a heart. I love reading your posts and identify with everything you say. I can just link from my blog to yours because you have already said what I would just in a much better way! Our lives are so different in so many ways and yet we have so much in common. Yea blogging!


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