Monday, August 11, 2008

Highlights:Not the Hair Kind...

As you know, I'm still (technically) on a little bloggy break...largely due to my extensive Olympic coverage watching :) And team USA...definitely making it worth it!

But I can't stay away totally, and risk losing all five readers.

Here's some old and new news from my neck of the woods...

  • Tate is doing much better! Many thanks for all your prayers and encourageing words. He came home on Saturday and they believe he has ITP (which I don't fully understand) but it's MUCH better than anything else it could have been.

  • Saturday we went to the zoo. Out of all the exotic animals...we have a favorite. It is not exotic...more like disgusting. It's the grossness factor that just keeps us coming back. I of course, took a picture for you.

When you throw food in...they do this. It gives me the heebie-jeebies...and yet I couldn't stop watching...

  • Sunday I wore these to church: LEGGINGS! They've been sitting in my dresser drawer for just never felt right...until yesterday. And guess what?!? SO COMFORTABLE!! I may wear them everyday ;)

Here's the top of my (Wal-Mart) dress...I couldn't photograph my entire self in one-shot...I'm just not that good.

  • Sunday night we spent the evening enjoying the Olympics while the boys "practiced" their Olympic moves.

The best was while watching the Women's Gymnastics...My 3 year kept saying..

"Mom, you could do that!"

Me: "no, that takes lots of practice"

Jake: "But you could..."

God bless him...he has no idea that his mommy can't even bend over and touch her toes...dang flexibility.

Happy Monday bloggy friends! And Happy Olympic watching!!


  1. We had an evening like that last night watching the Women's Gymnastics.....except my girls thought they could do all of that stuff....and kept trying to show us! =)
    It was so much fun to watch them!
    OH - and LOVE the outfit! It is so cute. I never find anything that cute at Walmart.

  2. Okay, so maybe leggings with a dress are okay. I still choke when I see them in flyers. Not a time of my life I want to relive, but as my great grandmother said, "I'd rather be dead than out of style!"
    The outfit looks so cute and comfy on you! But then, I don't know anything that doesn't! You are a Jackie beauty!

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes...Loving the Olympics!

    GO USA!!!!

    Are those black jellies you're wearing in the pic of your leggings?

    Super Cute!

  4. I am so buying that dress!!

  5. I saw that dress at Wal-mart last night. I almost took 2 minutes for myself and tried it on then I remembered that I had to get home and pack lunches for the madness we call Monday!

    Maybe I'll get 2 minutes later this week! :)

  6. Hi Sarah . . . we like watching the swim and gymnastics. Some of the Olympic stuff I am just not too into - but other Olympic stuff - stay outta my way!

    Your dress and leggings are adorable!

  7. Jay calls the olympics "E-lympics". It is so cute and he can't get enough! I am thrilled that his normal 2 second attntion span has increased substantially when it comes to watching the olympics. :) He gets this really excited voice and says "Mom, their doing crazy things!! CRAZY THINGS!!" when the gymnasts work their magic. :) He went outside this morning and did 'crazy things' on our swingset bar. :)
    Love the leggings. I have some in my drawer, but just haven't dug them out yet... :) You may just motivate me to be brave...
    By the way, we'll be in the area the last week of August. Maybe we will get to see you guys!

  8. Enjoy these years that your kids thing that you can still do anything. Instead of being embarrassed and thinking you can (and therefore should) do nothing. ;-)

  9. That dress is pure cuteness. Good color on you too.
    Enjoy your semi-blogging break while reveling in the Olympics...I have never been quite so excited as when our boys won the relay race. Yay!

  10. Cute outfit! You didn't even mention your shoes which totally rock! Those fish at the zoo are soo fun to watch!!

    Good Times!

  11. Shoot! I just got back from Target and they had these cute little black leggings on sale, but I was unsure about the whole thing. Am I too old to wear these? Will they even look right on me? What long shirt/dresses do I have to wear with them? They were only $7. Your cuteness makes me wish I would have bought them.

  12. So cute, love the photos! No baby yet, Love ya, Shell

  13. Cute shoes! And I love the outfit. I was afraid of leggings, because after all, I wore a banana colored pair in grade 6 (ugh), but maybe I could be brave enough to try a pair now. Maaaaaybe.

  14. Love the outfit. My oldest found a cute outfit at Walmart too and she wore her leggings on Sunday too. She got a ton of compliments and all of the sudden she is all grown up. I don't know if I can pull it off at my ripe ole age of 40+ but I wore them in the 90's when they were all the rage.

    Loved watching the USA whip France in swimming last night! We had to keep from screaming so we would not wake up the kids.


  15. Did you see the USA/France showdown in the swimming relay on Sunday night? WOOT WOOT for the USA!

  16. He's right. You could TOTALLY do that.

  17. Hi, I just found your blog and I think I'll go look around some more. nice to meet you.

    I LOVE this story because my boys did the same thing after we watched some gymnastics the other night. They are constantly "playing gymnastics" out of anything they can find to swing from. My Noah even asked to take gymnastics instead of swimming this fall.

  18. okay, i laughed out loud at this post because i pulled out the leggins a few weeks back for church too. wore them with my $8.99 marshall's top. i told my husband the youth kept commenting on how cute i was... he said that meant i was too old to wear them! :) glad to know another 30ish mom and pastor's wife pulls them off!


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