Thursday, August 7, 2008

Melts My Heart...

My self-proclaimed "middle-est" little guy, Eli, went from this:

To these navy blue little numbers:

How cute is he!?!

He only needs to wear them while doing school work, so hopefully it's not too hard of an adjustment.

He will be starting Kindergarten in 11 days. And now I am realizing just how fast our summer has gone.

I keep debating on whether I need to take a bloggy break for a week (or so)...and decided that I can still post, and then shut the computer one's forcing me to sit here and read and read and READ :) (and it's only a week...I can do it...can't I?!)

So...for the next week I'm taking a partial blog break (posting but not reading), there's lots of stuff around here that needs my full attention...three named: Noah, Eli, and Jake...oh and one named get the idea ;)

Oh, one more posting ANYTHING good while I'm gone...I don't want to miss anything ;)


  1. He is ADORABLE! Love the glasses!
    Hope you enjoy your blogging break! And don't worry I won't post anything good ~ never do ~ heehee! Enjoy this time with your hubby and kiddos!
    Oh, we are SO enjoying Seeking Him! Thanks for blogging about it.

  2. Absolutely adorable! My boy has been in glasses since he was advice would be to buy a spare. Boys can be rough, stuff happens and it's a bummer when they have to be without while a new pair is on order.

    Enjoy your bloggy break!

  3. Good prioritizing! I know all about that odd time sucking thing called blog reading. How did three hours jsut pass???? :)
    Love the glasses!!! He's so GQ. :)
    Just for you Sarah - I'll try to keep the posting mindless and stinky from now on. (really you are just going to be watching the olymipics during your bloggy break aren't you?!)

  4. His glasses are so super cute!! Love 'em!! The count down to school begins!! I feel your pain!! Where did the summer go?!?!


  5. Stylin!! Love the look! Enjoy your week off ... it does the mind and body good... as well as the family ... at least every once in a while :)

  6. So handsome! (He looks even more like your hubby, now!) Glad you're taking a bloggy break. We'll miss you, but it will be great to savor summer's fleeting moments with your guys. ; )

  7. He's super cute!

    I'll try not to post anything of relevance while you're gone. Shouldn't be a problem! I'm trying to catch up from vacation & VBS myself.

  8. Oh he's a cutie!!!

    LOL - I almost typed he's a cootie! I'm sure there will be some girls in his Kindergarten class that will think that!!

  9. Love the glasses. Delphia said her eyes were doing "funny things" the other day, so she gets hers checked the first day of Kindergarten.
    You can count on me to be easy to catch up on blog wise! I can't seem to get the time but once a week! And even then it's not overly profound!

  10. Love the glasses. And I will try to only post the mediocre. Not that things would look any different! Have fun!

  11. He is SO cute. I could just hug that little picture!

  12. What a cutie! :) He obviously has his Mom's eye for style. Those glasses rock! :)

  13. Those are the cutest little glasses ever! Awww. Hope he's not nervous to have glasses. Olivia was a nervous wreck about what people were going to think or say about her. lol

  14. Oh, goodness, he is a little charmer, isn't he??

    Good for you for taking the bloggy will do you good. But hurry back! :)

  15. What a cutie! Takes me back to my second son getting glasses the summer before his kindergarten year...yet he was (is) so nearsighted he had to wear them all the time. He's now almost 13 and wearing contacts!

  16. He looks so handsome. I took my Noah to get his eyes checked to get ready for first grade last week and he was VERY disappointed that he didn't need glasses. I, however, was relieved.


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