Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love Him

My Eli, who is now a big Kindergartner is passionate about building stuff.


He cracks me up. It's Saturday morning and he's laying on the couch watching the NASA channel.

Praying he gets his daddy's math and science skills...because if he has mine, all he will be doing for NASA is suggesting what color combination would look the best for the new spacesuits.

Love you Eli...even if you do leave Lego's all over...everywhere ;)


  1. He is so cute! I have been trying to convience Noah that the word sculpture is so much more manly than "crafts"- hehe. They need to put their inventions together and fly to space or cure global warming!

  2. Yeah but the key to a successful space mission is fashion. It's a little known NASA fact. Because who wants to step out on to the surface of the moon when you look terrible?

    What a great creation Eli!

  3. AWWWW it is pretty cool when we start really noticing interests in our kids--other thank snacks, bkfast lunch dinner McDonalds and Sponge Bob (no offense Heth-I know you are a SB lover ;-)makes us really dream for their futures!

  4. Legos and K'nex's the way of life in our household as well. I am amazed at the things my Noah creates from his own imagination. I couldn't make anything without the guide to follow when I was growing up.

  5. OK, so Noah is a pretty common name among the builders! My Noah is a building maniac. If he isn't building with K'nex or magnetix then he is cutting up any cardboard he can take quietly from me to make into his next "machine". I am always stepping on something small and painful in his room. I know that this momentary trial is producing a man that will do great and mighty things so I try to politely suggest he make a path through his room just for me.

  6. Ohh, so cute. And you made me laugh about color combos for spacesuits. :) Funny stuff, that!

  7. He is so cute! NASA - probably could use a color update!!!

  8. Let the creativity roll! It is nice that he can "invent" things on his own. He is a "hands on" child and will do great things. He is also thinking independently as he watches and builds. Thanks for sharing. Arlona

  9. Maybe He'll go to work for my husband -he needs to hire a few now.
    George W by the way!
    Love ya and your sweet stories, your precious family and your keeping it real way for blessing us with the good, the not so good, and the shameful:o)
    Your an inspiration- fur real!
    Be blessed!


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