Friday, August 29, 2008

My Apology Letter...

Dear Odie,
I want to thank you for being such a good sport while Jake adjusts to his brothers being at school.
You endured, with such grace and dignity under the Kleenex blanket he made for you.
Thank you for not biting his head off as he lays on you, props his feet on you, and totally disregards your personal space. I wish I could display your same patience under those circumstances.
I promise to get him out of the house more so that you can have some peace and quiet.


  1. What a patient dog... I think he and my dog could get together and the stories they would share... I am convinced my baby thinks our dog is a stuffed animal as she tries to ride her, lay on her, sit on her.... her patience totally endears her to me though... making it harder to stay too mad when she does doggy things like pee on my carpet or bark at my neighbors...

  2. He looks like a very sweet fella!!

  3. The Kleenex blanket...too funny. What a sweet little dog.

  4. My mom has a weiner dog too. She is not as sweet as yours though. No way would she let a kid have so much of her "personal" space. You are a blessed lady!


  5. Grace and dignity. I have never heard a wiener dog described with such noble adjectives. Only Odie.

  6. um, it looks like his nose might be a little runny to me...I personally think Jake was being thoughtful making sure if he sneezed or needed to blow a kleenex was not far away-- or perhaps Odie was just thankful for a place to try to hide ;-)

  7. Oh my, It is a good thing we gave Odie to you guys when he was older not sure he would of taken that from Jay years ago:) Love seeing what Jakob does.
    love mom

  8. He is an adorable surigate brother! Well done, little fella!

  9. Poor Odie!

    I think he's making that face just to make you feel sorry for him. It's funny how he's just laying there under a pile of Kleenex, instead of getting up. Roxy Belle would never lay there while the girls did this.

  10. I think I need to write a similar letter to our kitten. What a great dog to have in the family.

  11. Awwwwwww! He looks just like my Chessie!

    Maybe we can "get them together" and have some little baby Odie/Chessie's.

  12. Oh, Buddy!

    I say a little Thank You prayer just about every day that our 80 lb Boxer doesn't bite my very loving toddler's head off.

    Her love is big, her love is loud... Her love can injure or mame...

  13. that photo is hilarious. the look on his face really is one of patient disgust!


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