Wednesday, September 3, 2008


There are certain things that you just don't want to hear from your pastor's wife. Things like ...
  1. personal or private details about the pastor ;) and

  2. that she too finds it difficult to spend time in God's Word.
Oh...there are other things you'd rather not know too, but I'll stop myself.

I've had the privilege of being in four different churches (not counting mine now) since becoming a Christian. Each pastor's wife was uniquely gifted for their role, and each showed wisdom...wisdom that only comes from His Word.

I always assumed they spent hours, HOURS daily with God...studying the scriptures, gleaning all they could. Because after all, they're the Pastor's Wife...if they can't do it, what did that mean for me?!?
Funny how life flops you to the other side of the fence sometimes. Let me tell you...the view from the pastor's wife side looks a tad bit different to me now.

I learned that she faces the same excuses that I did...

I'll read it later...gotta get just one more thing done...I'll be ok without it...I've read and studied it before...I know what's in there...

All lies...and all...believable.

Yesterday my running partner and I ran for the first time in a week. I wanted to die. It hurt. I make it so much harder on my body when I don't run consistently. It's something that I need to do regularly...I can't call myself a runner, if I ran in the past, but no longer do...a runner is someone who RUNS.

So it goes spiritually. Getting by on what I read in the past, experienced in the past is not gonna cut it. I make it so much harder on my ENTIRE life when I don't spend time with Him...daily...hourly...minute by minute.

You'd bless me beyond words if you'd life your pastor's wife before Him today :)

On a totally unrelated note...

I've received, what may be the cutest blog award. Ever. Wanna see?

Enthusiastically ElleBee passed along the "I heart your blog" award, and I heart it and I heart her blog too. You should go plop in and say hello!

I'd like to pass it along to some of my newest blog reads/friends that I really love reading.

Rachel at Musings of a Future Pastor's Wife. Her hubby is in seminary (which bring back some memories for me :) and she just survived Gustav...blogged right through it, which totally impresses me, by the way. She's a wise one, and I heart her.

Colored with Memories is another one that I love. You've gotta go read her Tuesday post about mommy competitiveness...cracked me up!

And Cassandra at Tripping Around the Sun. I relate to her and frankly...I adore her and her blog.

I'm also adding these ladies to my blogroll, so you can find them there too.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. As a pastor's wife myself, I totally agree with you. I wish we were a "cut above" and had it all together. But God generally uses people who are at the bottom of the bowl... and that would be me!

    Congrats on your award! How fun!

  2. Sarah, you just described my morning! Even though I know the truth that a day without spending time with God is like a day without eating, I ran right out the door this morning and only gave my Bible a longing glance.

    We ministers' wives can be undisciplined and complacent, too, even though we'd rather be that tower of spiritual perfection to those around us. :-)

    Thanks for being honest!

  3. Even though I'm not in your position (yet), I totally know what you mean! I am so fortunate to be in a place where I can take classes on the Word, but that doesn't mean I can neglect the personal time spent with Him! My pastor always says that the Christian walk is like going the wrong way up an escalator - you have to be moving forward at all times or you will find yourself moving backwards. :)

    Thank you THANK YOU for the award and your kind words! I'm going to post it right now!

  4. Your transparacy with us as members encourages us, and keeps us mindful of our responsibility to lift you up. Know we pray for your entire family every day!

  5. I heart your blog too! You are so right about being in the word can be a struggle for me too. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  6. After forming a close friendship with a man (attending seminary) and his wife, I've learned that pastors and their wives are just regular "folks." Good things, since he just became an associate pastor at my church!

  7. Great post Sarah! And such a great reminder

  8. I am working up a post to break it to the church people who read my blog that....uh gasp!....I am normal. Nor.Mal. Normal struggles. Normal excuses. You said it so well.

    Now about this sweet award...I am squeeling on the inside!! Like a total 13 year old! I have an award!!!!!! I am truly humbled. And giddy. Giddily humbled :)

  9. Thanks for your honesty! I've just started a running regiment. It's funny how it's easier for me to find time to work running in, but finding time with God seems so difficult.

    Thanks for the reminder to see my excuses for what they really are.

  10. ahh the whole pastor's wife facade. i have found such WIDE open doors when i am honest and right out there with my struggles. it has been amazing how much people have responded and shared their hearts in return! so glad to know we are "normal", whatever that is!

  11. Good good stuff. What a great parallel. You know, there are so many lessons to be learned from running.

    I can totally relate to this Sarah. Our perceptions of a pastor's wife are so different when we aren't one. Now that we perspective. I'm so glad He is always there, every time I come.

  12. This is such a good post. The excuses have to stop! I'm talking to myself there...

    I just started a Beth Moore study at my church this morn and I'm hoping it will be the kick in the butt I need to get in the word and STAY in the WORD.

    I'm sure you are a great PW. Being real is best...and you are definitely that!

    THANKS SO MUCH for the award. I heart your blog too! I can't wait to pass it on!

  13. Actually, I prefer to hear the struggles my pastor's wife deals with. Transparency makes me able to relate more.

    Congrats on the award. That is indeed adorable - and very well deserved!

  14. Your posts always speak right to me, girl. And I agree with Linda...I love it when I see some transparency in pastors' wives. I think you are amazing in the role that you play.

    And you know I heart your blog! :)

  15. I can't exactly remember how I ended up here...a friend of a friend of a friend was linked to you most likely. But anyway, I love reading your blog! I grew up as a youth pastor's kid. I had such a cool childhood and I admire my parents so much. But ALL of us were normal. PK stereotypes are pretty bogus too! So I can somewhat relate, but on a different level. Thanks for being open and honest. It's so neat!

  16. You're right-- just because you have a title (or are married to a person with a title) doesn't mean you don't have the same struggles. Thanks for the honesty!

    Congrats on the award!

  17. Sarah i have just stumbled on your blog...your words have had me n giggles, tears and wondrous thought.
    We joined a new Church just under a year ago and the ministr and his wife and daughters have become very close friends.
    It has been uplifting to know that they too are human!
    The minisers wife and I have many a giggle over lifes funnier side...but it is wonderful to have a friend who does have such a close relationship with Jesus too...and to kno that even she is not perfect!
    your words of what I have read in the past not being good enough for today really struck home...I dont spend nearly enough time in His word.
    my report will always say...could do bettter!
    hugs good to get to know you.


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