Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little is Much...

Where do I start...

  • Last night was the kickoff of our Bible Club for kids (for this school year) It was beyond fantastic! 42 kids...and in tiny-town in tiny church...WOW...all because of Him. We also had over twice as many adults helping as we've had in previous years and I can't even begin to describe what a huge blessing/encouragement that is to me! There's a theme God has placed on my heart this year...Little is Much When God is in It :)

  • My official ministry roles are wrapped up for the week, and today, I get to just focus in on my family and I love that in a whole different way.

  • I always refer to Noah and Eli as "the boys." Ya know...

Boys...come down and eat

Boys...brush your teeth, eat breakfast, get dressed...on and on

Boys...stop hitting/kicking/punching/provoking each other

Yesterday at Target, Jake said to me, "I need to get treats for my boys like these."

It was cute.

  • And now...some visuals of what I'll be tackling today...for your viewing pleasure (seriously, it will make you feel better about the condition of your own home)

I give you example 1: "The boys" room...

And another view:

And another:

And then there's Jake...who can't seem to resist the urge to dig into anything gooey, greasy, or sprayable.

His dresser...who knows what that is smeared on there:

And this concoction is wads of toilet paper that he got soaking wet in the bathroom and then "cleaned" his garage thingy with...

Lovely, isn't it?

My boys are especially gifted in the "making disasters out of anything" makes a mother proud. *wink*

Off to clean...


  1. you definitely have your work cut out for you! I am sure your little guy will be right there to help you organize everything! LOL
    Enjoy your day, love your posts by the way!

  2. Oh my girl, that does indeed make me feel better about my house. :) My husband uses a phrase to describe our house when it looks like it does right now. He says it looks like little bombs went off all over the house. It's true. Every room is upside down. Feels like to some degree, my whole house looks like your boy's room. Sans the toilet paper cleaning experiment thing. Thank God. :)
    Happy cleaning.

    And thanks for the inspiration, too. Because just looking at that mess, which makes me think about mine, also motivates me to clean it. So thank you. Before now, I was only motivated to sit here all day and read. :)

  3. I LOVE YOU!!!! It looks just like my house!!!! I will post pictures to prove it. And I will link them back to you. Sound like fun? Arighty then!

  4. Oh, my! Bless your heart! I can remember the days when I could NOT step foot into my son's room without stepping on some itsy-bitsy GI-Joe weapon or whatever. Oh, did they ever hurt!

    Remember, this, too, shall pass ;)

  5. oh my, that will keep you busy! sometimes it is overwhelming isn't it. it feels like shoveling while it is still snowing, ya know.

  6. Bless you my friend! ;) Ah - life with boys! :)
    I've been on a cleaning frenzy. Like crazy -throwing things away that some in this house may deem still usable, but I am a women on a mission. I was so disgusted with the whole diaper genie thing today that I threw it away. It was very satisfying to just chuck that thing into the dumpster. Eckkk!
    I am very excited to hear about the amazing night at kids club! Wow! Also glad there is more help.

  7. Hey, some of the greatest artists in this world probably experimented with greasy stuff on the dresser too! You may be raising the next Picasso. :)

  8. I've got you beat, and it's my girls' room. But there will be no photos.

    I love Jake's comment about "the boys". So cute.

  9. I think if we got our boys together they could really cause some damage!

    We are constantly telling our boys to clean up their rooms too!

  10. I definitely feel better about my house right now ... thanks! (wink, wink)

    That's funny about "the boys" because I call my children "the girls." Same thing ... "girls, come down and eat," " what will we do with the girls?", etc.

  11. I get made fun of all the time for referring to my two as "the boys". It just seems to make more sense. It feels weird to say "the kids" but I don't know why.

  12. wow!!! so thrilled about 42!!! woohoo!!!!
    extra help!!! BIG woohoo!!! what a huge blessing!! what a great start to the year!!!!
    LOVE the pics!!!!
    Others do not even know how true those words are "my boys are gifted...." MAN! they just have no idea how gifted those boys are! you handle it sooo well! I would be yelling and mad!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Jake's quote too! adorable, just adorable!

  13. oh my...thanks for those pictures, you had me laughing. Although, it looks VERY much like the state of my house today. Good luck on the "disaster relief" effort :)

  14. wowza...makes me feel like i'm not alone in the boy's room = disaster! happy cleaning.

  15. little is much when God's in it- the song is playing through my head. good stuff. I can completely relate to the toliet paper wipes! well, and everything else. hehe.

  16. HA! I use "girls" all the time and that's how Sarah calls Emily and Audrey ~ so cute!

    And Emily & Audrey's room looks like that ~ just pink stuff! Just can't keep it clean!

  17. I am so proud of you for posting that! My "boys" are 16 and 14 and their rooms STILL look like that, sometimes worse, AND you get the teenage "boy smell" with's lovely!!

  18. Looks like "the boys" know how to be boys. That could be quite the exciting adventure cleaning that up!

  19. Yikes... good thing last night was so good considering this is what you faced today!

    But the "treats" comment was SO cute!

  20. my hubby loves to say my kids could tear up an iron anvil.

    if you could see their rooms you would agree!


  21. I know I already commented, but I just wanted to stop by and tell you I gave you an award. Feel free to stop by and pick it up.

  22. You are all about keepin' it real... and that's what we all love about you!!

    May your ministry be "all that" and more as your church brings the Word to LIFE for all those children!

  23. How funny! I have a little man who is such a cleaner, too (like with wet toilet paper)! That is totally something that he would do!

  24. Nice sneak peek into what life will look like for me in a couple of years!


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