Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Could...

I can't come up with anything interesting today.

I tried.

I could tell you:
  • that the upstairs of my home (where the bedrooms are) is a total disaster, and that even if I do laundry from this moment until midnight tonight it still would not be done.
  • that I plan on staying in my jammies all day...after all, I'm cleaning, and running tonight...why get ready. Seriously.
  • That I am so bursting at the seams with joy at what God is doing in our tiny church that I can't even blog about it...because the words I come up with don't convey it right. But I can say that we're starting to burst at the seams of our little church building, and have more than run out of classroom space, and I see people loving each other, ministering to one another and desiring to let God change brings me to tears whenever I think about it...and humbles me that God has allowed us to be a part of it.
  • I have a cold and a headache that makes me want to crawl back in bed for the day.
  • I'm a wimp and a whiner when I have a cold ;)
  • I may be more popular through this tiny little blog than I'm am in real life...My hubby (who's also "The FedEx Man") runs into people all the time that inform him they read his wife's blog...which totally makes me smile, and then immediately think about all the hodge-podge of stuff they now know about me ;)
  • I wish I knew these people in real life...and I wish I knew how each person found out about the blog...because that there is GOOD stuff that Sitemeter can't quite help me with.
  • tell you that I'm drinking this right now...

Yep...I live in Iowa and I drink generic pop called Hee Haw. HEE HAW. This completely and utterly amuses me...could I BE more of a hick?!? Don't answer that. This is one of those cases where I can make fun of it...because I'm from here, born, raised, and came back to live here...because it really truly is who I am :) It's like when you're a kid, and you can be as mean to your siblings as you want to...but no one else better think they can be mean to them ;)

  • that I'm also eating this right now:Fully cooked bacon: best invention ever. No amount of running can possibly keep up with the effects of the amount of bacon I consume. I love you bacon.
  • There you have it: The true diet of an Iowan. Hee Haw and bacon for breakfast.
  • Oh I kid...I won't inflict my weirdness on the entire state...
  • wrap this post up...

Happy Thursday...which means tomorrow is Friday...WOO HOO! I heart Fridays. (Also, I caught myself saying "I heart something" the other day, and let me just tell sounds weird when you say it...WEIRD.


  1. Sweet! Unless someone else is pushing 'publish' right now, I'm first today!

    Love your randomness, girl, but am sorry to hear that you don't feel well. Enjoy your PJ day, and don't push yourself *too* hard when running tonight. After all, your body is working pretty hard right now just to defeat that cold virus!

    And by the way, you're drinking not just Hee Haw pop...but HEEE Haw pop. Make sure you get all those eeee's in there! ;-) Who comes up with this stuff?

    A blessing on your head (movie, anyone?),

  2. I never even caught that extra E before! Why that just makes it EVEN BETTER!!!

    God bless Hy Vee.

  3. Having a cold myself...and I, too, am a whiner when it comes to colds!

    So excited about what God's doing in your church. That's wonderful!

  4. HEEE HAW! Girl, I just don't even know WHAT to say about that, but I can tell you this, I would be DELIGHTED to partake in some of that action! I'd probably even take a picture of myself holding the can. That is my kind of humor. :) I LOVE generic names! They crack me up!

    Don't get dressed. You're right. Totally useless. What's the point?

    There's alotta of wimpin' and whinin' when I have a cold too.

    I am always surprised when I hear about people who read my blog! And then pretty nervous about what they now know about me... especially people I hardly EVER even see, let alone talk to.

    Bacon: you can't out-run bacon. :)
    And fully cooked?? You just eat it right out of the package? Or do you microwave it or what?

    Bacon & DIET Heeeeeeee Haw. :) The breakfast of Champs! How else could you tackle some of that laundry and then go for a run this afternoon? (Notice I didn't say ALL of the laundry... let's don't be silly.) Without those two ingredients, it cannot be done.



    that's hilarious.

  6. Hee Haw?? That's hilarious!!! I'm actually very surprised that's not bottled here in LA.

    I have yet to bring myself to try the pre-cooked bacon. I'm just worried it won't be crispy enough.

    Sorry you feel bad! Bacon & Hee Haw seem like good remedies! :)

    And I got chills reading your point about your church - SO glad God is doing awesome things there!! We've run into the same problem with classroom space - bursting at the seams is a nice feeling, isn't it? :)

  7. hilarious! okay, what exactly does "Hee haw" taste like?

    hope it makes your cold feel better!!

  8. I haven't caught myself saying "I heart" out loud yet, but I say it so many times aloud in my head one of these days I'm sure it will make its way out of my mouth!

    I grew up in Iowa. And I have many childhood memories of sitting under the cart as my mom pushed me around the aisles of Hy-Vee! I only wish they had Heee-Haw pop back then :)

  9. I am not sure which is funnier, your post or all the comments about Heee Haw! too funny! your post is so funny! sooooo funny! love you in real life as much as on your blog!!
    started to cry about the blessings of your church...soooo happy for you both at the blessings!

  10. cracking up at the hee-haw!

    i'm in my pajamas today too, for the exact same reasons! we're awesome!

  11. VEry fun post and I would have never guessed you were a bacon's one of my passions

  12. So a couple things -
    1. Love the fully cooked bacon! I use it to make BLTs. Cooking bacon the "old-fashioned way" stinks up the whole house. :)
    2. All the teen girls in my classes say "I heart" when they are speaking. ;)
    Sister-in-law Megan

  13. Hee Haw? SO funny. Sorry you are not feeling well...I bet that Hee Haw and bacon will make it all better ;)

  14. How much would it cost to get you to mail me a can or two of HeeHaw. I am totally serious. :) I am from Arkansas after all.....

  15. I would LOVE to work for the generic pop company and be in charge of coming up with those names. That is a RIOT. HeeeHaw and bacon...breakfast does not get any better than that.

  16. My word, for a person who doesn't have anything to write about, you sure had a lot to write about. I'm not sure I want to come by on a day when you have plenty to say.

    I know what you mean about meeting a real live person that reads your blog. My mind immediately goes to... "Oh boy, what do they now know about me?"

    God bless you and your ministry. Hang in there bi-vocational pastors rock!

  17. Not so sure about the diet HeeHaw but LOVE the jammies all day ~ I did that last Saturday and got the whole house clean, clean, clean! Of course it was a mess again by Monday but who cares!
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Missing Iowa... Hyvee is just so cool. :)
    I think a sister in law of mine may have something to do with the church growth? :) I'm excited about what is going on there too!

  19. You talk like there's something wrong with having generic diet cola and bacon for breakfast.

    Sorry about the cold. Stay in those pjs, girl.

    Why would you want to run if you have a cold? Just rest today.

    Happy about your church.

  20. Just letting you know that you totally made me smile...from ear to ear...just from reading your post.

    So glad about your church! How exciting and humbling for y'all!

    Thanks for my little night-night pick-me-up.

  21. Yum, you've got the sweet and salty combo that is oh-so-good! I hope you enjoyed your cozy day and didn't work too hard on the house and running. :) Awesome news about you're church. I grew up in a small country church, so any sort of growth like that is awesome!Feel better soon.

  22. If you are going to have the bacon, then you might was well go for full strength Heee Haw and drop the diet.

    Just doing my part to encourage you. It's my spiritual gift.


  23. Hey! So in your new profile pic, you look a lot like Paige Davis from Trading Spaces (seriously, do a google images search and look for a close up of Paige with bangs!)

  24. I bet you're that popular everywhere you go! You're just that cool! REally enjoy your blog! Smile, have a great day!

  25. Praise God that He doesn't pay attention to church size, and works despite us!

    What does Hee Haw taste like?!

  26. I land on your blog often -- but when I see you are #1 from IA, #2 drink HyVee pop, #3 spend a fortune on pre-cooked HORMEL bacon, #4 stay in PJ's all day. . . well, this pastor's wife is pretty just like MOI!

    So...I clicked the little "Follow This Blog" thingie and added my name to your list of groupies (er.. I mean: ) Followers.

    btw, sitemeter will tell you I'm from Rochester, NY. I'm actually from Austin, MN - Home of HORMEL Bacon!

    Kindest Thoughts,


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