Monday, September 29, 2008


I got nothing today.

I've been gone all day helping clean at someone else's house...which by the way is SO MUCH BETTER THAN CLEANING YOUR OWN! Why is that?!? Let me know if you happen to know the answer to that one...

I can't come up with anything because I am FREAKING out a little bit about this tomorrow:

I can't come up with ANYTHING to talk about so you can "see"'s like a deer in headlights.

Not good.

It well certainly not help me in pretending to sound smart when I talk on the camera ;)

Have any ideas for a topic?



  1. It's because you see immediate results with out having to see it "just get dirty again"....your own home just never seems to get that clean to you....
    To talk about....what is the one thing (just one) that you would change about yourself...that you feel would change your life for the good....(not just lose 10lbs)

  2. I would help you out with your topic except that I can't come up with one on my own!!! I am freaking out with you!!!

  3. How about a top ten list:

    What every mother of boys should know...
    What every pastor's wife should know...
    What everyone should know about Iowa...
    What everyone should know about tiny town...
    What every boy should know about his mother....

    Just some ideas! You are cute talking about nothing! love you!
    can't wait!!!

  4. Ooh, Cassandra's smart! That's exactly why it is so much better.

    I'm getting an idea... I think I should set up a cleaning-swap group with all the other seminary wives in our building. That way we don't have to do our own work and we can feel good doing something for someone else. AND we don't have to see it get messed up. :)

    I know, I'm kind of freaking out about tomorrow too. Linda "cornered" me by emailing me after seeing my comment on your blog the last time you posted about this, so I feel a little obligated now. Plus I have done *zilch* in preparation for this. Thought about taking you guys on a tour of our neighborhood since it got little to no coverage post-Katrina even though it was one of the hardest hit places - it ain't happening. I don't have time to do all the editing. Plus I sound like a 5 year old kid on tape. Stressing, much? :)

  5. I went with a crazy story from my younger days. You can steal my idea if you want cuz I am sure you do not have a story like MY STORY!!! Can't wait to SEE you!

  6. Sister, I am in current freak-out mode with you. I couldn't think of ANYTHING, but I was desperate so I slapped a bunch of rambling together this weekend, but now when I watch it, I cringe and have to stop myself from deleting the whole thing. So, sorry...not much advice here. But I am convinced you will be just as cute as can be no matter what you do. Don't sweat it!

  7. hey there- I love your blog! I just stumbled on it. My husband is taking his first job as a pastor so I am looking for any encouragement I can find. I am sure I'll be back.

  8. Sarah - how about talking about the most important and wonderful moment of your life.

    Whatever you decide I can't wait to see it.

    I am passing on that little challenging post!

  9. This keeps reminding me of a song from my childhood. I have no idea what it was called, but there's a line where he says, "Can you SEE what I'm SAYING? Then the horns kicked in...and my boots started to squeak. *squeak* *squeak*" It was a bizarre song, and I can't get it out of my head now! :)

  10. You'll come up with something great. I know you will.

    I'm waiting to see if this zit on my forehead goes away by tomorrow or I'm not participating. I may or may not be kidding.

  11. You didn't need a crack me up!!


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