Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Have A Winner...

Remember this little give-away?!? :)

I tried, really I did, to figure out that fancy little random number generator that I've seen on countless give-aways...but obviously, in my computer idiotness I totally couldn't figure it out.

So I resorted to a much more scientific approach.
  1. printed off the comments
  2. cut them in strips
  3. folded and placed in a bowl
  4. mixed them up

Then, the boys, picked one.

And the winner is........

Tracie @ Coffee with the Crains!!!!!! Congratulations!

I had to smile, because after all the printing, cutting and folding and mixing of those comments...Eli draws the first comment on that post :)


  1. AGGGGHHHHH! That's me screaming!!!

    Hahahahaha. All my kids just came running into the room wondering why I am screaming and laughing and doing the "boogie-dance."

    You just made my day!!!

  2. congrats to tracie!
    your son's facial expression was priceless in the last photo!
    hey and only 2 more days...can't wait to SEE ya!

  3. Congrats, Tracie! Wow, Sarah, you sure go through a lot for your blog friends! I think I'd have just told one of my kids to pick a number from 1 to...! You are a sweetheart to go through the bother of printing out all the comments and cutting them apart just for us!

  4. Three cheers for Tracey! How awesome! Sure hope you enjoy your gifts! Thanks, Sarah, for the contest, what fun, even if you don't win, its still fun and exciting!


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