Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post Office: I love You...

First off: Your comments yesterday were so incredibly encouraging to me, thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm feeling better about walking through that fear, realizing that it's going to feel scary, but maybe that's how walking in faith is supposed to feel...

Second: This bloggy friend had such a clever post yesterday...I'm totally wishing I'd thought of it...oh, and it mentions my name in it...and it's funny...and you should just listen to me and go watch it :)

Third: Guess what openes in tiny-town TODAY?!?
Did you guess?
THE POST OFFICE. Yiiiippppeeeee!
No more driving into the bigger city just to get my bills mail. But, it really was an excellent excuse to drive thru for that reason, I might miss it a little.

Or not. I can still hit the Starbucks on the way to Target ;)

So, tomorrow, in honor of the post office re-opening and tiny-town (and me) recovering from this and this and this and this...I'm gonna have some pictorial updates and my very first GIVEAWAY (which I can send out from my new fixed up post office!)

I'm not entirely sure what the give-away will be yet...but it will certainly involve some of this super smelling stuff ;)

So...come back tomorrow and visit and enter yourself and then I can have a good 'ol time drawing names! :)

I have now resorted to bribing's kinda like you're my children now.


  1. I want to congratulate you, but I also want to say how sorry I am. About Starbucks. Oh well, it's got to be good for the budget.

  2. I want to win a can of Hee haw. Oh you so think I am joking or teasing but I am not. My dad would add that can to his RC cola collection I promise. So...if you do that giveaway, I amy be the only one commenting but atleast I might have a good chance of winning LOL

  3. I love my local PO...they have mints & peanuts for you when you come in. One little clerk, and NO COMPUTER! Everything is done by hand.

    I'll be back tomorrow. That giveaway sounds too good to miss. And I don't mind one bit that you're bribing me!

  4. Hey, how fun, I'm having my first giveaway tomorrow too! I'll be celebrating a milestone post:) About the bribery thing...I say whatever works:)

  5. For those of you not from tiny town, you have no idea what a big deal this is. The post office being open after 3 1/2 months is huge. The kids & I clapped & cheered all the way to school this morning as we passed the post office & realized the great news! GREAT, GREAT DAY IN TINY TOWN!!

    From Sarah's favorite annoying neighbor

  6. Yeah! I am so glad they have it up and running!

  7. Yay for Tiny Town's Post Office! Ah, the simple pleasures in life!

  8. I would N.E.V.E.R.R.R.R bribe my children....i may cleverly entice( sometimes i call it coerce) them to see/do things my way with gifts or icecream or other various kid-friendly promises, but bribery NO WAY not me! ;) hee hee by the way, if i win tomorrow, i want mine personally delivered...I live about 3 blocks away from Deb/mom's old house and I KNOW you can find me. ;-)

  9. i wondered why my sitemeter was so happy this morning. you're sure sweet. i feel famous now!! ;o)

    and, hair would like me to tell you that it needs me to win. no bribing, just desperation!!

  10. I gotta agree with Cassandra, I would pay money for a can of Heee Haw.

    Of course, since my hubby loves Mountain Dew, it probably wouldn't last long in our house. *sigh*

  11. oh, how fun! Your first contest! Those are so much fun, I always want to send the prize to everyone who entered!

    Glad your post office is back up and running. Sorry about missing out on starbucks though ;)

  12. Congratulations on the post office! My mom said the other day when she went to change our address to the new house, the whole post office was celebrating with her! Gotta love small towns :)

  13. ...also from a "tiny town" . . .
    P.O. is open for about 13 minutes a day -- game is know WHICH 13 minutes. I get Dunkin'Donuts coffee (actually, no. it's "Donut Connection.") on way to pig-town (i.e. home of Hormel pre-cooked bacon) to send mail.
    LOVE tiny town!

  14. Hey girl.
    I tagged you over on my blog.....YOU'RE IT!!

  15. Hooray! I know you celebrate any step in life getting back to "normal". Still no power here - Day 13. At least today I did see power trucks working on my way home...just not in our area!

  16. Definitely a reason to celebrate! And using Target as a reason to go to Starbucks is just genius.

  17. Yay for Tinytown!

    On another note ... 63 followers? What the heck? I must go and repent due to my jealousy. How did you become so popular? It seems like just yesterday, it was just the two of us. It's OK ... I forgive you for being way cooler than me.

    And a giveaway? You are just blowing my mind right now with your mad blogging surprises. See you tomorrow.

  18. Congrats on the new P.O.
    WOW!! I didn't realize y'all had been hit so hard lately.

    A give a way! WOO HOO!! I'll be back to see....



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