Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama Belle

Guess who turns 37 today?!?

My BFF, whom I've never met in real life...Mama Belle, she's on the left. She's freaking out a little about turning 37...silly girl...look at her, she's gorgeous!! And talented to boot!

Her hubby came up with a great little suprise for her birthday...and I'm hoping that she too thinks it great, because if she doesn't...well, it was ALL his idea...I'm just sayin' :)

Happy Birthday Mama Belle, The Movie Star!!!

And in 6 years and 2 months I'm hoping to look as fabulous as you my friend ;) Sorry...I just had to throw that in there...because that's what friends do...

You too can go wish her a big 'ol Louisiana Happy Birthday over here....and check our her blog while you're'll see why I like her so much.

And check out more videos at:

Rachel, Jessica, Amy, Wendi, Jackie, Julie, and Jodie

Enjoy :)


  1. That was funny. I was watching thinking, gosh, this almost looks kinda professional, like they used more than just their cell phone...
    oohhhh. I'm slow like that.
    Very cute.

  2. OH MY GOSH! Beau looks HILARIOUS!!!

    Happy birthday, Mama Belle!

  3. Love it! So funny! Beau is so the star here though...
    Thanks for all of your secret planning and work on this! It was great! I am having so much fun visiting all the sites.

  4. That video makes me laugh every time I see it! Them people are funn-ay!

    Happy Birthday MB! Hey, I hope you noticed how *I* didn't drag your age through the mud and then mention how I'm a full 9 years younger or that I'm still really young, since I AM only 20-something. You might think that was tacky. ;)

  5. that is hilarious!!!

  6. i had so much fun meeting her yesterday. now i see why you all love her so much!

    have a great day.

  7. what a funny video! i just found your blog , i'll be back for sure! oh i watched your video blog ~ it really cracked me up! have a great day!

  8. Sarah, what a good friend you are!

    Is that really Beau in the video? Hilarious!

    You guys are a lot of fun! I'm so glad to have met you today! I'm spending SO much time at this birthday party getting to know everyone...I'm glad to get to know you!

  9. OK - BY FARRRRR my favorite video of the day.

    Pray for me, please...cuz I am so jealous that I didn't get to participate.

    Mama Belle - you deserve all this...and more.

    Happy Birthday!

  10. That is great. Love the post. Blessings.

  11. Hilarious! I think you gals are so awesome to honor Mama Belle like this! I'm so glad I found y'all through the carnival!

  12. I love this video!!!

    Very nice tribue Sarah!

  13. Oh, I remember this one! Cracks me up.

    Mama Belle...Happy Birthday!

    Sarah, thanks for all of your sleuthy manuevers in helping to pull this off with Beau. :)

  14. You know I absolutely love you, right? (despite my mortification of my mug being posted all over the internet)

    Can you believe in my speechlessness I forgot to check your blog this morning? My BFF? How could I? You and Beau were the masterminds behind this.

    Anyway, once again ... I do love ya' like buttah.

  15. That is so cute! Happy Birthday Mama Belle

  16. LOVE the videa...too funny! Happy belated to Mama Belle!

  17. lol! ThaT was great...came over from Mama Belle's your site it looks like so much fun...and I love Mama Belle...she doesn't look a day over 25 really!


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