Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh...I Meant it Alright

Ever have those moments where you think, "Hmmm, Thursday already...what did I do this week?"

Having one of those moments as we speak.

I've been running here and there...and it's been fun, but today...gotta stay home and actually put away the laundry that has been clean for days, but strung all over our bedroom floor because it's disobedient and won't fold and put away itself...dang laundry.

I've also been learning some huge ginormous spiritual lessons from that one little study I mentioned before...Seeking Him. Lately it's been on obedience...which is not my strongest area when the obedience happens to require something that makes this flesh want to run around tiny-town screaming. I exaggerate slightly. The other is forgiveness...which isn't too hard, right? HA! Yeah right.

The words haven't quite come together for those posts...but I know God will bring them when the time is the meantime, He's making me practice those two things...good times.

And, just for the record, the other day, on my humiliating video posts (that I'm not even gonna link to), I happened to say that I hope you all sounded or looked like dorks so that it would make me feel better....I didn't mean it....ok....yes I did. I did indeed :)


  1. What did you do all week? Well, let's see- I'm sure you made sure you're boys had clothes on each day (even if they did have to dig through that disobedient pile- I have one of those too) and everyone always had something to eat when they were hungry and I'm sure you made an effort to let each of them feel loved and cared for. And you got them all where they needed to be each day. Don't underestimate the importance of all those "little" things you do- why do we do that?!

  2. You didn't sound or look like a dork. You were your charming self throughout the video. Feel better?

    It's Thursday and I haven't done anything all week either, except obsess over the fact that by Thursday I have to finally do something because by Friday I have to have my house, my kids, and myself ready for TWO birthday parties. I guess I'll go get started. BTW, I can't wait to hear what you're learning in your study. It sounds fascinating!

  3. It's Thursday and my week has flown by...the only difference between us is that my laundry sits on my beadroom floor, dirty! So today, I will wash....all day!!

  4. Disobedient laundry! hahahahehehehahahaha :)

  5. some days I think- "oh yeah....seeking God....THAT'S what I should do..."

    i know that sounds bad, but it slips my mind daily- and I have to constantly be reminded.

    that darn sin's so inticing.

  6. Oh the laundry, it is a never ending job! I look forward to hearing more about those spiritual lessons you are learning.

  7. Feeling that EXACT same way. I blame mine on a migraine headache that I've had all week, but I am feeling some major guilt over not getting much done the past few days.

    I loved your weren't even a smidge dorky. :)

  8. Oh my gosh. If the laundry would fold itself and put itself away, I don't know what I would do with myself! Someone needs to invent something. A robot? A clone? Come on scientists, get on that.

    Spiritual lessons are so much easier to talk about than to actually live out and practice. You are in the right place, acting on it.

  9. I really need to pick that Bible study up again. It's so good. And so hard. And so tiring. :) When ever you write about it I feel encouraged to get back to it though. :)
    What is it about this week? I am really feelin ya too. I did SO muc, but accomplished SO little. I don't like that feeling.

  10. Yes you are the one that put the dork curse on me. Thanks a lot. I can't beleive it is Thursday either. That's why I am taking tomorrow off as if it were Saturday.

  11. My week too. I am doing a study called Sheparding a child's heart by Tedd Tripp. There are bursts of Questioning why I had children I am NOT equipped to shepard them. I can barely shepard myself! Oh how the Lord is good, reaching out to us. Even if we are dorks and insecure with ourselves. He's there smiling, loving us. I agree with Heth easier to talk about harder to carry out in life.

  12. I am having week after week of days like this. Nothing done. can't catch up. Trying...

    Just so you know, since your video, I read your posts and hear a little lisp every time I run across an S.

  13. i love hearing what you're learning! thanks for the lovin' today.

  14. My week has been the same way! We should get together and discuss it - that way we can say we DID do something!

  15. I'm encouraged by hearing how you are growing, how you are learning, or struggling to learn.
    Makes me feel better somehow.
    And yes, you were a dork.
    Join the crowd.

  16. i'm just glad to know i'm not the only one that trips over clean laundry for days...i figure if everyone just gets it out of the basket, i don't have to fold or put away!

  17. I loved your showed a great personality with a great sense of humor! I even showed it to my 21 year old daughter, and she loved it, because she could relate to it a lot.

    I'm enjoying your blog. Have a blessed weekend!

  18. Laundry often runs my life. I enjoyed looking through your site. It's my first time visiting.

  19. Hey Sarah, I went through all those videos and only bookmarked two and yours was one of them. You have a wonderful sense of humor. I absolutely loved your video!

    I was going through all my bookmarks that night and deleting a lot because I am spending way too much time on this computer, but after seeing your video, I just HAD to bookmark your site.

    Thanks for sharing your video.

  20. I think I've told you--or have I? If I have, just go ahead and indulge me once more...but my Bible study group did Seeking Him a year or so ago and it was definitely one of those studies that totally get in your business in a God kind of way! We sought Him and He was faithful to keep His promise that those who seek with their whole heart will find Him! May He show Himself faithful to you as well as you determine to follow Him in joyful obedience!


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