Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Lay it Down...

If you could see me now...

  • it would not be pretty.

  • sitting at the computer, headphones in (trying to block out a 3 year old's incessant whining that is frankly driving me to drink....excessive amounts of coffee.)

  • Making lists. Menu list, grocery list, things that need to be organized list, cleaning list, Bible Club to-do list, Bible Study to-do list, get my butt in gear list...on and on.

  • sitting here with a complete lack of ideas on what to blog about.

  • feeling a little inadequate in just about every area right now.

  • hoping the Schwan's guy doesn't come while I'm sitting here because I don't have an order for him and that makes me feel bad...for some reason.

  • listening to this song that just came on my quickly I forget to do this...

Everything I am

Everything I long to be

I lay it down, at your feet

I lay it down, I lay it down, I lay it your feet.


  1. I'm right there with you...except the part about the Schwan guy, I'm not expecting him. How quickly I forget! But that is exactly where I want to be...laying it all down at the feet of Jesus. Thanks so much for sharing! The song was a great start to my day.

  2. {{{{Sarah}}}}
    Not having the best of days myself. And hate those feelings of inadequacy. May you find rest for your weary soul...

  3. I feel the same way sometimes when the Schwan's man comes. I have been known to hide out in our TV room, in hopes that he thinks I'm not home, and not just trying to avoid telling him I don't need anything!

    Hope your day gets better:)

  4. i need to go & listen to this whole song - didn't have the best wednesday night service last night.
    also, i'm glad to read that i'm not the only mother who's children whin. i hate that! if you come up with a solution to stop it please let me know!
    hope you have a great day!

  5. oh no, my Schwan's man will be here any minute!!! gotta go!!!

  6. Isn't it funny how God gets His message through exactly when it's needed, like in a song that "randomly" pops up in your MP3 player? Clever fellow.

    I'm feeling ya, though. I woke up this morning having contracted a case of conjunctivitis in my right eye overnight... and I can feel the itchiness spreading to the left.

    If Pink Eye were a person, she would definitely be a fun-hater.

  7. totally "get" how you feel. Just recruit your MTL to come over for a week and I guarantee things will be MUCH better!
    Remember where your strength comes from and run to HIM.
    Funny note: The library computer blocked me from your site for "drugs and alcohol content! too funny!

  8. There is something for you at my blog....

  9. I finally quit having the Schwan's man come for just that reason! I always felt SO guilty when he'd come and I wouldn't need anything...

  10. I could have written that post, except replace "Schwan's guy" with two dear friends I haven't seen in quite a while who just popped by!
    At least they know I do laundry with the amount of piles all over my living room. :(

  11. I am so sorry you are having a BLAH day! Don't you just love ear phones?

    I have had up and down days - today was rather an in between day - it is rainy and cold here.

    A sure cure for the blues - I LOVE LUCY - she can make me laugh anytime.

  12. Hang in there, girl! We all suffer with boughts of the yuckies. You're not alone!

  13. Who's the "Schwan's Guy?" He doesn't come to my house. Am I missing out? I just get the UPS man once in a while.

  14. The headphones are a good idea.

    Must remember that.

  15. SO true. Isn't it great how the Lord gives us just what we need when we need it! ;)

  16. Does my age (53) possibly grant me the right to give a little advice here? I too, pastored with my hubby for ten yrs. & the lesson that changed my life was this: "You DO NOT have to do everything that you may feel a PW has to do!" If that "overwhelmed" feeling is coming up a lot it may be time to let go of some jobs. World won't fall apart without every single meeting, committee, harvest fair, VBS etc.
    Ahem, ok done with sermon of the day. Find the fun & do that! :)

  17. I'm a list making fanatic. I think I need to get a note pad with those lyrics written at the top! Now that's an idea.:)

  18. OH goodness - thanks for this. I needed it as I rest my head on my pillow tonight and seek Him for wisdom, guidance and peace.

  19. I've been in a big funk recently too, and I'm not sure why. Praying for you, Sarah, because you ARE more than enough in Him.


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