Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is my new favorite word.  Fun-hater.

It's like a better version of Party-pooper.

It came up last week at our Ladies Bible Study.  We were on the Sexual Purity chapter in Seeking Him, discussing God's instructions on the whole issue (I know, you're wishing you'd been there for that one;)  A friend mentioned how His instructions are for our protection, He gave them to us out of His love for us, not because He is a fun-hater.

I *gasped*, not because I disagree, but because I'd NEVER heard that amazingly wonderful word before!  It's also around the time we collectively decided that our women's study needs t-shirts that say "We are not fun-haters" 

Anyways...the whole fun-hater thing has got me thinking.

Do people around me think I'm a fun-hater?  Depends upon the definition of fun I guess.  My definition is vastly different than many.

There are things I don't do that could make me considered a fun-hater...

The biggest:  I don't drink alcohol...ever.  Never been bar hopping, drunk, buzzed, hung-over...never had a drink to loosen up, or take my mind off something.  I don't even like the smell or taste of it.  I grew up around it...seen all the stages...from the casual one-drinker with dinner to the raging alcoholic...still can't find the fun in it.  

I think I've witnessed too many of the not-fun-things about it to ever think it was actually fun. 

Call me crazy.

I'm sure as my boys grow up, and turn into teenagers, and I begin the lovely task of setting and enforcing curfews, dating rules, driving privileges and all that good stuff I will really be considered a fun-hater.

I can deal ;)

Because really...its not about hating's about guarding their heart, mind, and life.  

It may seems crazy to some...but for me, it's what I often refer to as a hedge.  A hedge of protection...something put into place to guard.

One of my absolute favorite books (that I'm recommending all the time in real life) is called Hedges.  It's a book on protecting your marriage, but the principals in it carry over into life in general.  We do or don't do certain things in order to protect something or someone.  

For real...I'm not a fun-hater ;)


  1. Who knew fun-hater would get such a re birth!! So,what color are our tee shirts going to be?

  2. Yeah - you are about the furthest thing from fun-hater that I can think of. :)
    All of you in your matching T-shirts will be a great future photo post. :)

  3. If that is the definition of a fun-hater, then I wish more people were fun-haters! Carry on with your fun-hating ways!

  4. You are far from a fun-hater! Carry on!

  5. I am putting that book on my must-read list right now - it sounds so good. And I am totally incorporating this word into my vocabulary right now. But...from what I know of you, I thoroughly doubt that you're a fun hater. :)

  6. Yup, I wish I were in your Bible study to hear that discussion. Must've been a good one.

    Now I'm going to HAVE to get the book Hedges. Thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like a good one.

    I echo your thoughts on drinking. Been around it too much to want it. AND, of course your not a fun-hater. I like the T-shirt idea.

  7. so gonna get that book!
    oh, I wish I could have been there for that one! I kept giving our group a hard time saying I wasn't gonna be there for #10 ~ it turned out to be one of our best nights. Love the t-shirt idea ~

  8. fun-hater is a relative term. I think you are a total ball!! I am a fun-hater in my house for obvious reasons you are well aware of, but would rather be THAT KIND OF "FUN" hater than a joiner ;-) onward my sister---onward. and i want a tee-shirt too!

  9. LOVE that word! (For the record, in the best of all ways, you are far from a fun hater!) Going to have to seek out that book. When it comes to much of what the world defines as "fun", I'll gladly wear the fun-hater title. I'll take the innocent fun anyday...great post!


  10. Sarah,
    I've done it all! And I got pretty wild after our DMACC days. I can say some of it was fun, some of it not so much. But I had more fun being a goof ball with you than anything I did in my wild times!!

  11. Ha! Love the t-shirt idea! You are definitely not a fun-hater...if you were, I wouldn't be here hearing what you had to say. I am all about fun, after all. :0)

  12. Fun is definitely a relative term. I find things like red shoes and hot chocolate to be extremely fun. *shrugs* Tastes change with Jesus and age. I can attest to the fact that sin IS fun for a season, and then by the time you want out, it's too late.

    And I agree when you say, "it's about guarding their heart, mind, and life."

    So yeah, call me un-fun if you must, but I have to disagree. :)

  13. Hey fun-hater...
    It's the truth we are a bunch of depressed,brainless,moms because we actually want our kids to have boundries:0
    I wanted to let you know I've got that evil, no-fun pretzel recipe over on my blog today.
    By the way why don't you guys have a fundraiser and sell the tee shirts to your blogger friends?

  14. I'm glad you're not a fun-hater. Fun-haters wouldn't accompany me to the "Bad Kitty."

  15. You know that I only know you from reading your blog, right? I certainly would NOT call you a *fun-hater* Do you read your blog?? I am usually laughing while reading it!! You seem to have all sorts of fun. Although, some may not call it fun!! LOL Like the new light over your table, going to IKEA, taking pics of your cute, cute boys, using bullet points....come on...there's some FUN!!!! LOL


  16. that's a great catch phrase...i might have to start using it myself.

  17. Good Mom - not a fun-hater. Going to the library tomorrow to find that book!

  18. Your blog makes you seem like a fun-lover! =) I too have never got into the drinking thing and I know have seemed like a fun-hater.....I'm with you Hedge is good...better safe than sorry.

  19. Thanks for the book recommendations....Can't wait to check Hedges out!

  20. Sarah, Noone can call you a fu-hater or if they did , then I'd want to be one too. You are fun filled and inspirational and real and read by millions;o)and a sweet example to many.
    I love ya, Lorie

  21. Your title made me crack up - I think my husband woke up for a couple seconds. ;)

    Even most people that have the "fun" realize it's not really that fun after all. I am wondering what would be in that lesson, though.....


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