Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mischief is Neverending

Dear Jake,

For the millionth time...crayons are for PAPER only.

Not the fridge, window, TV screen, ottoman, wall, doors, dryer door, washer door, kitchen floor, carpet or kitchen set.

And certainly crayons are NOT for your teeth...especially black. I know you think it's funny, and is amusing, but lets not make a habit of it, ok?

Your obedience in this matter would be much appreciated.

Am I clear?


Your Mommy


  1. Have you heard the joke about the school janitor?

    The high school girls were writing graffiti on the mirrors with their lipstick. The janitor got tired of cleaning it up so he decided to call all the high school girls into the bathroom to ask them not to do this anymore. He demonstrated what a hassle it is for him to clean the mirrors each time. As a demonstration to show what he had to do, he dipped his mop in the toilet and mopped the mirrors clean. Needless to say, mirror writing wasn't too popular from that day on.

    Maybe this story is not relivant to your situations but maybe you can use the "idea" in some form to your advantage. Then may provoke new ideas and adventures.

    Cute post!

  2. haha! How did he even come up with that! This is the true definition of a yuck mouth!

  3. He is very creative! KIDS!!!!! lol

  4. Hey Jake,
    Remember we talked about obedience last night in Bible club. Lets clap now for obedience!
    Love you!
    Sarah Mc

  5. Oh man. What are these kids thinking about? Mine did this with his face a white board markers.
    What happened to good old orange peels? Too funny.

  6. You'd think it would taste disgusting. And seriously, you now have ammo, because if he can stand the taste of crayon, he can never, ever complain about what you make for supper again. EVER. ;)

  7. Aw, mom! He just needs a pirate costume!

  8. That's too funny. Crayons are the bain of my household too...........

    And I have to say that my letter to my kiddies might not be as nice as yours.=)

  9. maybe he plans on being a pirate for halloween? cute kiddo!

  10. Come on Mom, he was just turning himself into a pumpkin. Geez, we moms just have a way of ruining all the fun. lol!!

  11. Look on the bright side mom...This way if he quits brushing his teeth you won't know the difference when they start rotting out of his head!

  12. ugh, I battle crayons You'd think they'd be more harmless!

  13. In the words of Tommy Boy...

    "Thaaat was Awesome!!!"

  14. A few months ago my grandsons woke up before everyone else and had a field day with sidewalk chalk, only it was on EVERYTHING except the sidewalk. They went out back and got the chalk, came back in and proceeded to mark everything in their path on the way to the front, then went out and marked the cars.... That chalk is still on the walls until we can paint. lol
    Just remember that this too shall pass ;o)

  15. I don't think you got through to him. Nice try though. :)

  16. The Manimal went through a stage this past summer where he wrote on his legs with marker. Of course, once, he chose to do it Sunday morning just as we were getting ready to leave for church. There he was, in his cute little shorts and t-shirt, with red marker lines up and down his legs. Since I was playing piano that morning, I didn't have time to scrub them clean before we had to leave. No problem! I just changed him into a red t-shirt so he matched. Fortunately, everyone at church knows my boys, so it was no surprise that my youngest had marked up his legs!

  17. The letter was great, but the photos made my day!!! This mother of boys had a good belly laugh over your son's antics (it's always funnier when it's someone else's kid, right?)!

  18. I heard the same story that Natalie mentioned way up at the top of this list, except the version I heard said that the girls were "Kissing the mirror to leave lip marks" Yuck!!
    I love the look on your cutie sons face as he smiles for the camera with his blackened teeth! It is evidence that you are a really good & kind mom....some would have freaked & made the kid cry. Congrats on being the great mom that you are!


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