Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There is No Title...

Big exciting stuff in the parsonage today.

I made fruit smoothies for breakfast for the 2nd day in a row...yummy and nutritious all at the same time. It's genius really...and I did not think it up.

As I look at this picture I'm thinking, "Sheeesh Sarah, the least you could do is take a picture of it in the glass and make it look all pretty, the blender, seriously?!?"

But at the time, it seemed like a good idea.

Anyways, the news you've all been anxiously awaiting since yesterday: The mouse is dead.

Can I get a WOO HOO!!!

It appeared dead in between smoothies and getting dressed. Eli found it between the wall and the fridge.

Praise God there were still boys in my house because they pulled together a little teamwork and swept it up into the dust pan and into the garbage in the garage.

I took a picture. Yes I did. And then as I viewed in on my camera and felt bad for killing the little mouse...and then promptly reminded myself that
  1. I had given him fair warning yesterday and
  2. they are filthy creatures that do not belong in our is for the safety and protection of my family. *wink*
  3. Justified.

I will spare you the picture.

You are welcome. *grin*

And lastly, it is supposed to be SIXTY degrees here tomorrow. 60. 60!

Good bye snow flurries. Amen.


  1. mine looked more puce today than your pretty purple..

    is that philosophy lotion on your counter behind the blender???

  2. Nicole: I didn't add the spinach today because I didn't want it to mess with the color ;)

    And YES my beauty-product-loving friend, it is! Philosophy's Amazing Grace, LOVE IT.

    We need to plan a trip to Sephora together...maybe a Christmas shopping trip?

  3. ooh, i have the lotion, the perfume, and the body/hair wash YUMMY!!!
    yes, Sephora we shall!!! but who would that be shopping for US!?!?! oh goody! ( i dont think i have heard that phrase in 30 years????) tee hee

  4. I am very happy that your mouse is dead. We had mice several years ago, and I thought that I might either die or go insane until they were gone. I do not function well with rodents. LOL

  5. Enjoy that warm weather for both of us. :)

  6. Thanks for not posting the picture of the mouse. I just checked the trap under my desk and it still is empty. Good thing, it is almost lunch time.

  7. Oh the mouse stories I could tell! Maybe I will make it a series next week.

    My big question is what is the Halloween Trick or Treating forecast. (Of course maybe you are good Christians and don't do that kinda thing. I will be dragged by my children up and down many streets in my husband's tiny home town come rain or shine!)

  8. Good job catching your critter! We are having hail right now. I'm not ready for winter!!!

    That fruit smoothie looks so yummy. I should try that for my kids.

  9. so glad you caught the little rodent. I hate them and I can't tell you enough how much I hate them!!!! My older man-boys are scared of mice! lol and when they were younger we had one in the house and they screamed like girls. It took my then 4th grader and 6th grader to take care of it! It was rather hilarious! we are going to have great weather too for Halloween. Should be nice for trick or treating, because here in Michigan we can have snow on Halloween!!!

  10. Yummy smoothies, thanks for not ruining it!

  11. Darn...and I read all the way to the bottom, thinking I was getting a recipe outta this post!!!

    J/K...I ALWAYS read all the way to the bottom of ALL your posts!!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  12. Dumb mouse. Should've heeded that early warning. Next time he won't be so dumb. ;)

    And about my beloved, be-coveted shoes -- I knew you'd understand.

    Also, I wish you lived closer b/c I would love to go on that Sephora shopping trip.

  13. I can't believe you took a picture of the mouse. I can't stand to look at them.

    Glad it wasn't in the blender. Protein Plus!

  14. Rejoicing with you in the sweet answers to prayer! ; )

    Thank you for sparing us the photo of the dead mouse...ewwwwww!

    I'd love to see your smoothie recipe(s)...YUM! I've been wanting to try making them for some time now.


  15. OK, point for having boys. They get "critters" out of your house for you and actually enjoy it! Looks like I'm going to have to have me a son at some point. :)

    So glad the weather is getting better for you!

  16. God punihsed me today for posting a comment (three times??) On your blog about there never being just ONE mouse. See my face book status. Yeah. Punishment.

  17. We once caught two mice in the same trap, and yes, I took a photo!

  18. That smoothie looks great, even in the blender. I would not have thought to put it in a glass for the picture either...hey, you're just keepin' it real.

    Woohoo on the mouse!

  19. your blender looks way more pretty than mine. if i took a pix it would be covered in goop and really lookin' nasty.

    poor little mouse. i'm glad to hear he got a proper burial. and i'm with you on the boys, they are my heros when it comes to bugs and critters!

  20. Yea for sons, not only will I not go anywhere near a live critter, I most for sure would never dispose of a dead one!! Congrats on your success of no more mice...err, I mean mouse!!

  21. I wish I would have been at your house for breakfast...Yummy! glad you got rid of the moust...they totally freak me out too! ;)

  22. By they way...I forgot to tell you...I drowned a mouse once.

    Yep...sure did.

    Little guy pounced on me as I was pulling the dish drainer out from beneath the sink. Luckily (for me) I had already filled the sink with dishwater. I bounced off my chest...YES--MY CHEST...and landed into the sink of clean dishwater. I think he could swim, b/c he was actually trying to get out of the sink.

    What did I do? So glad you asked.

    I grabbed a wooden spoon and held him down with it. YES.I.DID.

    Murderer? Maybe.

    Needless to say, NO dishes got done that day. Just waited for hubby to get home to drain the water and throw the drowned mouse out. I couldn't stand to look at the poor thing.

    And - Yes - I was crying the whole time I was drowning that stupid little thing!!!

    Thanks so much for reminding me about this!!!

  23. Men (even little men) are so handy to have around...glad you didn't have to take care of that mouse yourself!

    The smoothie looks very should share the recipe! :)

  24. The rule in our house is if you are living in my home uninvited, I get to poison you. Many a mouse has died by the hand of poison. It is my favorite treat to share with those creepy little rodents.

    Hope you got the one and only! Unfortunately, my dad has said that if you see one, you have 10. We have found that to be true. Keep that poison out!


  25. Hi Sarah. The smoothie looks great, but it's the lotion in the background I want to comment on. :) I see in the previous comments that it's Philosophy Amazing Grace. I love that one, but have recently tried Philosophy's Falling in Love fragrance. It's my new fave. Here's to healthy smoothies and smellin' good! ;)

  26. The smoothie looks yummy even if it's not in a pretty glass!

    I think I may have to start making those for my breakfast! What do you put in yours?

  27. Glad that dirty little rascal is gone! Thanks for sparing us the picture ;)

  28. lova lova lova smoothie over here!! and mice too.. hehe.

  29. Glad to hear that big ugly rat is outta there!!! lol Was going to say mousie but that makes it sound too cute.
    I'm with you on the snow, we had some flakes a couple days ago and I am having the hardest time with it coming so soon, what's up with that anyway, global warming?

  30. i know you sleep better at night knowing that thing is dead!
    enjoy that 60 degree weather - winter is just around the corner!

  31. Reading your story about the mouse was bad enough...then I read about the drowning of another one. Gag!
    Also, did you mention spinach in your smoothie? Now you really do have to share more about your recipe!


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