Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fashion is Tricky...

So...it's election day. I feel strongly...but don't really feel like getting into it. I will say, that for those that haven't read through the book of Revelation in the Bible...should do so...I'm just sayin' :)

Anyways, after voting today I get to go get my hair cut...how great is that?!? Just a trim...nothing too exciting.

I mentioned yesterday about the outfit I got at Target that may or may not be too young for me. But seriously, either way, it is so dang comfortable that I don't even CARE! Welcome back 1980, welcome. back.

Ya know what? Being 30 is tricky. Tricky, tricky, tricky. No longer able to pull off all the trends, but not quite ready for the snowman sweater either(mom, I know you love a snowman sweater, so I won't even go there.)

If you'd asked me a year or two ago I would have told you there were a few trends that were up and coming that I surely WOULD NOT do.

  1. ankle boots
  2. leggings
  3. skinny jeans
  4. skinny jeans tucked in boots
  5. heavy bangs

Funny. Because this year I've done all but #1...and that's only because I cannot buy another pair of boots BUT ankle boots have now made it from my "never gonna happen" list to my "so cute" list.

You know what else is funny? Me in #2-#4 in tiny-town. *smiles* I like trying new stuff. It's fun. Keeps it interesting. But I love the classics too...like big rubber boots...

Ok, your turn. Spill it. What are you wearing now that you swore you'd never wear?


  1. I swore I'd never wear capri pants everyday, but lately I totally do. It's just easier that way, even though it's boring. I need to dress cute, like you! Maybe I'll start today.

  2. Bell-bottoms. But now we call them flare legs.

    Corduroy. But that was mostly because my mom made me wear so much of it in the 80's.

    I am sure there must be more, but that is the short list!

  3. I am such a casual dresser. I am all for comfort. I like to dress nicer on occassion and it makes me feel a bit more sassy I guess you would say. But still, no snowman sweatshirts for me either. My favorite would be a long sleeve t-shirt and my low rise jeans with holes in them. And I am 41...

  4. pajamas. way too late in the day. like down the driveway to get the paper...all while the neighbors drive by and talk about me.

  5. Pajama pants to bed. I've always been a nightgown girl. But I found these oh-so-soft capris that won me over.

  6. Like Rachel it was the bell bottoms. I swore never to wear those but we changed the name and everybody did it.
    And I'm a little envious of your parsonage. You have an upstairs?!!? wow =)
    that's my dream.....
    sad, isn't it?

  7. Love your outfit! ;)

    Leggings were something I swore off after the 80's... well, here it is 2008 and I am wearing them again.
    I am too old for most trends... but if the trend looks classic I am going for it!

    PS: I am 43 - and the Santa or Snowman sweater is not a part of my wardrobe...

  8. I'm so pathetic that the other I went to the park with a friend and her kids. When I jumped in the car I realized that I was wearing my 8 year-old son's sweatshirt and socks.
    I envy you for being able to pull off a skinny jean and leggings. I'd need to sew both legs of a skinny jean together to fit one of my thighs.
    I like your new outfit...not too young.

  9. Swore off: Low rise pants. What are my favorites? only low rise. In fact if I ever have to button my pants above or at my belly button again I will throw a fit!
    By the way, you look hot in your new little trendy outfit. Don't think I'm creepy.
    I gotta tell you a quick little fashion story. My friend is a pastors wife who likes to wear long boots/skirts. A little lady in her church came up to her one sunday and told her to take this money and get her self something to wear that doesn't look like a "hooker" boot!!!!
    Gotta loooove those trends!:0
    (and well meaning ladies)

  10. Ankle boots or 'booties'. I bought a pair in Oct and still have not figured out how to wear them to pull it off right. ;o)

    Fashion...ahhh....so hard.

  11. size _
    that's what I thought I'd never wear. yes, that's a blank. use your imagination. it's just a larger size than I ever could have comprehended putting on my "skinny girl" body. well, those days are gone and i'm having a BAD day so I guess that will be my not so upbeat answer to your cute question. love your outfit, by the way.

  12. I use to say that red shoes wear for little girls or hookers and now I own a couple pairs! haha! I have a work pair and a going out pair! I did take back a pair of knee high red boots with a five inch heel that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas a few hears ago. I'm still not sure what she was thinking! They were hideous! And size 10...I wear 8 1/2. On that note, my mom and I were in Von Maur and I tried on a pair of 4 inch heels in the clearence room. A little boy looked up and me and said, "mom, she's too big." I vowed never to wear anything higher than three inches again! I don't want to be though of as "too big!"
    Keep pushing the fashion line in tiny town!!

  13. Honestly, I said I'd never wear leggings because I couldn't pull it off, but I bought some a couple weeks ago, and now I love them...funny funny

  14. i totally agree with you that in your 30's can be a little hard to dress yourself. i don't want to look like the one of the teenagers in the youth group, but at the same time i want to be stylish & trendy.
    your outfit is cute. i don't think i could pull it off with my legs but if they were skinnier i would be that outfit!!!

  15. you can still be a teenager, i give you permission cause you can completely pull it off.
    and i am hoping your right about revelation, cause i am ready! ..it almost makes me want to vote for him just to see..

  16. I used to be such a matcher. I really liked to have the shoes and purse to match each other and the outfit.
    I'm the exact opposite now. I LOVE to punch up every outfit with a touch of bold color.
    Also, I never thought I'd like pearls, but I do!

    Your 1980 comment made me think of my post today! Go check it out. :) Oh, and yes...those socks are from the 80's and still can be found in my drawer. :)


  17. I don't own any anymore - but can we say stirrup pants???

  18. Let's see: Size 18, which came--and is now GONE! WAY gone! :-)

    Also, I never thought I'd wear what I'm wearing right now--a courdory jacket.

    And I SWORE I'd never wear bellbottoms, but like others here, they renamed them and I was no longer able to recognize them for the fashion disaster they once were (are?) and have happily worn them...often. ;-)

    And no matter what, I'm NOT wearing 'pegged' pants again. I just won't do it. Unless they rename them, then it's a whole other ballgame...


  19. #1 You look SO cute!! :) I bought my ankle boots and I am wearing them proudly! And I am ALOT older than you. I would wear skinny jeans but they loose the effect in size 12...I'm just saying!

  20. I'm with the girls who said bell bottoms. Flares are just the same but the name has changed. I love them! They can make you look REALLY thin.

    Sorry, but I just can't go back to the leggings look. They are adorable on my girls but I just can't pull them off they way you gals can.

    Course, I'm one of them girls that would still wear Garanimals if I could get by with it. At least I would match!!


  21. Ok...I bought a pair of Lucky jeans with a SHORT zipper that I thought I would never buy at my age...but, hey they're fun and comfortable until I bend over! ha gotta hold my hand at the back!

    I am also going Thursday to get my hair trimmed and rid of the white stuff that has to creep into the roots of my hair! ugh

  22. Good ol' granny panties. I know you're talking about stuff people can actually see when you're wearing it but man they feel good... LOL
    Oh my gosh the word verification thing says benthag, can't wait to use that one at work tomorrow....

  23. Hoowee! This morning in my Isaiah study Kay Arthur talked really fast about all kinds of stuff in Revelation. I. Need. Help. It was *way* over my head. But I will keep praying for understanding. It was all pretty new to me, so I will keep studying!

    As for fashion...I never thought I'd wear dangly earrings. They aren't out of style by any means, I just never felt comfortable in them. But Heth came to visit and I learned how to accessorize YAY! And so now I have three pairs of dangly earrings woohoo! And a cute hat I might add :) You know, like what Mel wears yay!

  24. First of all, love the outfit. I have a Bible study with a group of girls in their 20's and they help me stay young! I would have to go another direction here - I always swore I would never wear grannie panties...Well, they're comfy, just not a good combo with the low rise jeans:)

  25. Your outfit is adorable, and you can totally pull it off!

    I just can't do the ankle boots. But then again, we don't really do any kind of boots here.

    I like what Shalom Seeker said about pegged pants. I too swore I would never wear them (again) and then caught myself rolling my jeans up the other day because it was raining (and you know when it rains we get like 6 inches of water in the streets automatically) so I felt like a total idiot. Does it count as a fashion faux pas if you do it because of the weather? :)

  26. How is it that every time I come back here you have more followers? I'm way jealous. Do you have some sort of subliminal messages in these posts that gain you even more fans than you already have? Guess it's just your incredible subject matter ... like leggings.

    Let me tell you, I continue to stop my urges to buy leggings every time I go to Target. They're super cute and really cute on you, but I'm concerned that I'm a little too old for them. Hmph. We'll see. I may buy some this winter.

  27. You definitely know how to bring a smile to my face!!

  28. You are totally rocking that outfit! So cute! I am not skinny enough to do the leggings thing, although I sure wish that I were.

  29. Ha! My BFF actually bought a pair of ankle boots last night! We are really heading back to the 80s...I'm just waiting for the poofy hair and shoulder pads...lol!

  30. You are adorable, no matter what you wear. I love that outfit.

    I'm trying to bring the mullet back so let's bring snowman sweaters back too. We'll go to target and wear them proudly. Only you don't have a mullet so...

  31. The color orange. Once hated it; now love it.

    What a fun post!


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