Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Times...

Yesterday was a first for me.
Remember these two girlies I mentioned previously?
It just so happens that during our Sunday School lesson on The Heart of Jesus, the topic of cute tights and where to get some, came up. I have no idea how this happens...but it does.
It may have been because this is what I wore to church last week, and that little hole is what happened BEFORE Sunday school even started. Did I mention they were new tights? So sad. I keep forgetting my boots have buckles on the back, and every time I cross my legs I snag my tights.

Lesson learned.

OK, back to my first story...the tights led to Target...because frankly, a lot of roads lead to Target. Both girls mentioned that they HAD NEVER BEEN TO TARGET...I know, I KNOW! So I said we'd have to go sometime...then sometime turned into next Sunday, and then next Sunday turned into yesterday :)

Oh we had fun. And it just so happened I had my camera. Because a girls first trip to Target needs documentation. For real.

Meet Rebecca (from Taiwan) and Kaya (from Denmark)

This is us at Starbucks in Target :)

Kaya in her fab new hat and sunglasses (there's matching scarf and mittens too:)

Rebecca stocking up on cute socks!

They were SO much fun and I'm so glad to have been a part of their first Target experience :)

And Target led to...the mall. Here I am with some ginormous sunglasses. I didn't buy those, but did get a cute outfit at Target that I may be too old for. That's what happens when you shop with 16 year olds. Maybe I'll share it with ya tomorrow...Until then, HAPPY MONDAY!


  1. So much fun! What an honor to be instrumental in their very first Target visit!! :)

  2. You did a good thing for these girls. Target is easily one of my favortie stores. Can't wait to see the outfit.

  3. Teaching them about Jesus AND Target?!?! Go Girl!

  4. Cool glasses. You should have bought them. I can't believe that you took pictures at Target.

  5. You are simply awesome. You have such a way of connecting with people. I am sure you are a real blessing in those girls lives.

    You HAVE to show us the outfit. I love to see what others are wearing. I guess that is pretty teenagerish too huh?

  6. I would have loved you as a SS teacher when I was their age! They will remember you and your example forever. Jesus and Target...what an experience!

  7. I want the sweater and the sunglasses from that last photo RIGHT NOW. Too cute.

    NEVER been to Target? That's unbelievable. I'm the opposite of that, going about four times a week. For mom stuff of course...and the occasional trendy outfit that makes me wonder if I'm too old too :)

  8. What fun! That most definitely sound like a good time.

  9. never been to target - that is crazy! you did them a good thing by taking them there! and now they are going to be hooked! ha
    hope to see the outfit tomorrow!

  10. I agree with Heather that sweater, super cute! Oh wait maybe it's you whose super cute!
    I think target is going to start charging me rent for as much as I'm there.

  11. i hate to rain on the target parade, but geez...have you ever tried to return something there?!?

    it takes an act of God.

    on a positive note...the three of you are super cute!

  12. You look so cute in those glasses!! BTW, glad you introduced the girls to Target!! Everyone needs that experience, lol!

  13. Fun! Fun! Our nearest Target is 35 minutes away. So when I go, I stay a long time. Can't wait to see the new outfit.

  14. what a gift you were given to introduce two new souls to target! :)

    love the tights, btw!

  15. How fun....taking 1st timers to Target!!! I do think they have the best tights. You look great in the glasses;)

  16. I wanna see the cute outfit that you may or may not be too old for. :) Sometimes I am so conflicted over clothes, not knowing if it is age-appropriate for me...sigh.

  17. Oh how I love thee, Target! I am wearing 4 items today that I purchased at Target.

  18. You are AWESOME!!!
    Oh & I love the word ginormous:)


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