Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Had a Secret...

It's Saturday.  It's snowing.  There's a blizzard warning. My house is a disaster.  Blah blah blah.

But I do have one useless piece of information for you to treasure today.  A little secret that's only between my treadmill and I...and now you.

You see, when I get on our treadmill, the evil piece of machinery wants to know how much I weigh...for calorie-burning-purposes.  Now generally, I like to subtract 5 pounds whenever mentioning an actual weight (just ask my drivers license) but not on the treadmill.  On the treadmill, I add 70 pounds.


Know why adding seventy pounds makes me feel better?  

It's simple really.  

This way, it looks like I'm burning more calories when I'm running.  :)  

I don't even care that I'm not burning the number I see...all I care is that those little calorie counter numbers click by FAST.  Makes me feel better.  

It's the little pretend bubble I live in.  Welcome to it.


  1. thanks for making me laugh! love it!
    wish we could go out before our trip...not happening....

  2. that is HILARIOUS. LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing your secret. ;)

  3. I do the same thing!!! Only I add 50, I think I will have to update it to 70!!!

    I don't care how far I go, but how many calories it says I burn! ha!


  5. I like your way of thinking...very smart. Hey, if it motivates you and makes you feel good, why not?

    At least you get on the treadmill!
    Enjoy the snow. I just came in from sledding and I have a wet bottom and wet socks.

  6. Oh man, you're totally right. I have only been adding 10 lbs....what was I thinking?! Tomorrow I'm going to add MUCH more. It will definitely improve my workouts!

  7. Living in a bubble has been highly under-rated!

  8. You are a genius. I sit at your feet and learn.

  9. So maybe I should ask you, how many calories I would burn running for 5, 10, or 15 minutes....
    Too funny!
    I actually bit the bullet and put my real weight on my drivers license when I changed our address on it. Pictures don't lie...

  10. Hey it's your bubble, live in it anyway you want! Sounds like a great idea, I just never thought of it before.

  11. So I am wondering...What if....What if I turned on the treadmill...then made up a fake weight...then turned on the TV...grabbed my box of fudge and kicked back in the recliner...I wonder...If I never stepped foot on the treadmill...but added fake weight...and maybe 'worked' out for, like, an would that feel? :-) Love it!!!!

  12. That is awesome! I usually take off 5 or 10 case someone is looking over my shoulder and sees it! I think I will try your way this week though :)

  13. This is soo funny!! My husband just told me a story about the guys at work giving one of them a hard time because it took him a 1/2 hour to run 1 mile and then he said he didn't even burn enough calories to have a beer!!! Ha!

  14. Crack me up! It's all about perception, right? :)

  15. hum... if i ever get on one again..IF- thanks for the insight... really i didn't know that it even mattered what you put in...

  16. you are too funny!!!
    i need to just to go to the gym & get on the treadmill!
    proud of you!!!

  17. Ha ha that's hilarious!


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