Friday, December 19, 2008

I Like You

We got 10" of snow (give or take) last night. Ben stayed at my parents house, which is close to his work (not the pastor work, cuz that would be here:) so the boys and I had a wild and crazy night. I put them to bed at 8 and watched a movie...all. by. myself.

You should have seen Odie try to go to the bathroom this's a tad difficult when your legs are approximately 3.5" long...I assure you that when I was laughing-my-butt-off it was at him and not with him. Poor short dog...he got an extra scooby snack for his quick maneuvering.

After some coffee I'm gonna head out and do some shoveling...because I have no idea how to run the snowblower. If you never hear from me least you know why.

One quick thing before I go...I pulled this out of Noah's backpack the other day. It's a little rectangular piece of paper, colored red and green on the outside. When you open it up it says:

I of course asked him who it was from.
"It's from Lainey, mom...but she just means it as a friend"
I assured him that I knew that already (because he's my son who was traumatized in kindergarten when a little girl kept telling him she loved him)
I looked at the note again, and cute, and sweet....and oh. barf. ;)
You'll have to excuse me now...I can hear my children yelling and screaming at each other...outside. Good morning tiny-town.


  1. I am so not ready for my son to get notes from girls! YIKES. Have fun blowing or shoveling or whatever.

  2. Enjoy all of the snow! When I was in 1st grade I got my first love letter. I ended up marrying the sender! So, Noah and never know! :)

  3. oh wow...i am so not ready for my girls to write or receive notes like that!

    so jealous of your snow. send a little our way, would ya? we'll be breaking a record a little later today when it hits 75 here!

  4. How precious! Our little puppy could sympathize with Odie. Even though she's only seen snow once (*sniff*), it was a very traumatic experience, haha! She didn't know WHAT that white stuff on the ground was!

  5. WoW...that is a lot of snow!!! Have fun!!!
    The note your son least he received it instead of sending it. ;) I am sure it is bittersweet.

  6. You got the snow. We got the ice! Tell Noah that girls have cooties. It has worked for us for years!!

    Come back inside for hot chocolate when your done :}

  7. We got dumped on with snow last night too. Our 4 wheel drive has been sitting at the garage where is was supposed to have been worked on and so far all they have done is test drive it so we took my car and went to get it. The road by our house (we live in the country) has not been plowed yet so we sat and rocked the car back and forth for quite some time before we got out of our driveway and then carefully went down the unplowed road. We got there and back safely but I was about ready to leave my car at the garage and just ride home in the truck with Al. Fortunatley he let me drive the truck and he drove the car. That was a sacrifice for him as he hates my car.

  8. Your Storm is now here in MI and we are about half way through!

    I just remembered that for the first 2-3 days of school break my 4 year old has giant melt downs because every thing does not go her way when her sisters are home! So far I think we have contained the yelling to inside the house. I hope they can not hear us outside! :)

  9. Please don't send the snow our way. Although it might be better than the rain we had. I doubt it!

    Don't fret about the note, my daughter got an engagement ring in pre-school and now she's 17 with no boyfriend right now. Thank goodness!

  10. So cute! And when we moved to DC from FL, our Dachshund was traumatized!! At the first snowfall she held it all in for 48 hours!! We could not get her outside. Finally, while I was pulling her forward, A squirrel ran by...remembering what she was bred for she took off and then had fun frolicking in the snow there after! It was quite the with 4 inch legs and probably less than three inches of height on top of them in about a foot of snow...there were spots where she completely disappeared.

  11. I would love to just see 10" of snow at one time! It is 70 degrees here in SC today. At least your child is the receiver of the love note. Last year, in 1st grade my son found the girl he is going to marry...he said it was love at first do you argue with that?

  12. Did you survive? Or are you buried in snow until spring?


    i would be lovin long as there was plenty of food in the fridge!!

    (((and we just started talking to my son about girls. hmm. very weird territory for me.)))

  14. That note is too sweet, especially the way she erased his name so she could write it prettier hehe


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