Monday, December 8, 2008

In a Nutshell...

This time of year is absolute craziness around here. Presents to buy, Cards to be sent out (which haven't been done yet), the church Christmas program (which I'm in charge of and have no skills/gifts/talents in this area what-so-ever...I am so not exaggerating), cleaning/regular household stuff, blogging ;),and just general fun stuff!

Usually, this overwhelms me a bit...shocking, I know. But this year, I'm trying to enjoy the madness of it all. Cramming in all the fun, and trying to savor every last second...not feeling guilty.

So what if I've averaged Starbucks three times a week for awhile, it's a precious treat/reward for all my running around. So what if I've put on a few pounds from eating lots of sugar...I've enjoyed every bite, I'll run it off later...hopefully...So what if it's a little more hurried and's crazy fun, and this year...I'm choosing to love it.

Here's my festivities from the past weekend:

Friday night was dinner and shopping with some of my Bible study friends:

Kaya, Brenda, April & Trisha

Sarah, Me, Billie & Cecilia

Saturday was shopping & Starbucks with my sister Lindsey...let me tell you, the was a zoo!

After that was my nephew Gavin's 1st birthday party! Here's the birthday boy:

Apparently the love of sugar runs in the family...check out my niece Maddy ;)After the party we swung by Steve & Barry's because they are going out of business...which is sad...but I got some GREAT deals!Red puffy winter coat, black pencil skirt, boat neck, long-john jammies, 3 dress shirts for Ben, 2 t-shirt:Ben and 20 wooden hangers for $60...Merry Christmas to me, by the way ;)

Sunday night we all decorated the church...and then snacked...because that's what we do.

...and my handsome hubby. Turns out the rest of the pictures I took of people decorating were of their backsides...which I'll refrain from putting on the Internet, cause I'm nice like that.

Today: Cleaning...and hopefully those Christmas cards will address themselves.

Tomorrow: Big snow storm coming.

Life is good.


  1. Thanks for refraining from the butt shots. I would have been tramatized!

  2. It all sounds so nice! Enjoy! I'm enjoying the craziness this year too...rather than letting it become stressful to me.

  3. I can totally relate to the craziness. I went Christams shopping Saturday and could not find a parking space. At Walmart. Walmart - which has like a huge parking lot. Anyway, I actaully kind of enjoy it, but I REALLY enjoy the coming home to a warm house and having hot chocolate after wards part. ;)

    It was fun to see Trish and Ethan pictured here today. :) I haven't seen Trish since she got bangs - cute! :)

    We will see you all the weekend after Christmas! :)

  4. What a fun post!

    Enjoy the extra Starbucks and sugar! :)

    Wow - really wish we had a Steve & Barry's around here.

    Glad we don't have a snowstorm coming, though. ")

  5. Fun post! Kudos for embracing the craziness! Sugar makes everything better, don't you think?? Great deals, too! Love all the photos...especially the one with you and your sister. = ) If you figure out how to get those cards to address themselves...please do share that secret!

  6. Sarah I am so glad you are going to enjoy the craziness of the Season it all comes together and I see nothing wrong with the extra trips to Starbucks in the next few weeks plus it is almost your birthday and I can not wait to spend some time Sat with you!! Love,mom

  7. Embracing the craziness with you, friend.
    I'm hitting the stores today! Although I should be staying home to work on our Christmas might just turn into a New Year's greeting at this rate. ;-)
    'Tis the Season!

  8. I hope my Christmas cards will address themselves too! This month is going by SO fast!!

    And be sure to post pics if the big snow storm makes its way. Probably the only way I'll see snow ;)

  9. Ah church decorating parties, what memories! I used to plan the programs too, loved it a lot, even tho it stressed me out every year. Your decision to embrace the craziness is a wise one! Might as well choose to see the humor even in the hard days.

  10. nothing like a good snow storm in the middle of the busiest season to keep you at home and focused on what's really important.

    Love you!

  11. I never realize you and lindsay look so much alike- you guys are so cute!

  12. Don't keep all that snow to yourself! Keep passing it along to us in Illinois. Our snow is lookin' kinda dirty and we like pretty clean snow not that dirty stuff.

    Keep enjoying the hustle and bustle :}

  13. Sounds like you're having a blast! I had a similar weekend. Now my brother in-law just called and he's in-town and will be here in about an hour with a friend and they're spending the night. Why not? Just a little more fun!

  14. So I am totally curious as to how many christmas cards you have to send out...this is our first pastorate and I dont know what to do!!?? Do I sned them to everyone?!

  15. I think you have a great attitude concerning the craziness this time of year can bring. We are in the midst of changing jobs and selling our house, which has added some stress during this holiday season. I'd rather we moved six months ago and were already settled by Christmas, but I know the Lord's timing is perfect and so I'm determined to enjoy every minute of my favorite time of year :)

  16. You are having fun and enjoying life and that is a good thing! :)

  17. Wish we had snow coming!
    I am enjoying the craziness of the season, too, maybe I can get a Starbucks tomorrow when I go out to do a little shopping.

  18. aaaaaahhhhhhhh.

    Your world is very familiar to me;-)

  19. I'm totally hoping my Christmas cards finish themselves, too.....

  20. Billie is rocking that neon yellow shirt. Love it!


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