Friday, December 5, 2008

Let's Pretend I'm Cinderella...

Can I just say....YAY FOR FRIDAY!
  • Tonight I get to go to dinner and shopping with my Bible study is sure to be entertaining. In January we will begin the Beth Moore series Living Beyond Yourself and I am so anxious to get started.

  • Saturday we're leaving in the morning to travel a couple hours to my nephew Gavin's first birthday party and that trip will involve the same mall I went to back here (when you live in tiny town, you get all excited about going to a big mall...or a town that still has a gas station.) I'm thinking I'm gonna be able to knock out my Christmas list!

  • I'm starting Christmas cards today. I've gotten totally lazy this year. Usually I send a short letter to just those people we don't see very often...but that was before blogging. Now...I'm just gonna insert a slip of paper with my blog address and tell them to check it out if they're interested in what's going on...I should probably warn them it's more information then they'd ever want to know ;)

  • Don't worry imaginary bloggy friends...I will post the Christmas card picture for you as well...probably along with outtakes because that's what makes it interesting ;)
Isn't my life all fun and fuzzy?!? In case I've deceived you, you should know that before I get to do any of that fun stuff I need to first deal with this: gets better....

Take a wild guess who's responsible for these shenanigans..It's like Cinderella. Except, well....not really.

Cinderella = me

Prince=already married to him.

The ball = dinner with my friends

Evil step mother = 3 year old

Chubby mouse friend named Gus = chubby wiener dog named Odie

Fairy god-mother = vacuum and Mr. Clean magic eraser

You get my's a hard life I lead in my fairytale ending *snicker and a wink*

Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. You know, the name Sarah does mean princess!

  2. are those lucky charms? have a good weekend!!

  3. have fun cinderella!

    lily likes to play the mean step relatives just as much as the princesses...hmmm...

    she's going to get to meet them all tomorrow...Orlando, here we come!

  4. i know EXACTLY what you mean about getting excited about a mall. before moving here our small town had NOTHING!!! i loved going to visit family in texas & it was a MUST to visit the mall everytime!!!

    happy shopping, happy dinner with friends, happy cleaning!!!

  5. the cereal! That looks like something that would happen at my house. :o)

  6. Enjoy dinner!

    I should be cleaning right now, but reading blogs is so much more fun!

  7. You're so funny, as always!

    I'm excited to hear what you think about that particular Beth Moore study. I haven't done it yet and actually don't know that much about it. Can't wait to hear!

  8. I would let the dog loose on those Lucky Charms, one less thing for you to do!!

    Have fun shopping!! I want to go!


    I am sick just thinking about it...

  10. Tracie: No worries. I did what I always do when he dumps stuff out...I put it back in the cereal container. Good as new ;)

    He's lucky I don't like lucky charms...if he'd done it to the coco-puffs there would be some severe consequences :)

  11. you looked like Cinderella on all 4s, i am sure he had help from the blue eyed boy.

  12. cinderella! my tulip is IN LOVE with "ella ella ella". that's how she says her's so cute.

    great post...made me chuckle more than once! :-)

    shinanigans...I just wanted to be cool like you and type out that funny word. :-)

  13. i think i spelled

    shenanigans wrong...the first time... oops

  14. You are so right - just like Cinderella!
    You girls be good tonight!! No shinanigans from ya'll.

  15. Have fun with the girls tonight! That messy rooms looks strangly familiar. Just stick Odie in the bucket and let him clean up.

  16. uh...... still laughing that you put them back in the box.... still laughing..... Daniel would just add milk and give him a spoon! *smile*


  17. That's either Lucky Charms or cat litter, hoping it's cereal... lol

  18. Oh that cereal pic gave me the willies just now! Reminded me of the awful "CRUNCH" of stepping on cereal on a kitchen floor when my guys were little.
    Now, it's a matter of collecting dirty dishes from my 22 yr old sons room every once in a while.

  19. What a great idea, putting your blog address in your card!

    I hope you have fun tonight too.

    I love Beth Moore and can't wait to do that study sometime. I also love your nephew's name, Gavin. One of my faves.

    Happy Friday to you too!

  20. I SO love to see that others have 'kid mess' as well! :) Thanks for keeping it real.

  21. Wow- good thing he didn't pour milk in his cereal, huh? I have one of those 3 year olds too- at 3 1/2 she has become quite the monster!!! And anytime we ask if she did something she of course blames her 20 month old sister- yeah right, like we believe that!

  22. The room you needed to clean looked amazingly like the one I cleaned just a couple of days ago!


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