Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It Worked...

Today is my birthday.  31 for any of those who are wondering...I'm good with that...not too old, not too young...still plenty of room for improvement :)

You might remember that the other day I mentioned Ben doing a guest post for me.  After your peer pressure encouragement you totally helped me convince him.  I will, from now on, be bringing you all to my side when I need to persuade anyone.  Well done bloggy friends, well done.

Without further ado...my husband's first guest post:

Happy Birthday to the beautiful pastor's wife!

Wow!  Where should I start?  Sarah doesn't know what she has done in letting me do a guest post for her birthday.  I think the best way to honor her today is with a bullet point list.  

Sarah, I love you because...
  • Living in the parsonage is a lot more cozy with you at my side.  
  • You are a great multi-tasker, able to keep so many things going, clean, happy, etc.
  • Generosity springs from your heart, one of the many things that attracted me to you.
  • You love God more than you love me.  
  • You love Me more than our boys.  (at least that's how I feel)
  • As a mother you are caring, protective, responsive rather than reactive, positive and hopeful.  
  • Of the encouragement you offer to those who need it.  
  • Yes, you do have a sense of style that complements your personality and warms up a room when you enter.
  • You have such a big heart for the people of tiny town and bloggy land as well.
 I could go on and on.  Maybe in another post.  For all of my wife's friends, thank you for always encouraging Sarah with your words, prayers, and actions.  

Happy Birthday, Sarah
From your hubs and pastor


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!
    I adore reading your blog! How sweet your husband's post was today! It is a beautiful tribute to a special lady! He did good!!! Yeah Ben!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Kim in Alabama

  2. How positively sweet! Happy Birthday Sarah! Your hubby's sweet words warmed my heart (as I'm sure they did yours too!) = ) Hope it's a day filled with all your favorite blessings! (A trip to Starbucks has to be in there somewhere!)


  3. Happy Birthday Sarah!
    Ben, that is the perfect birthday post.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed year. I'm 31 too! It's a great age to be.

  4. happy birthday sarah!!

    what a great post!

  5. Sarah ~ Enjoy your birthday! Happy 31st!
    Your hubby did great...and he did it in bullet point form. ;-) You two seem like an amazing couple.

  6. Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope that it is a Godly Blessed day of celebration! The hubby did a brilliant job, very sweet!

  7. okay, y'all like totally made me cry! I haven't met you face to face but I SO agree with his list!

    Also, speaking of your sense of style, I was just looking through your photo albums and for someone from a tiny town you have the cutest clothes EVER! We are just in a small town and there is NO where to shop here!

  8. Happy Birtday Sweetie! I will spend this day pondering in my heart the events of the day 31 years ago on a Friday evening at 7:29 p.m. when you entered this world.I was a scared 18 year old holding you, all I remember is that you were so little and beautiful and that you had a birthmark on your stomach that you would not like in your teenage years:) I love you so much!! and I thank God that at that time in my life just graduating from high school we chose to give you life. Thank you Jesus for my precious daughter and her husband Ben,as I look back you have been so faithful. Have a wonderful day Sarah love mom.

  9. BEN - you gotta be careful in using such heartwarming words - you're going to make all of us show our husbands and say "See? Men CAN do this." That was just awesome! You have an amazing wife - completely agreed. Thanks for posting today!!

    Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Sarah!!

    That is a post to be saved! Hope your day is wonderful and special!

  11. HOW SWEET ! I missed how others encouraged him so you need to tell me about that one.
    I tried once to get my hubs to guest post -- he said yes but it never happened.....

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sarah, my friend!
    Hope it is blessed.

    in HIM -

  12. Now that was sweet! Sarah have yourself a HAPPY BIRTHDAY - and love on the man of yours. Maybe he'll take you out to lunch :}

  13. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Hope it is a great day filled with things and people you love. Hubs did a great job on his first post.

  14. Happy birthday, Sarah! This was a sweet post!

  15. Happy Birthday, Sarah. I'm so glad I found your blog. What a nice post from you husband! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    Ok, that's where I'll stop...you know the rest.
    I have to say that husband of yours did a GREAT job on his bullet point list! give him an Atta Boy! for me ok! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

  17. Aawww! How sweet! Happy Birthday Sarah. 31 is great! I am six months into it myself. haha How precious that your husband can feel you love him before the kids....that is not so easy to do, put the marriage first that is. Good for you! Awesome guest post!

  18. Aww! That was an awesome post! I loved it!

    Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you have the best day!

  19. We all should be blessed enough to have husbands who would honor us like this! Well done!

    Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  20. Happy Birthday Girl!!!

    So Happy Ben came through for you! We are so happy he posted to let us know how wonderful you are! (Of course we may have already known you were wonderful but now we are even more sure!)

    I'll join you at 31 in a few months!

  21. Okay, bullets from me:
    1. Ben you made me cry, at work, no less.
    2. LOVE that your mom tells all of us about your birthmark on you tummy! Who knew?!?!
    3. Love you, and love the same things about you that Ben said soooo well! Wow!
    4. Happy birthday!
    5. HA! You get SNOW and MORE SNOW for your b-day!
    6. You might even get an early out for your b-day! HA HA HA!!!
    7. What did you get for your b-day!

  22. Happy 31st! I wish you a very happy year with many to come!

  23. Happy Birthday!!! Hope 31 is a wonderful year for you! What a sweet post. A bullet list, in true Sarah fashion...I think it's the perfect way to honor you on your birthday.

  24. Hooray for guest posts by Ben! And Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  25. Happy Birthday Sarah!
    What a great birthday present from your hubby. I would print it on some nice paper and frame it and place it on my night stand. (as a reminder) OR print it and put it in your purse, so it is always with you and you can look back when you need the boost.

    Great post Sarah's husband/Pastor!!! ;)

  26. Happy Happy birthday to YOU! Praying that you have a wonderful day!!

  27. Happy B-day old chum! If I were with you today I'd make you something chocolaty and we'd eat it all till we were sick! : )

  28. Way to notice the important things, Ben! Happy birthday, Sarah!

  29. Happiest Day to you!!! Love the guest blogger, and the way he loves YOU! :-)

  30. Happy Birthday Sarah! What a great family you have and a sweet hubby. I hope you truly enjoy this day with them! (and make sure to grab a Starbucks)

  31. Wow! Sarah, You are truly a blessed woman. You have so many people who love you. I don't know you personally, but just wanted to say a very Happy Birthday. May you be blessed with every desire of your heart, today and always. ~Jenny

  32. Sarah,
    I have been reading your blog for approx. a month and you are so encourging, faithful,and upbeat. I so enjoying reading your words.
    What a special treat from your hubby to write such beautiful words.
    Happy Birthday to you have a great day.

  33. He loves you "this much"... Happy birthday, again!

  34. Just about the sweetest post ever!! :o)

  35. Happy Birthday, Sarah! 31 IS a perfect age...that is my age for another, oh, 5 days or so. :)

    I think your hubby is a keeper! Great first guest post - you might have to have him pop in more often. I love hearing a man praise his wife, and really mean it.

    Have an awesome day, Sarah!

  36. Happy Birthday girl! What an incredible gift your husband gave you in that wonderful post! :)

  37. Happy Birthday, Sarah! I'm so sorry I'm late in my wishes! I hope you had a beautiful day...and how sweet of Ben to guest post.

  38. May your next trip around the sun be amazing!! Full of GREAT things, more of HIM, and definitely with STYLE!

    Happy Birthday Friend!! :)

    Peace. JOY. Love.

  39. How Sweet!!! Happy Birthday.

  40. Happy Birthday! What a sweet tribute from your man!

  41. Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!
    Let me just say, he is the sweetest! Smart, too.

    Hope your day is blessed beyond measure.

  42. I hope that today has been more than great. Thanks for posting about Sarah, Ben. You did a great job. You work well together and it shows at home and at church. Arlona

  43. Happy happy birthday. Good work Ben!

  44. WOWZA I am glad I read that at home and not at work--that was beyond sweet!!! Hope you had a super stupendous day!!!


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