Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Recap

I had an absolutely fabulous birthday! Maybe even better than this one:
I was four. I know this, because I counted the candles on this rockin' Holly Hobby cake (which matched the wallpaper in my bedroom)

And because of it's fabulousness I feel the need to walk you through my day yesterday...with an excessive amount of pictures...and details that will likely bore you to tears.

I woke up to my Ben's super sweet post for me...and was completely impressed with his use of bullet points...I'm thinking his sermons should just be in bullet points from now on ;) and ALL of your comments were just icing on the cake...and I love icing.

As I was heading out this friend dropped off the best card ever:

When you open it...HE TALKS. Michael says, "Presents, are the best way to show someone how much you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth." HA! I'm surprised the card still works...I've listened to it 6,000 times. Bonus: inside was a giftcard to, of course, STARBUCKS.

And then my favorite neighbor gave me this:

which I'm currently eating for breakfast :)

When I got mail at the post office, there were bunches of Christmas cards (which are my favorite kind of mail ever) and another Starbucks card from my aunt!

There was snow expected...4-6 inches, but snow was not going to stop me taking the 30 minute drive to Target and Starbucks. I enjoyed a venti caramel hour later I drove through a different Starbucks and enjoyed a salted caramel hot chocolate...because that is what birthdays are for.

In the mean time I stopped by my parents to pick up my birthday present. I've been waiting and WAITING for these. For years. You know, when there's something you really want but you know you're never gonna get it because no matter how good you are at justifying purchases there is NO WAY you'd ever be able to justify this certain thing? THAT is what they got me for my birthday/Christmas/anniversary/Valentines...oh I kid...a little. Here they are in all their fabulousness:

*sigh* I only took them off to sleep. They are the warmest most comfiest things ever. And in this frozen tundra I live in...they are perfect. Thanks Mom & Dennis!

I also came home to find this lovely little package of goodies from the little guy that hangs out with us, James. Aren't they lovely?!? And inside that package is Starbucks ground coffee ;)

All my boys made lovely cards...and Eli knows the way to his mommy's heart...he made me a purse...out of paper.

Ben and I were supposed to go to Olive Garden for supper, but the weather was not cooperating (although quite beautiful!) so Ben brought Olive Garden home to me :)

I ended the night by watching a Hallmark Christmas movie that was made in 1985...they don't make 'em like they used to. It was classic.

Thanks so much to everyone for making it so fantastic!

Oh, I almost other aunt sent along this package (which had my favorite Yankee candles in them (do ya'll have Yankee candles down south?!? :) Anyways, the ornament on top says it best.

"All I want is peace on earth and really cute shoes." *smile*

Which leads me to my final thought (I promise) tomorrow I am going to share with you my #1 style will change your life....ok, it won't, but still...


  1. Sounds like it was a really great birthday filled with lots of great moments. Starbucks twice...a perfect birthday treat, you deserved it! That shoe ornament is too cute:)

  2. I am so glad you had such a fabulous birthday!! You are so loved by so many! Love the new boots. I also LOVE your kitchen... adorable. :-)

  3. So glad you had a fab birthday! ANd yes, we have yankee candles -- LOVE them!

    Love those boots too!

  4. We should totally celebrate our birthdays together (even though they are 6 months apart) because your favorite things (with the exception of the Uggs - no need for them down here) are my favorite things too! I am all about some salted caramel hot chocolate, Olive Garden (we went there for my bday) and Yankee Candles. Yes, we have Yankee here - my faves are Clean Cotton, Sunwashed Linen, and McIntosh Apple.

    What a fun post! Glad you had such a great day!

  5. I had the EXACT Holly Hobbie cake when I was little. My room was all Holly Hobbie. Bedspread and everything!

  6. Yes we have Yankee Candles down south - outlet stores and all! Glad you had a fantabulous birthday and may I say that the paper purse is my fave!

  7. You have become my new favorite MUST read! What a great birthday! Your family sounds amazing--especially your kids. You can tell that they have really great parents by their thoughtfulness. I mean, come on, you got a handmade purse! Happy late birthday!

  8. Love the shoe on the gift - I need to get me some of those! :)

  9. gal, i sit around enjoying the yankee aroma while drinking my sweet tea! ;)

    seriously... had the holly hobby wallpaper in my bedroom and the holly hobby cake for my birthday... those pics brought back some memories!

  10. Fab.u.lous!! It sounded like a wonerful day - and you deserved every bit of it!! :)

  11. Oh I loved your Holly Hobbie cake! It looked like you had a fabulous day! I want to give you some advice about your boots:from one Ugg-er to some water/weather-proofing spray and spray those puppies down or you'll get stains from the wet, also be gentle how you take them off you can rip a seam...I've done it twice...Ugg will replace them if the seam rips...but just be careful.
    And last They are the BEST thing ever!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, stop by today I honor you and started a dare...

  12. Glad you had such a super day! My birthday is seriously one of my favorite days of the year. (nope I never grew up, still a little girl planning her birthday party 6 mths before her birthday).

    Glad yours was so special!

  13. That does sound like a wonderful birthday. Congrats! I especially love the paper purse!

  14. Can't wait for tomorrow's tip!

    You had an awesome birthday. Good for you! Love the boots. Wish I had a pair of those when I lived in Maine. You little boy is pretty creative to make you a paper purse. It actually looked good. :)


  15. Yes, we have Yankee candles in the south...but only cause we can burn them. **wink** ;)

  16. I'm in LOVE with that cute, cute paper purse that Eli made. He is precious!!! He's going to make some lucky lady a very good husband one day.

    You DID have the best birthday ever!
    shoes (!), chocolate, coffee, dinner, a paper purse...

  17. Happy Birthday, a day late! the 16th is a good day for birthdays, that's my Hubby's b-day too!

    We took him to Olive Garden for lunch and my youngest gave him money for him to scoot to starbucks afterwards for his favorite treat!!

    Wow, y'all have a lot in common!!

  18. Glad you had such a great day! I just love the "all I want for Chirstmas is peace on earth adn great shoes"...that is the best!;) Happy b-day to you...and many more...

  19. Oh, happy birthday, Sarah. It looks/sounds like a wonderful day. Love the paper purse the best, though. Too cute.

  20. so glad it was such a great birthday!!

    and those salted caramel hot chocolates are the BEST!!

  21. what a perfect day you had... chocolate, olive garden but most importantly new shoes & purse!!!

    glad that your husband gave in & wrote on here. you are loved!!!

    p.s. can't wait to read your #1 style tip - don't even know if i will even be able to sleep tonight... so excited!!!

  22. the ornament is the best... well not as good as the ugs-they look so soft and cozy!!! i am thinking i need a holly hobby cake for my 30th around the corner..? that one's pretty amazing. i had the complete table set. if i still had it- i bet you'd trade for your ugs:)

  23. Your boys do look like you!!!! Chop the pigtails off the first pic and it was one of them.... I just can't put my finger on who exactly. I think they all got some of your looks too!

  24. Happy belated birthday, Sarah! What a PERFECT way to celebrate. I agree with a pp that the spray for your Ugg's is the smartest thing to do. I can't wait to try the salted caramel hot chocolate. I hope you enjoyed your special day. The pictures are so fun!

  25. What a wonderful day! Mine's tomorrow...but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to work. But maybe I'll get some of those cool gifts you got! ;-) BTW, I had a Holly Hobby B-day when I was young too, though I doubt there is photographic evidence as we weren't big picture-taking folks.

  26. Yay for a great birthday...I have to admit, sometimes I enjoy having a carry-out restaurant meal at home as much as I enjoy actually going to the's always so nice and cozy to curl up and eat on the couch and watch a movie. :)

    Love the shoe ornament - awesome!

  27. Most awesome birthday! Mmmm. Yankee Candles - I've taken a liking to the tarts/warmers. The scents are even stronger! And hello? The Office?? How could you go wrong? My favorite bday gift this year was the most current complete season of the show. Wheeeee!!! :D


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