Thursday, January 29, 2009

As If...

Last night during the Bible Club lesson I sat amongst the kids for a little role I like to call "crowd control." Granted, it was a small crowd, but it was made up of mostly squirley little boys.

One sweet little first grade boy was sitting in the front row...with ants in his pants (we say that kinda thing 'round here), one pew out of my reach. When I caught his eye, I smiled at him and motioned for him to come back and sit beside me.

He complied, and as he took the seat next to me, I heard him whisper to himself under his breath...I hate when I have to sit by the old ladies.

I silently *gasped* to myself. Surely he didn't think I was an old lady?!?

Oh yes he did! :)

I assure you, the inner 15-year old living inside of me...well, her feelings were hurt, HURT! Poor, poor girl.

Later on in the lesson something came up about old people, and my own first grader who was sitting on the other side of me leaned in and whispered,'re old! As if they were talking about me...thank you Noah, thank you.

My inner 15 year old has two words for you first graders...AS IF!!

Remember saying As If?!? I may start again...because there's nothing like an old lady talking like a teenager ;)


  1. LOL! I vaguely remember thinking that 30 was totally ancient. Funny, but 30 seems a whole lot younger now that I've passed it.

  2. hahahahahaha! To a first grader, 15 is old! Old I tell you! ahahaha Blessings, Susan

  3. Let's face it. The only alternative to getting old is to die and I don't want to do that right away!!!

    Besides, you probably think I'm old because I'm 51. I guess it's all relative.

    My body feels older, but inside I still feel like that 15 year old.

  4. You should have told him to TALK TO THE HAND!

  5. I do love some Clueless comebacks.

    Though if you wanted to go WAY back, you could have said, "I know you are but what am I?" (unless of course that was a southern thing in which case I feel really stupid for putting it down).

    (And come to think of it, that probably wouldn't be a good phrase to teach 1st grade boys... in church...)


  6. To that I say "WHATEVER!" We're "LIKE, TOTALLY" not old ladies!

  7. The question is do teens still say As If? Or is it something old ladies like us say to try to sound cool and end up sounding old?

    Don't worry you are not old. 31 is NOT old! (I have to say that I turn 31 next month)

    Oh and BTW I left a comment on "In His Hands" just the other day saying As If! So it must still be cool to say!

  8. We officially need to get your "I am not a fun hater" tee shirt made!! We could put,"...and I am NOT an old lady!"

  9. Ha HA... that is truly funny! Kids crack me up that way. Looks like you better go and get your red hat so you can join "the society."

    I have a baby face so I often get mistaken for being way younger than I am. When I had my son someone in the church nursery asked if he was my baby brother. I felt this need to prove that I was indeed a real grown up, which as you can imagine doesn't make one look very grown up.

    At the same time if you asked one of the third graders I taught that year how old I was, they'd have guessed in their forties...

  10. oh that made me laugh this afternoon!!! I am just surprised you didn't gasp out loud!!! I so remember the first time someone younger than me refered to me as old.......I was so offended!!! But alas, now I AM old!!

  11. haha! too funny! i love the funny things kids say w/o remorse! it's a beautiful thing...especially b/c we know the truth. We aren't old...just age-challenged. ;-)

  12. I had a checker boy refer to me the other day as 'miss'. I almost kissed him...because for about 3 years I have been getting 'ma'am'ed'. Yuck. Ma'am's have blue hair don't they?

  13. You make me LOL! You could have replied with...

    Whateva :}

  14. You're not too old, they're just obnoxiously young!


  15. Maybe you should just call them "babies" when they call you "old." That'll show 'em. (might not be the real mature thing to do)

  16. Yeah! I just kept thinking "Talk to the hand, cuz the face ain't home, leave a msg at the tone... BEEP!" LOL!

  17. That is hilarious!!

  18. heehee! SO funny!! yes, please do start talking like a teenage girl, that way i'll know i'm not the only one. the teens at church give me that hardest time....i just can't help it the words fly out before i even have time to think.

    and i get major eye rolls when i go to shake their hand during fellowship then pull it back and say sike!


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