Thursday, January 15, 2009

It Smarts a Little...Again

Kids...they crack me up...and teach me about myself. I've mentioned before that my own behavior sometimes resembles a 3 year old...apparently I'm maturing. Now it represents that of a 6-7 year old. I call that progress.

The other night when I was sick, I laid in bed listening to Ben put the boys to bed (which he always does, I'm just not usually paying such close attention :).

He was trying to settle something between our two oldest. One had promised the other he'd give him a dollar, and then tried backing out of it. Ben was patiently explaining to him that you do what you said you'd do, even if you change your mind, but the one would NOT give up the dollar. We're talking some serious wailing and gnashing of teeth over a simple dollar.

I hear Ben say, "Trust me, just give him the dollar and it will be fine." You see, the one having such a problem giving over the dollar, had also lost a tooth moments prior to this ordeal. I read Ben's mind...I knew that if the toothless boy would just simply hand over the dollar, Ben would make sure the tooth fairy compensated him for his obedience ;)

But that would be too easy. Our son would not give it up. Instead he tried making a deal with the other brother. He offered him toys, toys that cost WAY more than a dollar, all in hopes of not giving up that precious dollar that he thought meant so much to him.

In the end, the toothless boy handed over the dollar to his brother...and by handed, I mean throwing it at him followed by angry stomps and words under his breath.

Needless to say, the tooth fairy was not feeling too generous after that lovely display.

As I laid in bed in the other room, I thought to myself...give me a break, it's a dumb dollar kid! And then I heard my own words, whispered back to me...and I suddenly saw myself.

How many times do I hold onto silly, insignificant things worth less than a measly dollar. God asks me to hand them over, because I'm His, and I said I would. He has something so much better for me, yet I weep and wail as though they are the most important things, all the while God is patiently waiting for me to hand them over, knowing that He can't give me more until I let go of the little I have.

And when I do finally surrender often, OFTEN looks like that of my toothless son. Throwing them down, stomping off, muttering under my breath how unfair it is, and what a terrible idea it is...not quite the obedience He's asking of me.

Funny how I don't see it that way, until the Holy Spirit whispers my own words back at me...through the actions of my kids.

Working on the surrender thing over here...still working... :)

On another note, but actually not completely unrelated, I have a little favor to ask of all the wonderful people that happen to take the time to read this insignificant little blog...a bloggy friend has set up a special (surprise) project for a family whose story is gut-wrenching...the idea is that you click here and then leave a word of encouragement for them. That's it. (You can also read more about their story as well.) A simple way to let them know they're not alone, that they're being lifted up in prayer...the comments will eventually be printed out for them into a book. Encouraging words, whether in times of pain or joy, either by friends or strangers...bring healing. It's such a simple thing to do...

Thank You!


  1. Thank you so much Sarah, for the support.

    And thank you for teaching me to see God and listen for His voice in the small things. :)

  2. I've always found it ironic that the little ones God places in our lives to teach end up teaching us about ourselves. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing your life.

  3. I'm so glad you share the life lessons you learn from those boys. I fond those kind of lessons so valuable.
    I posted about the Maxey's today too. It's been so close to my mind and heart.

  4. whew, I can see the look on one little boys face.... "the frown" ... whew.... it is such a cute frown... I miss having that boy in class at church.

  5. This was great...I think I often act like a child myself. Thank goodness God's mercies are new every day. I use up my fair share!

  6. i'm normal! i'm not the only one who's boys don't always get along & throw fits when they don't get their way. so glad to know that! ha

    but then you got seriously & your words are so wise, so true & so what i needed to hear for today. thank you for opening up & writing. i love it over here at your place... you're awesome!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing these moments with us. It's not insignificant by any means if it can open our eyes to what God wants for ALL of us. :D Some days, I feel 6 years old, too.

  8. A little child leads them...isn't that the truth?

  9. You just never know where/when/how a lesson from Him is going to appear...even from toothless little boys!

    I've been praying about my Maxey Family letter...asking Him for the words to write.

  10. I've been having a grown-up tantrum all day. Blech. I've just been...blech. So yeah, I really needed this.

  11. Excellent post my friend...I know you claim that you are not a writer...but...welll, you just ask God what He says about that one ok?

  12. Funny how all of our kids act the same way - and us, too! Thanks for the wise words.
    Stopping over to encourage the Maxey family:)

  13. The stories about your kids crack me up!!! Seriously, I just sit and laugh.

    Sent an email to the Maxeys - thank you for informing us!!

  14. so true-
    part of why "children are a blessing"- the Lord uses them to teach US so much!

  15. I have been throwing tantrums over some "family issues" that i have been hodling onto lately and think this really hit home---thanks for laying your heart out on this blog my friend!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

  16. I'm still in the 3 year old phase, especially after all these snow days, I've reverted. Congrats on graduating to a 6 or 7 year old. It's true, kids teach us so many things about ourselves. It's painful.
    I love your honesty.


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