Saturday, January 17, 2009

Never Too Late...

Guess what?!?

I never showed you Christmas pictures...I was saving them...for January 17th...just for kicks.

You could believe that...or you could believe that I have nothing else to blog about.

You pick.

Here goes...

Christmas Eve with my's my little bro, me, my sister and dad

Jake on Christmas morning, totally rockin' the Rudolph jammies my mom got him at a garage sale...Ben, settling for a Rudolph nose, but wishing he had Jake's jammies.

Joy and...a bazillion Legos.

Next, is quite possibly the best gift ever. It's a reindeer...that poops jelly beans. Genius.

My parents gave me a Starbucks ornament. Perfection. Also, I do have to say, the pictures I took this year at Christmas' were less than year will be better.

And we also ate...a lot...with reindeer antlers on.

And last but not least, is Christmas with Ben's side of the fam. He has 3 sisters and 3 brothers, and most have married and reproduced, obviously. My kids have aunts and uncles and cousins coming out their ears...and I love it that way! It's crazy fun.

And Happy New Year!...17 days into it.


  1. Loving the pictures, even on January 17th. :) Especially fond of the pooping reindeer.

  2. The pooping jelly bean reindeer would only be better if it were pooping brown M & Ms. Love the pics.

  3. Great pics! I'm feelin' ya on the bazillion LEGOS. It's not easy to avoid here as we have a LEGO store near Downtown Disney. Sigh. Yay for big families, too!

  4. My daughter gave her dad the pooping it!!!

    Great pics...I do miss the bazillion will too one day! :)

  5. I miss the bazillion legos too. Especially when you step on one barefoot.
    I love the family picture. What a group. My family calls it a timer picture because I get everyone set up, push the button and run into the picture.
    We are only together twice a year so I look forward to that pic.
    I actually have all the pics scrapbooked.

  6. Great pics!

    Ah, cousins! The best memories are made with them. . .

  7. I bought the pooping reindeer for my hubby. We thought it was hilarious. You know the boys cannot get enough of poop and other bodily functions. Love the Starbuck's ornament. And we have done the Star Wars lego thing. There are millions of pieces and hard to get together. Remember when legos were just creative block building? Oh that was the day!

  8. I love big family gatherings. They are always good for a little drama...

    i'm the oldest of 5 siblings. We haven't all reproduced yet, and things are C.R.A.Z.Y.

  9. Now that was a houseful! Your reindeer that poops is better than our little dog that pees. The pee-pee dog was a hit present this year for us.

    Good idea to save a little Christmas for January. It's always a little depressing this time of year, so dragging out the holidays is nice.

  10. Okay, stop saying words about your pictures being "less than stellar". You're not gonna believe me now because you'll feel like this was somehow, subconsciously requested or whatever - but really Sarah, you're beautiful. I can't imagine that next year would be any better. :) Fuh real.

  11. Every year you guys get a picture with the whole family What a blessing for all of you Marion and Dave are soooo lucky:) It is great having the big family would not trade it for anything. Your pictures are great Sarah!

  12. I think these are stellar pictures. Happy 17th day of the New Year to you too :)

  13. Happy New Year friend!!

    I need that Mr Messy shirt :) Where did you get it?

  14. It's nevef to late for Christmas pics. Looks like you guys had a great time.


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