Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 Winners & Cute Jeans...

You should know that Ben and I were quite entertained at all your comments. You should also know that we are both easily amused.

Two things come to mind.
  1. I am not the only one with a desire to get my house and life in order. I'm in good company.

  2. "Ain't too proud to beg" also comes to mind, which is fantastic because we all know pride is such an ugly thing. :)

Random. org will be choosing the winners because I, of course, could never choose between you.

Winner #1: Commenter #62 : Jennifer @ Perspective From the Parsonage

#2 Commenter #131: Laurie M: Self proclaimed lurker :)

#3 Commenter #194: Beth @ Preserved By a Promise

See all you lurkers out there, it totally pays off to make yourself known. :) Winners, email me your real address so I can send them to you!

On a completely unrelated note to anything having to do with organizing and cleaning...last weekend when we had our little get away we found some good deals shopping. I mean cheap stuff.

My favorite by far though, was these jeans I got for Eli for $3.97 plus an additional 25% off at Gap. They are so him.

Gap calls them skater jeans. We call them rock star jeans ;)

Rock on friends, rock on.


  1. Congrats to the winners. I loved how you wrote this post. Funny.

  2. Cute jeans!

    Congrats to all the winners.

  3. rock star kid with a rock star mom!
    ~those were a great deal!!!!

  4. ***sigh***

    Congrats winners!

    Eli is a' doll!

  5. my guitar playing son would call those skinny jeans and would be all over them!!! Great find!

  6. God bless Vans shoes. It occurred to me that my oldest is Vans-less, and it's a shame. I'm officially on the prowl for a Vans bargain!

  7. Yippee! I'm so excited. I didn't mention it in my post, but I just recently moved from the 2-bedroom house I had all to myself post-yucky-divorce into a shared 2-bedroom house with a roommate to save some moolah... I've had to box up so much stuff to keep in storage AND my bedroom keeps giving me flashbacks to my college dorm room... You know, all bed with anything else crammed in there that will fit. It's a wreck!

    Not only will I be able to use this for my house (aka "bedroom"), but I have 70+ adolescents in and out of my classroom all day... makes it almost impossible to keep things neat and organized! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Sarah and Mindy Starns Clark!!!

    BTW, I noticed that #194 was ironically also the post where I mentioned Random Number Generator in my song. I think it liked that I gave it "props".

  8. Okay, I still love you! Better let the author know that you had 197 comments, and to give you more books. And next time I am leaving half the comments. :) How is the housing market if I wanted to move to tiny town some day???

  9. darnIT!
    Okay, my hissy fit is over.
    He is looking GOOD! So cool, like, totally rad man.
    Okay my 80's flashback is over too.
    See what I've become reading you?

  10. I salivate at good deals like the one you got on those jeans. :)

    Wow on the 197 comments on your previous post!!! :)

  11. awesome price on those jeans!

    when you get a few seconds head over to my page... i passed something on to you :)

  12. Yay!! I am so excited! I will send my address your way!
    Does the book come with someone to physically assist you in the decluttering/organizing process? HA!

  13. That last picture will be worth millions when he gets famous.

  14. Cute jeans. I am trying not to pout because I lost.

  15. Every parsonage needs a little "rock" in it. :-)

  16. Dont you just love a good bargin like that?

    My girls head straight to the clearence racks at the mall, as opposed to some of their friends. I heard YARM13YOL tell a friend, we always go to Charolette Russ, they have the 2.97 rack of the most awesome clothes...

    That's when I know, deep down, I really am the coolest, without her having to be embarrassed by actually telling me that!


  17. Oh, I am so totally bummed. Oh well, I guess I'll have to break down and buy it on Amazon. But Congratulations to the winner.

  18. Dang. I didn't win. I'm not bitter.

    Great jeans Eli.

  19. awwww man...

    am i the only one who is going to admit that they are totally bummed not to win?

    love the jeans!

  20. I gave you an award over at my blog. Because I LOOOOVE you!


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