Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Thing It's Not...

I received this in the mail today.

It's a thank you gift from the exchange student foundation we are using.

I immediately thought....They did NOT just send me a fanny pack....

Upon further examination I realized it is a lunch box thingy. *smiles*

There are some things I can pull off. The fanny pack would not be one of them ;)


  1. Oh gosh, that definitely DOES look like a fanny pack!!!

  2. But, don't tourists wear fanny packs? Maybe it's for her. Hmmm ...

  3. I used to use a fanny pack on vacation where I didn't known anyone, but now I use a backpack instead. Probably looks just as dorky ;)

  4. i'm with fanny doesn't need anything else drawing attention to it! the chub does a fine job itself.

  5. Preach on Colored with Memories. My rear end doesn't need any help either. Funny...

    Check out my blog, my rear has it's own post. Seriously.

  6. I am totally and completely laughing right now :) Thanks for that!

  7. DARN it! I was gonna say I'll TAKE it!
    I had a fanny pack that I'd where to our state fair every year. I'd hide it under my shirt, that way I looked pregnant so people gave me wide berth, cuts in the restroom line and no lip about what and how much I chose to eat. Totally AWESOME. So after we had Nina I thought huh, can't really get away with that now when I'm pushing a 8 month old...That next spring I let Hubby clean the closet. Every so often he'd ask "Do you want this?"
    I'd say "Have I WORN it in the last month? NO! Just throw it out." Thinking he's talking old jackets, flip flops...he threw out the fanny pack!!! I could've killed him! So know I'm on a mission to find one that is well like my fake preggo pouch!
    AND I never had to worry about my money getting stolen by pic-pockets cause frankly nobody's crazy enough to feel up a "pregnant" lady!
    Could you ask if they DO have fanny packs? :)

  8. DO IT! Bring back fanny packs. I'll work on mullets and ponchos, your assignment is fanny packs. Together we will revolutionize rural america.

  9. Haha.
    I would be thankful. It's a nice fanny bag I must say. I hope you wear it every day :)

  10. I'm holding you to the no fanny pack thing!!! True they can be very functional, but ARGHHHH!!! They are so ugly!!!


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