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I'm answering some more questions today, which means that for the life of me, I can't come up with anything else to blog about.

Yay for questions!

Colored With Memories asked this...this may be too personal...but i always wonder about people that have 3 kids of the same gender...did you try for the third to see if you could have a girl, or did you just always want 3?

we have 2 girls...and are debating on having a third...of course we'd love a boy, but the debate isn't so much about that...as it is if i could actually handle 3 (of any gender!)...

which leads me to another question...which transition was hardest for you kid wise (and why)...going from 0 to 1, 1 to 2 or 2to 3...can you tell we are over thinking a third!?!

I always wanted four kids.  And then Jake came along and rocked my little world.   The transition from 2 -3 was hardest for me...mostly because I only had two arms, which meant that  one child was always breaking free running to and fro.  

I then decided three was plenty :)  Now as he gets older though, I start to think maybe four wouldn't be so bad...and then he starts on a tangent of destruction and I think...three is plenty ;)   Who knows what the future may hold.  

When I was pregnant with Jake (our third boy) I was very annoyed when people asked me if I was hoping it was a girl.  I wanted whatever God had ordained that baby to be.  After he was born, I had comments that were almost apologetic in tone, regarding having "another" boy.  Insinuating that I might be disappointed in that beautiful, perfect little boy I held...it made me want to scream.  I fully believe God has given me what He had planned for me.  I am the mother of boys.  I can't imagine anything else.   I wouldn't want it any other way.

I do, however, want some really fantastic daughter-in-laws someday :)

Thanks for the great question!


  1. Ahh...great post. We are indeed in the transition phase of of adding children. Though instead of 1 to 2 or 2 to 3....we're going 1 to 3. And to boot, 1 boy to 3 boys! WOW! The 'Aww...really?' comments as we announce the sexes of our twins have been frustrating like you said.
    I was totally the 'Colored With Memories' mom who said 'I will NOT have a 3rd child if my first two are boys...that is a risk I'm not willing to take...seriously, 3 boys?!'
    God has a way of accomplsihing His will inspite of me...and I think with a little chuckle, too :)
    I'm excited to be the Queen of my home and the hearts of my boys :)

  2. i am from a family of 4... i have 3 brothers. i knew though i only wanted 2 kids & that i would end up with 2 boys. my boys have some much engery from the time they wake up that adding a 3rd one is out of the question. i am sad though that i will never be prego again - i enjoy that.... growing, eating whatever i want, feeling them move inside me. so wonderful!

  3. We have four. (Two girls, two boys) Honestly, the jump from 3 to 4 wasn't hard at all. You're already dealing with having more kids than arms... so it isn't that different. LOL.

    The jump from 1 to 2 was really challenging for me, though.

  4. I can relate to your irritation with the questions about three boys. I have two girls, and pregnant with #3, and everyone just ASSUMES that Husband and I are wishing and hoping for a boy. Truth be told, if we could pick, we'd pick another girl! :) I feel like it is a boy (we'll know in a month), and if that is what God chooses, than so be it! :)

  5. Isn't funny how we always think we have our plans and it is really God doing the planning.

    When I was newly married, I wanted 4 kids (just like my family and my DH's family). After my first I decided that 1 was enough. She came out screaming and demanding and she has not stopped! Our second daughter was a complete and utter surprise (they are 11 months apart). Let's just say that form of birth control has been taken off the market! We call her "Our God blessed" child.

    Two girls and that is enough for me! My DH wanted more but I believe my words were "When I hear God speak audibly to me".....

    I have to say I'm glad that God ordained others to be mothers of boys. They think way too differently that I do :}

  6. Whenever I tell people we're contemplating a third, they say something about trying for a girl.

    I'm pretty much terrified of having a girl simply because it's foreign to me, but it's exactly what you said...it makes NO difference to me. We'd have a third because we love being parents, not because we're gambling over gender.

  7. I am sure your will end up with WONDERFUL daughters in law! YOur boys are each so enjoyable, even when they are naughty!

  8. as a mom of three boys all i have to say is.... Preach it!!! ;)

  9. I'm with Lily. We have four and the hardest jump for us between 1 and 2. By three you adjust from man on man to a zone defense! My third one sure gives me a run for my money some days, but baby #4 is as laid back as they come. Its amazing how different they all are!

    One thing I am sure of, there is no tired like mama tired!

  10. i could have wrote this post using girl instead of boys!

    We still get comments about having all girls and you would think girl was a bad word the way some people say it.

    and we are asked all the time if we are gonna try for a boy.... ugh! david gets the most pitiful looks and sometimes I just want to bust out laughing! He loves having him some girls!

  11. I agree, great post! I am 1 of 4 daughters....and all 4 times they were trying for a boy. My poor dad!! The grandsons out number the grandaughters, and it works for him!!

  12. This Mom of 3 girls only fears you moms of all boys... :-) No really...we get the exact same comments. Our motto around here? Girls rule, boys drool. We did get a male puppy to help Dad out around here.

  13. I hear ya! :) Being mommy of all boys is busy but SO MUCH FUN!

    Honestly though, I would love LOVE a little girl some day.

  14. it is very hard to transition from 2 to 3. Yet if you choose to have #4 it will be amazingly easier. I had 9 boys in a row and each and every time I got, oh I am so sorry. . . I bet you are hoping for a girl. . . .then when #10 was born and it was a girl, I got. . .finally a girl. . . .how crazy. We were just blessed with healthy children, we never cared about the sex, however we did think it was pretty cool to have so many boys! We now have 2 girls and 10 boys! I firmly believe that God gives us exactly what He has ordained. I had a friend tell me on my last son, #11. If you have a girl we will give you a shower. I said, "I sure could use a shower if it were a boy, after so many our supply is nill!" She gave me a shower and it was a boy! We were blessed with amazing gifts and thankful that she understood. Sometimes people have no clue the rudeness of their comments or the pain they inflict by them, even right in front of our kids!

  15. that is compteley nutso that you are going to have daughter in laws.. are we really going to be THAT old???

  16. My aunt had two boys, and she said she had always thought she wanted a girl...until she went prom dress shopping with me and my mom. She said, "Boy, I thought this would be fun!" She was surprised when Mom and I bickered over dress color, style, length, etc...Lol!! It was an eye-opener for her, haha!

  17. good thoughts.

    my hardest jump was still 0 to 1. What DID I do with my time before diapers, spit-up, and nursing?

    Enjoy your boys!

  18. I think that the ages of your children has a lot to do with which transition is hardest. I have 4 children. Going from 2 to 3 was hardest for us.....I think that is was because I had a 3 year old and a 17 month old when she was born. B was born when the girls were 6,5,3.....not too hard really.
    AND I have 3 girls and a boy. It drives me insane to have people say "Oh, you FINALLY got a boy"....I always answer -- "No, we thought we were finished with our three girls. He was a surprise but we are happy to have him!"

  19. thanks for answering my question...i loved your response...and all of the comments from your readers!

    oh, and i say...go for #4!!!



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