Monday, February 23, 2009

Speaking Of...

The end of last week and into the weekend are sort of a blur...I've had a bad cold, which has turned me into a total whiner...I'm not even exaggerating.

I woke up this morning in disbelief that it could actually be Monday already. Do you ever do that?!?

Praise God that I have a fresh stock of Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the fridge. Phew.

Speaking of bloggy friend Mama Belle is from Louisiana and she had a little giveaway which I happened to WIN! YAY! My odds were good people. She was giving away a King Cake and as soon as she said it was like a big donut I entered myself repeatedly. I heart donuts.

The cake arrived via the UPS man on Thursday.

It took me all of 45 seconds to open the 2 boxes, cut a slice equivalent to 4 donuts, warm it in the microwave and eat it with a cup of coffee. It was delish.

I should mention that as I sliced into the cake, I immediately found this:

It was a little disturbing....until I read the instructions...which then told me this was the baby Jesus and whoever finds it has to purchase the King Cake next year. Tradition.

I did what any reasonable person would do since no one else was around...I shoved it into another piece of cake ;)

I'm no dummy.

Thanks Mama Belle for giving this life-long Midwesterner a touch of Louisiana...and for helping me gain 10 extra pounds. Who can resist a big donut?

Oooh....this makes me think of something Julie said last week. She's a little nervous that she's going to turn into a "giant" during her stay in America. Apparently our reputation for eating junk is loud and far reaching. I couldn't deny it...we do eat a lot of junk...thus my need for the less than enjoyable running.

Speaking of eating...yesterday I took these two girlies out to eat and then shopping :) This is an exciting picture of us waiting to get into the restaurant.

They're the two that are responsible for me wanting a foreign exchange student in first place. They're so much fun that I wanted one of my own :) And now...I have one! Well, sort of. Technically she won't be here for 5 more months, but I feel like I know her well enough to call her my own already :)

And since she's already part of the parsonage family, it is my duty to post this, my favorite of all the pictures thus was made by her best friend, Audhild.

It's how we knew she fit perfectly into Life in the Parsonage.

Love you goofball Julie who reads my blog but hasn't commented for a long time ;)


  1. I love Julie's collage! :)

    Shoving the baby into another slice? You'd fit in here perfectly. :) If I get the baby I always try to shove it into another slice without someone noticing. :)

  2. Maybe finding the baby in your slice of cake is symbolic. After all, you are "expecting" Julie soon!

    But still shove that baby into another slice. I mean, wouldn't he/she rather hang out in the middle of cake versus in the grasps of your little ones?!

  3. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my friends mom used to bake a nickel and other little things into her birthday cake. It was such a big deal to get the piece with the nickel!

  4. Mocha with Linda: That cracks me up! It is certain that if I baked a nickel into a cake my kids would eat it on purpose and then choke :) Frankly, I'm surprised nobody at the plastic baby Jesus!

  5. I would've cut a slice equal to at least 4 donuts, that looks so good.

    Less than enjoyable running...sigh. I need to get going on that too. How is your marathon training coming along?

  6. I was watching the Oscars last night and a commercial came on that had Donuts in it, I'm pretty sure it was a diet commercial and I uttered under my breath:
    "But I love the donut."
    This woke Hubby from sleep and he said "what about donuts?"
    Them I said:
    "If I ever won an Oscar I'd thorw in ramdom things like AND I LOVE DONUTS. Glazed. Oh and jelly beans. Wouldn't that be great?"
    HE adjusts; "Yeah, that is what you'd do."
    He loves me!
    Your Julie reminds me of our Ellie.
    Ellie is Rob's cousin who is exchanging in Austrailia right now. All she seems to be doing is going to the beach and a pub called the Thristy Camel. She said she sucks at putting on sunscreen because sehe has random burn lines everywhere and her eyelids got burnt.
    Where we ever that weird?

  7. That Julie looks pretty fun!! :) I can tell you are A LITTLE BIT excited. :)

    I'm trying not to be resentful that I didn't win the king cake and risk choking on the creepy baby thing.

  8. I must now go find a recipe for the above-mentioned King cake. I love me some DD coffee, let me tell you. I just got a gift card to them for my b-day. Julie looks like a perfect match for your family ;D

  9. Congrats on winning the King Cake. Seems a little odd to have a baby Jesus in it. But who am I to criticize their customs. Good idea to put it back in the cake, I would never have thought of that. I'm a little slow

    Julie looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to get to hear more about her when she comes.

  10. Thanks for the sweet comments about my "bloggy makeover!" Glad that our paths have crossed, too! :)

  11. too cute!!

    ((((i like being a part of the parsonage family;-)))

  12. Crack me up. I think you're right, Julie is the perfect match for your fun family! I need to tell you I'm extremely jealous that even when you're sick you take adorably cute photos! (How do you do that!?!?)

    I was afraid you were going to say tradition dictates whoever finds the creepy baby thing in their slice will find themselves expecting in the next year! Wouldn't THAT that be a hoot? ; )

    Thanks for your prayers for my surgery...I'm doing great! (though FAR from photo ready!) LOL


  13. You've shown me from my best side I have to say...

    My dearest friend Audhild has just made some new pictures when she is comparing me to a pig, an anteater and a animal we do not know what is called. Yey me..

    I hope you can take me out shopping tooooo :)

    Maja and Rebecca (I hope that was her name) are so cute :) Have you heard Maja speak Dannish yet? It is kind of simular to our :)

    Love Julie, who has not commented so much because she was afraid Sarah would feel stalked when a little(okey, not so little) girl from across the ocean comment every post(Even though she is saving all the pictures Sarah post :)

  14. Oh, your King Cake sounds good. My boss has a daughter that lives in New Orleans. She sent him a king cake, his wife told him to share, he did not. Shame on him.

  15. That collage is AWESOME. Can I borrow her?

    And that baby that.

    Get well!

  16. Julie rocks!

    I'm SOOOO jealous of that King Cake.

  17. well...since you admitted to all of us that you did indeed get the baby in your piece, looks like you'll be buying it next year...AND GIVING IT AWAY TO ONE OF US!

    i haven't had one of those in years...i just remember my fingers being different shades of green/yellow/purple for days!

  18. I have had the king cake in New Orleans when I went to Mardi Gras with my mother, yep you saw correct, with my mom! haha! Time of our lives and I still have the Jesus somewhere...obviously I just kept him instead of making the cake!

  19. Funny, I would of shoved the baby into another area too!!

  20. I was just reading about king cake today. How was it? Besides the baby Jesus?

    That Julie is a riot, I can't wait to meet her.

  21. I think that girl is in for the time of her life. And I won a cake, too. It should arrive any time now. I hope I get a baby Jesus.

  22. I'm glad you liked the king cake! I LOVE eating it this time of the year -- one of my friends even (seriously) mentioned having a king cake for her wedding cake at her wedding this next Jan. =) THAT'S how good it is.

  23. Dearest Julie,

    Don't worry. LOTS of us stalk Sarah daily... :-) And, for the record, a few pounds gained will be totally worth it if you choose the right, today, for me, it was an entire box of Samoas Girl Scout cookies. YUM-YUM!

  24. Julie looks like soooo much fun!! I think y'all will have a BLAST!!

    We lived in LA for about 18 months... loved the King cakes!

  25. LOL Julie looks like a blast to be around! Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures as a Foreign Exchange Mom :o)
    Too funny about putting the baby into another piece of king cake, something i would totally do! I mean, where would you find one to even buy for someone next year? The pressure is just too much to bare...

  26. I love Julie's collage. She looks like a lot of FUN!

    Props to you for your Dunkin Donut addiction. Love that stuff!!!!


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