Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Let's play a little game.  

Let's pretend I can't think of anything to blog about.  Doesn't mean I can't think...just means that everything I think of is not blog appropriate...or I've talked about it endlessly already...or it means I can't think.

So your part of the game is for you to ask me some questions and then I get to answer and I promise I won't make it drag out for more than ten one post.

I know you can come up with something.  Know how I know?!?  Because I'm totally stealing this idea from other posts I've I know.

Leave me a comment with a question...any question and then I can try to come up with an answer...not necessarily the right answer, but an answer.  Or you can email me at

Good times, huh?  Don't answer that...

Before I go, I'll leave you with the answer to, what I'm sure is your most pressing question.  Colgate Total Whitening's what I use...I think its the best toothpaste ever.  Riveting aren't I.


  1. Sarah,
    IF you could have one day in your life to "re-do" What day would you choose and why?
    (Note: this could be a bad day, that you make better...or a good day to relive.)
    This is a DEEP question, not that I don't care about what tooth paste you like but I'm more of a go for the tough questions kind of gal.
    Oh, can I have one more?
    You had a post a while back called Hungry favorite, so funny, Anyway it was rather clever, I'm pretty sure the inspiration was the pie, My other question is "Is there anything else that is a source of inspiration?" (like if I would gain a pound and had NO side effects I'd eat...)

  2. You are so funny. Would you consider writing an advice letter to younger you?

  3. Don't you think Colgate is tooooo foamy? Like, seriously, it makes me gag from all the foam in my mouth...unless I spit about 1000 times.

    I use Crest Whitening with Scope.

    Not that you asked!

  4. A very involved question for you...

    If you had to choose ONE outfit (from head to toe) that you had to wear EVERY day until your turned 40.....what would that outfit be?

    I think this Q&A also deserves a pic!

  5. But have you tried Crest whitening strips? They are amazing. I don't know why everyone doesn't use them.

  6. Where did you grow up?

    (Hopefully, you haven't already answered that one.)

  7. Speaking of good hair days... what's the worst hair day you've ever had. :)

  8. I'm in a Valentine mood -- what was your engagement like?

  9. Can an average human ride an average deer? Ethan and I have been having this debate since last summer. Most people agree with Ethan but Dave agrees with me and since he's the smartest farmer I know, I win. :)

  10. What's your "go-to" dinner that you fix for your family?

  11. What was the tip that worked the best and still works for you from the book *The House that Cleans Itself*?

  12. How did you meet your husband?

    What bit of advice would you give other pastor's wives?

    What has been your greatest struggle as a pastor's wife?

    I hope you don't mind that I asked three questions. Don't feel like you MUST answer them. No pressure from me. :-)


  13. Ok, I have a question. Now, mind you no normal person would ask a preacher's wife this question, but I've never been one to color inside the lines, so here goes. ALSO (I promise I'll eventually get to the question), this is the first thing that came to mind, because my girlfriend and I were giggling just last night about our middle school nicknames... which brings me to the question, are you ready...

    What is your stripper name? (First pet's name + street you lived on during childhood)

    See? Not normal, I know. Let's hope once you reveal your name, it doesn't stick among your parishoners, I would feel bad.

    Yours truly,

    MamaCat Ventura

  14. If you could be anyone else for a day...who would it be?

  15. **Share a passage of Scripture that means a lot to you and share why.

    **If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

    **If there was any universal truth that you could change, what would it be and {you guessed it!} why? (For example, it would not be a sin to consume a ton of chocolate in a year, eating it for every meal, and I would not only NOT gain weight, but would steadily lose any extra weight I had while consuming this quantity of chocolate. (Not that I've spent ANY time thinking about this topic...why do you ask?)

    **You could also steal some of those FB lists use them as springboards.

    Have fun!

    Today's Word Verification: Druse. Homemade Definition: [pron.: Droose] n. A boring person who insists on dragging you into unwanted conversations about trivial topics you know nothing about. Plural: Druses [Druhs-is]

  16. Do you ever feel conflicted between living simply, being frugal, focusing on inner beauty versus the world, being fashionable, spending and looking good? Just curious.

  17. How long have you been a pastors wife. Is this your first church. What did you do before you were in the position you are now?

  18. OK - I am also at a blogging idea loss lately and so I don't even have any questions. BUT - I just wanted to say that I was a lifelong Crest user until a few months ago I decided to switch to Colgate Total whitening paste...and I agree. It is the best. But, if I send my husband out to the store, he still comes back with Crest. So, I have to always have an ample supply on hand! :)

  19. As a pastor's wife, what are some things you would recommend to a future pastor's wife that she should be working on now? What are some was you stay connected with the women in your church?

  20. What is the most embarassing thing that has happened to you?

  21. Are your toenails painted right now?

  22. Would you rather go out for beer and pizza or lobster and cocktails?

  23. Since your "house that cleans itself" home makover, what is your number 1 cleaning/organizational tip?
    What is mine you might ask?
    I could not decide between my roomba (to automatically vaccuum up the dog hair) or my shark (to steam mop my kitchen floor after my 1 year old spits/throws his food all over it).

  24. i would like to know how you deal with conflict with your boys, when they disobey, or disrespectful to you.

    do you ever lose your temper?

    i do... sometimes & just feel just guilt afterwards that i'm such a horrible person/mother for being this way.

  25. How do you tell women to stop gossiping without looking "self-righteous"?

    What's your favorite movie?

    Did you play instruments?

    Want to have a garage sale with me?

    How do you put God first....I mean really - first? I feel like my husband and kids get the first pick of me....then God gets my whining and minimum-passioned devotions. I give others my "best"...putting on the smile when i really don't feel like it - then giving God my frown, because I seriously know that He will still be there for me if I'm rotten to Him. Other people wouldn't stick around. How mean, huh? There - post some answers on that! lol :)

  26. this may be too personal...but i always wonder about people that have 3 kids of the same gender...did you try for the third to see if you could have a girl, or did you just always want 3?

    we have 2 girls...and are debating on having a third...of course we'd love a boy, but the debate isn't so much about it is if i could actually handle 3 (of any gender!)...

    which leads me to another question...which transition was hardest for you kid wise (and why)...going from 0 to 1, 1 to 2 or 2to 3...can you tell we are over thinking a third!?!


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