Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Because I Like It...

Let's talk fashion today.

I love looking at People magazine to see what celebrities are wearing in their everyday life.   It really has nothing to do with the celebrity themselves...I pick the celebrities because they're the ones who can afford a personal stylist.    It's the stylists job to make each celeb unique and distinct...to make it look easy.

I want a stylist.  I want someone to just come to my house, look at the stuff I have and put new outfits together...because I end up wearing the same things with the same things over and over.   Heck, I don't even need a professional.  Maybe real life friends and I should just do that for each other?!?!  Hmmm...I think I'm on to something.

Anyways, I came across this sight the other day, and I think it's genius.  You can look up celeb's whose style you like, and then find a cheap version of the outfit with the LINKS already there!  My personal favorites are Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon's style.  

Super fun!  Well, to me anyways.  Can looking at how to put together outfits be considered a hobby?  If it is, then by golly I've finally found a hobby I like ;)  Because the running and the scrapbooking...they get on my last nerve sometimes :)

So tell me....who's style do you admire?


  1. I've always like Reese's look as well. But after checking out the site, I like this Claire Dane chick. I have not an idea at all who she is but I like her look.

  2. Very cool - although today's post isn't doing it for me. Sienna Miller just looks frumpy. But what do I know!

  3. You are a bad influence. That site just sucked up over an hour of my time and I loved every minute.

  4. I think you have a job opportunity in the works!

    Um...I dunno for celeb style of which one is my fav. I'm so old-fashioned. I love the looks of Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day and Elizabeth Montgomery. I love 50s and 60s dresses!!

  5. well i like your style! no kidding either! love it!

  6. Im going with Reese. She's so classic.

  7. My favourites are Keira Knightly and Claire Danes as well as Gisele Bundchen. They all have such casual tomboy-ish styles off the red carpet. I also like Katie Holmes, but often think she looks more like a fourty-something than the age she is. Nothing wrong with fourty year olds:-) but I liked her style better before she got married to Mr Cruise.

  8. ok, so i have read your site for months (friend of breanna) and this is the one i can't let go by without a comment (while others have made me pray/think/cry!)

    all classic, elegent, and progressive without being too modern! wish i had katie holmes haircut too!!

    thanks for sharing so much of you! i promise to comment a little more now that i have broken the ice ;)

  9. I have now found my new timewaster! ;) My personal favorites are ones that are timeless classics. I like trendy, but I so rarely get to spend money on clothes that I try to make my clothes purchases ones that will last.

  10. I'm a Gen X junkie who was born in the 70s, and became an adult in the 90s. I never really grew out of the "grunge" genre..... so I suppose the laid back styles are my fave:-)

  11. this would be nice but even nice (or atleast for me) is having someone to fix my hair everyday. i HATE to do it!!!


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