Monday, March 30, 2009

Hoping the Obsessive Becomes Compulsive...

It's a funny sometimes I think I know about something, and then I start learning more on a particular subject and realize that I'm actually COMPLETELY clueless!

It happens all the time. Which should probably tell you something about me...but let's move on.

I have a bit of an obsessive personality. When I fixate on something, there's little that can distract me. This is both good and husband would volunteer testimony.

Anyways, my latest fascination is running. I'm not new to running...but I'm just figuring out there's more to it then slapping on some shoes and hitting the pavement. And the more I learn, the more I want to know!

This weekend it was time for new shoes. Believe it or not, I do not get excited about buying new running shoes. 1 - they're expensive and 2 - no matter how hard I try to convince myself...they are just not cute. Ever.
We have this cute little shop called The Runner's Flat. They evaluate your running form which helps in getting the right shoe. They also have all sorts of running stuff...which I know nothing about yet because I don't run enough to get any gadgets...but after being in that store, I now have a wish list.

I'm a little attached to my old shoes. I've gotten the same brand the past two times...they're comfy, and familiar. Turns out that this time though, I need a different kind. No sacred cow, right?!?

Old Mizuno shoes:

New Saucony Shoes:

Here's the new knowledge that's rocked my world:

  • Shoes have a shelf life. You heard me. Even without running or using them, the materials can break down from just sitting on the shelf.
  • Socks matter. Who knew?!? Cotton=bad. Makes your feet stay wet and causes blisters and other yucky stuff. So...I have some new non-cotton socks, that have a R and L on each foot...because they go on a specific foot...craaaaazy.
  • I bought a Runner's World magazine, which I'm totally gonna subscribe to. In there I learned that running 3 miles 3 times a week (which is basically what I do right now) will NOT help in weight loss. *insert kicking and screaming* It will help in "maintaining" but if your body is used to it, it will not help in the losing of weight. BOO. I have to start "interval" training...I'm not even going to explain...
  • One marathoner wraps her toes in duct tape to keep them from rubbing together...I find that fascinating...because I am a weirdo.
  • After running, you have a 30 minute time slot to re-fuel and re-build your muscles. There are certain foods that do this best. SEE, I told much. stuff.

So, since I'm sure the only people that have actually made it this far in the post are people who run (or are very, very bored), give me you tips, your tricks, your secrets...come on....I gotta know. And, if you know of any great sights or blogs about running, please let me know!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to continue my sanitizing of the house via Lysol. Oh yeah...two more barfers last night ;)


  1. My husband runs...getting ready to run a 15k this weekend. I however like the "thought" of running but alas do not participate. I do enjoy going to running events...everyone cheers for everyone, even the last guy crossing the line. It's very inspiring! I don't have any advice, I'm just the one at the finish line yelling like he was running in the Olympics!

  2. one thing we do when we play soccer is Interval training. We learn that if you want to speed up quickly, you have to run with small steps in the beginning, and when you're running fast, long steps. The way you get the best training is by running interval training uphills. I saw a picture of aplington, and it looked pretty flat to me, so I do not know if you have a lot of hills..Also streching afterwards is importaint.

    One more thing. If you train the rest of your body you will emedialtey become in better shape. That is why we train arobics to get better at playing Soccer..
    Love Julie

  3. Ahhh - no runner advice I'm sad to say. I have learned about the importance of good shoes and socks just from my wogging. I came over from Linda's via the 30 x 5 challenge. Run Sarah, run!!

  4. I'm a wannabe. I am interested, but just cannot seem to get myself past the walk/run/walk/run stage. I can do a mile pretty well, but then my brain [read: flesh!] says, "Aren't you tired now? Don't you want to walk now?" And you know, every time, I am and I do! Got any advice for that? Ugh!

    Also, it's time for me to get new tennies too, and I too hate the process. Even the really expensive ones I have now make my feet hurt or go numb sometimes. I've never found any that didn't, and I've gone to some of the best fitters in the state. :-( So, I'm not looking forward to this shopping expedition.

    I like your new shoes, though! :-)

  5. Not much running goes on here, but I am planning to stop by "The Runners Flat" to see if she has some shoes to recommend for me.
    Your "shelf life" info made it into the sermon last night :-)(I think it was last night, it was one of the times your hubby spoke yesterday)

  6. i have heard the runners flat is awesome.. WAY to go.. seriously you and heth and andrea amaze me.. just to become disiplined and follow through and all that tough stuff.. it's awesome.. i admire you :)

  7. I have been running for 6 years now and let me tell you, shoes are EVERYTHING, even if they are expensive, it really determines weather or not you end up dead on the pavement with shin splints or successfully complete your run. If you want to learn how to start a very good interval training, check out the running room (don't know if its only canadian). They give you this super easy program, you start running 2 minutes, waling one and then you gradually build up. Achievable for any running virgin :D

  8. I think the duct tape thing is fascinating too and I'm not a runner. Or bored. Much.

    Also...this post was not in my reader. Nor was your last post. Just today I was wondering if you were alright. You are. But the feed is not. Just so you know :)

  9. Thanks for that bit of knowledge about the running 3 miles, which is pretty much what I do. I'm not running tonight at all then.

    What are you supposed to do? Is it different distances each day?

    Enlighten me, please.

    And is it me or can you just NOT run against the wind ... especially cold wind? It is so windy down here that I have to run with my head down lately.

  10. i started out running, but was told doing the interval training was best for (confusing) the metabolism (for weight loss). lots of interesting stuff.

    i really wish i could run... had to stop when my hip starting barking. really. ;) chiropractor agreed and pointed me to the elliptical machine (which i have a love/hate relationship with) i would rather be outdoors!

  11. I'm not a runner, never was, never will be, but I still found the post interesting!

  12. I am so not a runner. My husband tried to get me into it....but thanks. I like to walk and workout. I am interested in the refuel and rebuild your muscles you talked about. Please, tell me more. Blessings, SusanD

  13. LOVE Saucony - my favorite shoe that I've worn for years!

    My advice would be to get a Garmin. It has made all the difference in my training. It is a GPS watch that gives you all kinds of info. (calories, pace per mile, distance, time run, etc.). You can get them with or without a heartrate monitor. I found mine on ebay. Mine is the Garmin 305. I love it!

    Socks definitely do make a difference. I get new shoes every 300 miles. Also, for longer runs I have a fuelbelt (google this) that I run with to stay hydrated.

    For a long time, I never really cared about speedwork, but I've been doing more lately and it really does make a difference.

    Also, music is a must when you run. My ipod recently died, so I bought the ipod shuffle and I like it better for running. It is lightweight and works great.

    OK, some of this you probably already knew. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you now. :)

    A favorite running blog right now:
    It is a lot about what she eats, but click on "her journey" - very inspirational!

  14. Ooooo Ooooo Ooooo! I like this post! I want more! More tips and stuff about running!!! It makes me want to run!!!!

  15. Ha! We have the obessive personality trait in common. Take my advice, stay away from the History channel... I saw one documentary on ancient Egypt, and decided then I needed to become an expert. I TiVo'd hours of documentaries on early civilizations! It was exhausting.

  16. Oops. It's "obsessive," not obessive.


  17. My advice is exactly what Wendy said. You HAVE to get a Garmin. It will change your life. If you think you are obsessive now, it will take your obsession to a whole new level. I think I would die if I couldn't have my Garmin. In fact, my battery died this morning at mile 1.5 and I almost cried.

    Let's do coffee sometime soon and talk running. Finally some one who's eyes don't glaze over as soon as I start talking about it! I could talk all day, believe me.

    42 days until RLAM. (If I counted right.)

  18. My DH was a runner for many years - he loved Runners World magazine. You should check our road runner sports website. They have all kinds of cool stuff for runners!

    I have been running a little but not enough to do anything and I prefer it that way.

    I'm wondering if we can add "running errands" into the running category. I think I can probably validate it!

  19. Oh, and Saucony is the only tennie that fits me!
    I REALLY struggle when it is time to replace a pair and they are still white cause I only wear them on the treadmill! I am actually overdue and can't bring myself to do it!!!

  20. Do it, Beth. I'll go with you for moral support :)

  21. Sadly, I do not run. I wish I could.. but I will love through you vicariously. Awesomely cute tennies though... I am OCD these days on all things IVF. And Hannah/ Samuel.

    Thank you SO much for your kind words on my blog. I am super happy to find a fellow PW to follow. You and Shawna (linked on my blog) are the only two PWs I know in the blog world. We are in the middle of the cornfields... and its been a bit of an adjustment. God def. has me on a learning curve.

  22. i use to be a running but stopped for several reasons but wanting to get back into it. i want to run a 1/2 marathon. how cool would that be to say that?!?!

    its crazy how expensive those shoes are! and how you have to buy 1 - 2 sizes bigger... the shoe looks HUGE!!!

    i'm nervous about losing toenails... i've heard stories & seen pictures. will the duct tape work for that???

  23. I really would like to know what food are best for refueling after running. I am on a running hiatus do to being pregnant right now but I would love to have this information saved in my smart bank :) Perhaps a post on it???

    A Follower

  24. I can't run outside anymore because of my I got this great book called Treadmill Training, I really like it. It give all kinds of little workouts you can do on the treadmill. One think I found out, you have to add a 2% incline to whatever speed, to be as difficult as running outside. Crazy and hard! Now I have a cold, so I'm just walking, and very slow at that!

  25. This is why I don't run. LOL! It seems like it should be so easy, but there are these little things that you need to know - my brain would explode. Really. And toes in duct tape - OUCH! :D

  26. Hi! Google reader just recommended your blog to me and I loved this post. I am getting back into running myself and have done two 1/2 Marathons (thought I love you call them 1/2 Marys) and want to do more. Best of luck to you!


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