Monday, March 16, 2009

It's a Love/Hate Thing...

It is finally nice outside here. Really nice. Finally! I'm actually able to remember why on earth I choose to live in this part of the country. It is days like today :)

The niceness outside has brought the sandbox back into my life. I have a love/hate relationship with the sandbox.

We have a big one out back. Ben's dad built it and each year he comes and dumps another truckload of sand in it, because *surprise* half the sand manages to disappear.

Guess where it disappears to...


I love the sandbox, I really do. It occupies the boys for hours. And what is cuter than three little brothers screaming at each other over who just wrecked whose bridge?!? The problem is, the sand is never really dry. Which is exactly the way my boys prefer it. Apparently it needs a little water to make it fun. I've lost count of the times I've gone outside to see the hose sticking out of the sandbox...water filled to the brim.

Dry sand would be easy. Brushes right off. Wet sand...not so much.

WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?!?! TELL ME! Because my mud room looks like THIS:

Don't ya just love the bike INSIDE. Nice.

Today I bought this at our local CVS in the "As see on TV" section. It better work. It better work like a miracle.


  1. Good luck! I don't think there's much help for sand. I've given up on having clean floors.


  2. oh..... I miss our big sandbox!!! it was so fun!!! the boys, the hose, the sand, the smiles,.......
    have you tried lockin the door?

    Just kiddin!

  3. please let me know how it works, I got one of those Haan steam cleaners and LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but i have all hardwoods and tile. But then I have realized there is a trick to it. YOU HAVE TO USE IT. dang it!

  4. yeah, we have one of those....And not to be a Johnny Raincloud, it will work....for awhile :) My husband thought it would solve all the worlds' problems.

    It didn't :)

  5. We have a HUGE sandbox as well. I love it for the same reasons. I also hate it for the same reasons!

  6. We had a sandbox Beau built at our last house. Glad we're done with that.

  7. Yeah...not really a fan of sand either. I do love the beach. :-)

    I linked your last post up on my post for today. Hope you don't mind!!

    Have a great week!

  8. You have to get a ROOMBA! You set it down in the room you want cleaned, push the button, and walk away. When you come back, voila, mess is gone. I tell ya, if it gave compliments, I might just not need my husband. Just Kidding. BTW, when you ask it to vaccuum it never ever says no, maybe later, or we just did it. It just starts up no questions asked. Did I mention how much I love my ROOMBA :)

  9. I feel the same way about the sandbox. Moon Sand is also on that list of love/hate toys. Spring is peeking out here now and again, too!
    New post today. One I have been working on off and on for a week.

  10. I've been wanting one of those sweepers so let me know how it works! The info-mercial had me hooked but I was just a wee bit too afraid to buy it! Anxious to hear! and best wishes with all the sand, it only gets worse my friend, enjoy it however, because one day you will wish you had it all over your mud room again!

  11. I bought this wonderful sandbox with a lid/cover. Thinking this is great, it'll keep the cat out. It was NOT intended to be a giant kitty poop box, thankyouverymuch.
    And the rain. (it was domed)
    I had three problems.
    The kids couldn't get the lid back on it at the end.
    It wasn't big enough for two children to play in. Sit yes, play no. So all I heard was screaching.
    And there was never enough sand in it.
    Funny, I bought the 15 bags of fine sugar sand in Spring and by the time we got to July 4th there was barly enough sand for the cat to sneak in and do her business. (I know this because cat would "wait" till the box was empty and sneak in, vwala, and skee-dattle when she saw the kids coming back with more toys!RRRRRRRRR)
    I would say, "Keep the sand in the sandbox or you won't have anymore."
    "I'm not buying anymore sand."
    "Now the ants have made it there home who was EATING in this thing?!?!"
    So sandbox has now become outdoor toy storage box, they had ruined the cover by walking on it! Did I mention it was dombed?
    I will N.E.V.E.R have a sandbox again. We go across the street to the huge cat box, I mean sandbox/park and play there now.
    PHEW! I had a lot to say on sandboxes...maybe I need to post this? Ok, if you see the word sandbox in one of my titles don't read it, you just did. :)

  12. The last time I took a picture of our mud room, there were 2 baby calves in blankets on the floor. I think I'd rather have a bike :)

    Here's to hoping it worked ... that new little gadget of yours! :)

  13. I will be interested to see how that works!

  14. My MIL got me that sweeper for my birthday. I didn't ask for it, but oh well. She gets me cleaning supplies for occasions - you think it's a hint? I've never tried a ROOMBA, but that sounds like a pretty good deal, if it doesn't suck up tiny toys. Because I wouldn't dig through vacuum gunk to find a toy!

  15. I watch the swivel sweeper infomercials and I'm a true believer. So it should totally work GREAT! :)

  16. Thanks for the smile...being a three-year old preschool teacher....I so understand the love/hate relationship it advice is just keep capturing pictures of it, on your floor, in the tub, and inside your heart...because it's those times that truly make life just right! Sweet blessings!

  17. Hi Sarah,
    I've been admiring your blog through my cousin Michelle who is a friend of yours.....I finally can introduce myself and comment to tell you a memory I have of making mud pies in a "natural sand box" Michelle had in her back yard, think it was a ravine or something......there really wasn't any sand about was true MUD!
    You have a great blog! Thanks for a smile or two!

  18. We have one. My 11 year old son BOUGHT ONE WITH HIS OWN CHRISTMAS MONEY. And he is the only one allowed to use it...heh, heh, heh. I think it does a good job, but I am not a cleanin freak. Just be glad ayou have amud room. I do not. Everything is right there when you walk in.

  19. Right there with ya sister. Right there with ya.

  20. Since the boys like water so much, how about a tub of water at the back door. Shoes go off, feet go into the tub of water, off with the sand and step onto a clean towel provided on the floor in the mud room. I got that from Mindy Sterns Clark who wrote the book you have. It is on her website about vacuuming only once a month. She also uses a swivel sweeper during the month. Arlona

  21. Let us know if it works.... I actually have a sand box in my house for my *babies*!! ugh.... but, they LOVE it and it is such GOOD therapy!!


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