Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Speaking To Me...

One of the things that sticks out the most from Ben's seminary days is the Greek flash cards.  I forget how many years of Greek and Hebrew he was required to take...I'm pretty sure I've blocked it out ;)  Anyways, I vividly remember sitting in our first 1 bedroom apartment holding the flashcards while he rattled off what the word was...we were newlyweds...I think as time and two babies came along I was less helpful in the studying department.

I understood the purpose behind learning the Greek and Hebrew.  After all, it's the language that Scripture was first written, if we want to know what the context of a passage is,  or what certain words mean, going back to those original languages is essential...everything else is just someones interpretation of the original word.

I love that God chose those languages.  They're so completely descriptive.   I'm the type of girl who needs a very VERY understandable Bible version.  If the language is any different than what I'm used to speaking/hearing then I often miss what it's saying.   But often, everyday English is unable to be descriptive enough.  Sometimes, it misses the meaning.  

We have been doing the Beth Moore study Living Beyond Yourself.  This is my first Beth Moore study.  I was always a little apprehensive because everyone was so over the top about her that I was pretty sure she couldn't be as great as everyone said.  Wrong.  So wrong.  Her knowledge of Scripture, passion for glorifying God, and sheer humbleness, frankly...astound me.  

She knows His Word.  Often, I allow myself to just get "the gist" of a passage and call it good.   I found out quickly, that Beth is not gonna have any of that.  She digs and she digs and she takes you all over the Bible, weaving it all together.  And sometimes, she wears me out...in a good way.

This morning I was working on day 5 of Peace.  And something hit me so hard it caused me to weep...because I'd never seen it before, even though I've read or heard this passage a hundred times.  

The passage is John 18:1-11 and is the account of Jesus being arrested (fitting for Easter, no?)  I read through it first in my New Century Version and nothing stood out.  THEN, in the workbook as I was answering the questions I read what Beth had inserted.  It is part of the passage in the exact translation from Greek to English (capital letters are exactly as they appear)
(Jesus is talking to the soldiers)
John 18:6-8

Whom do you seek?  They answered Him, Jesus the Nazarene.  Jesus said to them, I AM!  Then when He said to them I AM, they departed into the rear and fell to the ground.  Then again He asked, Whom do you seek?  And they said, Jesus the Nazarene.  Jesus answered, I told you that I AM.

Can you picture it?  60o armed soldiers came that day, to arrest Jesus.  And at the moment He said His name, who He was, the I AM, 600 soldiers fell back.    

I cry because hearing Him say His name this morning, through this Scripture spoke to me.   He is the I AM...He needs nothing added to it.  

As Easter approaches, I want to hold on so tightly to Him, to remember what He did on that cross, for me, and to look to today and tomorrow because each day He is the I AM.  The same, yesterday, today and forever.  


  1. Great post Sarah. I haven't done a Beth Moore study, but I do have a daily devotional of hers. I know not the same. I really need to find a small group.
    Anyhoo, I DO think about what Jesus did for me. Some days more then others. I have a bbok that is of pictures of Jeruslem called Where Jesus Walked. It gives scripture. I am moved to tears if I think about it long enough.
    All that I can say is I look forward to seeing him face to face and hugging him, (He will hug us right?) and hearing him say my name and that He has loved me.
    It makes me want to cry right now.

  2. "He is the I Am...He needs nothing added to it."

    Amen! As I've been doing my Bible studies lately, I'm continually reminded that Jesus is quoted so little in Scripture. But when He spoke, HE REALLY SPOKE! So humble, yet so powerful. His message was clear. No frills, no big show, no look at how great I am. Simply, I AM.

    Clinging to Him today.

    P.S. I have some good memories of Hebrew/Greek flashcards. I helped Josh so much that I got pretty good myself! I still have the little card he wrote my name on in Hebrew. :-) He's way past the days of me helping him.....but I still love hearing him read it out loud.

  3. My google reader gave me your blog as a suggested read - and I am so glad it did!!

    we are in the midst of our seminary days - 3 years down & an excited hubby exclaiming "I think I can finish in 3 more years...." :)

    you post spoke to me - thank you for sharing that :) how much we need to lean on Him in these days...He is all we need...

  4. Thanks for the reminder!

    I was just in bible study this morning when Kay Arthur reminded us that if Jesus said it in scripture, why don't we believe it? The 600 soldiers did didn't they?!

  5. I missed the Beth Moore study our church did, I am so sorry that I did.

    Wonderful post.

  6. She has an amazing gift of opening God's word and communicating sooooo much!!

  7. This convinces me that I need to do a Beth Moore Bible study.

    I've been struggling a lot today, freaking out over stuff that is beyond my control. And He is saying to me, "I AM." And that is enough.

  8. I've done several of Beth Moore's studies. She is such an anointed woman, isn't she? I led the Living Beyond Yourself a few years ago. I love the depth she gives to the fruits of the spirit! Do you have all the sign language down? I often think when I am listening to her and her cute little Southern accent, "I would really like to just sit on her front porch and chat about Jesus." I think even though I've never met her that I could do just that. I'm sure glad she followed Christ's calling for her life to teach all of us!

  9. Love this. Want to write more, but you've nailed it.


  10. Thanks for sharing...how Amazing it is when God just speaks to our hearts in such a deep way! Praying the rest of your study is just as eye-opening, heart-awakening, and spirit led! Sweet blessings!

  11. So good Sarah! He is all we need.

  12. Thanks, needed reminding of that this week!

  13. Nothing needs to be added. =) So right! That's the greatest thing about Scripture; we don't need (and aren't supposed to!) add or take away from anything it says. It is the Holy Word, the Living Word, and it says it all. Yea!!

  14. What a moment that must have been. I wonder if they were afraid when, after that had happened, they still needed to arrest Him? Powerful stuff.

  15. Hi Sarah! I just discovered your blog yesterday and I just wanted to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through all your posts. You are a great writer and I admire your faith and parenting methods. I plan on becoming a regular reader. :) I hope you have a great day and I look forward to getting to "know" you better.

  16. What an awesome post! I also am loving Beth Moore right now!


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