Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Ones For Julie...

I'm a nester. Not kidding. With each of my boys I think I had the nursery done by the time I was 5 months pregnant. I can't help myself, something inside of me needs it to be ready.

Apparently, I do not need to actually birth a child for this to happen. Remember the post about waiting to find out if Julie would actually get to be the one? Truth be told, I'd already been dreaming of what her room would look like.

Once it was a go, I couldn't wait to ask her what colors she liked (I do, after all, need her input :) She pretty much gave me free reign...I'm sure she'll learn to reign me in once she gets here ;)

Julie's room is actually the room we kicked moved Jake out of. He's now in with his brothers. It seems to be working just fine. By August they should all be totally adjusted ;)

I have some before and after pictures for you. Because I know ya'll like to see some home improvement pics.

The pictorial tour of the new room is for Julie. Turns out, that sending numerous pics as attachments in emails to Norway is S-l-o-w from my computer. So she gets to see her room at the same time you all the commentary is for her, because I'm pretty sure ya'll aren't gonna care about the size of the closet...but a girl's got to know this sort of thing, am I right? Of course I am.

Let's begin.
Jake's room before: Please note the carpet. Yeah. And the broken blinds. And the remains of several jars of miscellaneous goo that he's smeared on the walls in the three years we've lived here. Lovely.
The Process begins...

And after: The carpet was installed THIS morning :) Ben is home with Strep throat...he still managed to assemble the bed for me. Good man.

The bed and new wood blinds. The carpet is looks like a funky color in this picture, but it is not. I promise. I ordered the pillowcases from Potter Barn Teen...I couldn't resist. They inspired the green for the bed and desk.

Julie, this is the view (from the bed) of the other half of the room. There will be a desk there that will be the same green as the bed frame. The mirror (from my mom :) will be hung up too along with a shelf thingy for you to put stuff in. The picture makes the walls look splotchy, but they're not :)

The closet is near the headboard of the bed. This is the left side view of it. There won't be little boys clothes hanging in it when you arrive ;)

Middle section of closet:

Right side view.

Alright, that's all I'm showing you...the completely finished product will have to be a surprise for when you FINALLY get here!


  1. I love what you did to the bed! The green looks amazing! Maybe you should come paint some furniture at my house for Maddy's room! :)


  2. Phew! I was so keyed up waiting to see it all put together! Sorry Pastor is sick! Don is home sick too.

  3. Nice work, reminds me of our days decorating are dorm room! I just hired someone to paint for the first time in my life...feels real weird but will be nice to come home and have it done!! yahoo!

  4. love the green head board and the bedding. She will feel at home:) I'm sure she already feels welcomed

  5. you really are a nester! great it!

  6. Looks great! You live in the parsonage, right? I think it's great they let you do as you please!!!!

  7. Love, love, love it!!! You are so ambitious... could you please pass that on to me :) Sorry your hubby is sick... Trent's doing his route today so I at least got to spend his lunch break with him. Talk to you soon hope no one else gets sick.

  8. The room looks perfect - love the green, love the carpet, love the pillow cases!

    Where has Jake been moved to? Please tell me you don't have 3 boys in one room?! :-)

  9. Oooh, I love what you are doing with it!

  10. Dog just barfed on my carpet this morning and your new carpet has me dreaming!!!!
    Love the green.

  11. Very nice! Any girl would love this!!!

  12. Great job! I love the green bed with the coordinating bedding!

  13. Looks great! I'm loving the green!

  14. Love the bed!


  15. Cool room!!She'll love it and your family! How could she not???

    When I was pregnant I was straddling my staircase and painting the ceiling at 9 months pregnant!! I had her the next day! I am so not a nester!!

    On another note! Congrats on Beth's contest! Fun name! Now you can spend more time on itunes!!

  16. Great work Sarah!! You must be having SO much fun!!

    I love the green!

  17. I'm IN LOVE with that green bed!!!

    She's going to love it!


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