Monday, March 9, 2009

What's Got Me So Cranky...

I'm a bit crabby today. 

Shocking, I know.  *cough*

I'll spare you my whiny list of why, because it really boils down to one thing.  

And that one thing was written superbly by my bloggy friend Kelly, who happens to be living just one state north of me.  Which happens to be the only other state I've ever lived in.  Minnesota.

Minnesota is a lot like Iowa...except it has traffic, lakes, and shopping. Insightful, aren't I.

I read her post today, and *sighed* with relief.  

If you live somewhere cold...go on...go read it.  You'll feel better.

If you're smart enough to live somewhere warm...I will try not to stick my tongue out at you in jealousy ;)  I said try...I can't promise.

Thanks Kelly...I needed that today!


  1. Yeah...I live in the South...BUT...I grew up in the North and man, I use to feel so depressed in March. I thought it was the worst month that time everyone is so over the gray and the I get you. And when my husband told me that there is a chance that we'll be moving to a Midwestern I hands and feet went numb just anticipating the winters...I loved Kelly's post.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, it's minus 40 here with the windchill. You're welcome.

    And thank you for that link - just beautiful!

  3. Yeah, I was in awe of her post too. And it's 80 here!

    But winter's coming back and we won't be out of the 40's by Thursday.

  4. please don't hate me because I am warm!!! JK! I did my time in the north, 13 years, and am now enjoying my southern winters!!!

  5. Don't hate me because I am warm! It is 87 degrees at 5:32pm. Thank you! Thank you! Love ya.

  6. I loved that post too. Since I'm just miles away from the fabulous Kelly, staring out at the same dreary cloudy day, it really hit home. She's such a gifted writer/thinker.

    I hope the sun brings you cheer soonly!

  7. Well, Sarah, I'll tell you this: Another cure for a blah-gray day is to have you link to one of my posts.

    Thank you. And anytime you want to come up to the shopping, you let me know. Caribou's on me.

  8. I left a comment on Kelly's blog that said I felt a little bad for my post from earlier today...stop by and see what I mean. I'm just so glad God does keep his promises~you will receive the spring promise soon...hang in there!

  9. I told my husband that I could probably benefit from happy drugs. It was grey and bleak and depressing today - AGAIN! I really want summer.

    Going to read that post...


  10. Thanks for sending your transplanted arkie friend over! In return, I won't tell you it was 80 here today...and tomorrow...:)

  11. Aw, I'm sorry! I grew up in IN so I totally know how you feel. And I won't even tell you how warm it was today in the SW. :)

  12. It's warm here, but I'm having a hard time feeling pleased when I have to wear shorts before Easter...I mean, why can't I have a real winter with SNOW?? (I love snow but rarely see it...and never have enough to make a snowman.)


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