Thursday, April 30, 2009


This has been one of my favorite weeks of vacation that Ben has had in a long time.  We haven't gone anywhere spectacular (except Sonic of course)  but it has been the perfect combination of just hanging out together and having fun while accomplishing nothing off my notorious to-do list.


Here's the run-down of yesterday.  You thought you were off the hook, but of course you're not.  

  • Billie and I ran 5 miles in the MORNING!  Did I mention it was at 5:30 in the morning?!?  Because generally, we're a little sluggish in the morning, but we're following a schedule now, and somehow, that piece of paper has magical powers over us that make us feel the need to obey it.  
  • Then at about 9:30 AM I went for a four mile walk with another friend...and right now (today) I'm waiting for Billie to arrive for our 2 mile easy run.  Man, that sounds over-acheiverish.  I'll be whining the whole time about my sore legs, so I think that negates it.  
  • All my favorite running clothes are wet because I left them in the washer over night.  I'm wearing all cotton...I hate running in cotton.  Boo.  What a terrible awful life I have ;)
  • I'm starting over at season one of Gilmore Girls.  I think it is my favorite show of all time.
  • I've gotta actually "do" something around the house today.  At least for awhile...
  • There's a video of Julie on her blog today that just MADE my morning.  Three months from tomorrow she will officially join us here in tiny-town.  We're so excited to have her.  Heck, anyone who's spoken to me in the past 6 months is excited to meet her!
  • Can't wait for's one of my favorite months.  But it seems I blink, and then it's gone.  
Tomorrow I'll try to talk about something that does not involve food or running.  I'll make an effort anyways.


  1. You know you never did that post about running that you promised last week... so you could do a running post - if you wanted to! ;)

  2. Heather: I totally forgot about it! Imagine that ;) I'll have to go find that post because now I can't even remember where I was headed with it.

  3. Glad you're enjoying your week.


  4. you crack me up, sarah.

    i'm just in the middle of the 1st season of gilmore girls. lovin' it.

  5. I am so impressed with your running. I ran for 15 minutes the other day and was SO sore the next day. Kudos to you!!

  6. Seriously, I am up to walking two miles and I thought I was doing something!

  7. Happy Thursday!! :) There is JOY written all over this post!!

  8. You don't wear cotton? What do you wear? (Newbie needing info here.) :)

  9. That was so fun to watch! And way to go on your run!

  10. I just can't seem to get past mile 3 no matter what I do ... well, actually 3.1 (gotta add that - every step counts). Not sure why. So, I'm hating you right now because your running skillz outweigh mine.

    And, 5:30 a.m. ain't happenin'.


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