Friday, May 1, 2009

The One That Takes Too Long

I stole this from Amy Beth.  

When blogging, if I have to stare at the screen for more than 2 minutes before something comes to me, then I give up.  I'm not even exaggerating.  

Here's me, giving up: :)

1. First thing you wash in the shower?


2. What color is your favorite hoodie?

A Navy one from J Crew that I adore. 

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

Everyday until I die...which I'm dieing before him, I've already called "dibbs" on it.

4. Do you plan outfits?

Only for special occasions.  

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?


6. What’s the closest thing to you that’s red?

Photo Albums

7. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

As if I could remember...

8. Did you meet anybody new today?

No, haven't even left the house yet.

9. What are you craving right now?

The left over burrito in the fridge...and some Sonic pop.

10. Do you floss?

Pffff.  Even after the terrible video the dentist forced me to watch on gum  Except for a few days before my check up...I'm sure they're completely fooled by me.  *cough*

11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

Patch.  Lillith Willa, she was my first cabbage patch doll. 

12. Are you emotional?

Yes, but I hold it in a lot.

13. Have you ever counted to 1,000?

I think so.

14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?


15. Do you like your hair?

I'm fickle.

16. Do you like yourself?

I do.  I might like myself too much.  

17. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?

Yes...I think he's adorable.  Anyone who can make up words and phrases is automatically on my best friend list.  

18. What are you listening to right now?

Three year old boys arguing about going to play outside.

19. Are your parents strict?

They were, sometimes. Depended on the issue.

20. Would you go sky diving?


21. Do you like cottage cheese?

I'll eat it occasionally.

22. Have you ever met a celebrity?

I live in Iowa...not likely.

23. Do you rent movies often?


24. Is there anything sparkly in the room you’re in?

Only my personality.  *gag*

25. How many countries have you visited?

Mexico and Jamaica.  

26. Have you made a prank phone call?

In 5th and 6th grade it entertained us all the time.  In the dark ages, before caller id.

27. Ever been on a train?

Nope.  Which is sad, don't ya think?

28. Brown or white eggs?

Either, I have no idea what the difference is.  

29. Do you have a cell phone?

Yes, I love it.  

30. Do you use Chap Stick?

and carmex and lip 'em.

31. Do you own a gun?

I'm still debating whether I can handle carrying pepper spray.

32. Can you use chop sticks?

Rebecca from Taiwan tried to teach me.  I don't have time for such things...give me a shovel.

33. Who are you going to be with tonight?

Ben and I are going to a date and the boys are going to G&G's house.

34. Are you too forgiving?

No.  I tend to be too unforgiving most of the time.  Thus the need for God's constant reminder of His endless patience with myself.

35. Ever been in love?

With Ben...since I was 15 years old.  

36. What is your best friend(s) doing tomorrow?

One of them is going to be running 6 miles with me.

37. Ever have cream puffs?

Of course.

38. Last time you cried?

Good Friday when I attempted to watch The Passion.

39. What was the last question you asked?

"Can I go outside?"

40. Favorite time of year?

Summer and fall.

41. Do you have any tattoos?

No, never even contemplated it.  

42. Are you sarcastic?

Only to people I know well...then I can't seem to turn it off.

43. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?

I don't even know what that is.

44. Ever walked into a wall?


45. Favorite color?


46. Have you ever slapped someone?

Across the face: no.  On the butt: yes

47. Is your hair curly?


48. What was the last CD you bought?

I'm an ipod girl now.

49. Do looks matter?

They do.  Which is hard to swallow.  Anyone who says differently is lieing.

50. Could you ever forgive a cheater?

I see people forgive them all the time.  I'm continually in awe of their ability to do it, because deep down I don't know that I could.  But God's grace allows me to do things I never thought I could...praying I never have to find out.

51. Is your phone bill sky high?

Higher than I think it should be.

52. Do you like your life right now?

I do.

53. Do you sleep with the TV on?


54. Can you handle the truth?

About other people: yes.  About myself:  harder to swallow.

55. Do you have good vision?

I wear contacts.

56. Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people?

I don’t hate them, but I do dislike more than three people.

57. How often do you talk on the phone?

Sometimes, it feels like its all I do.

58. The last person you held hands with?

Jakob as we walked across the parking lot.

59. What are you wearing?

a green shirt, ripped jeans and gladiator sandles.

60. What is your favorite animal?

A weiner dog named Odie.

61. Where was your default picture taken at?

My house.

62. Can you hula hoop?


63. Do you have a job?

According to Oprah its the hardest one in the world.  I disagree with her though...has she not met Jack Bauer?!?  

64. What was the most recent thing you bought?

Ground coffee at Starbucks.

65. Have you ever crawled through a window?

Yep.  My best friend and I used to crawl out of my bedroom window and sit on the roof of the garage...until my mom found us.  

This took FOREVER.  Shoulda stuck with my trusty bullet points...

Happy Friday!!


  1. I can I just say I laughed out loud at #24!! Only because I did the same survey on Facebook a couple days ago and I put the same thing!!!

  2. I LOVE 17, 33, and 35!
    And I agree that you have a sparkly and fun personality which is how I made it through reading all of those :)

  3. by the way, if you visit my blog today you'll probably agree that my 3 year old and yours would have a lot of fun- and do a lot of damage- together!

  4. This was a fun read. I can't do chopsticks either. Enjoy your date night tonight!

  5. 1. I love that we're so similar.

    2. I'm really jealous of Julie b/c she gets to come live with you.

  6. I saw this on AB's and also considered doing it. I might have to save it for a "filler" day.

    Have fun with Ben tonight! :)

  7. It may have taken a long time but it was worth it!

  8. This was so fun to read! I love what you said about George W. I adore him too, for exactly the same reason. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Fun to read and fun to learn more about you! I don't much like doing these things, but I like reading others'.

  10. this was very fun and my favorite was:

    22. Have you ever met a celebrity?

    I live in Iowa...not likely.


  11. I saw the name of your blog somewhere and it was so captivating I just had to come over and say hi! What a pretty blog. I love anyone that says Pfft to flossing. How fun are you! And how fun are your kids? So super duper cute! Hope you are having a very great night in the parsonage!

  12. I like to say that I don't hate people...but I strongly dislike a lot. ;)

  13. that was a cool meme - good to get to know you more

  14. Even though I don't know you, you are my new favorite person because you call it by the right name.....Pop!!!

    People in Texas are wrong, all wrong!


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