Friday, April 24, 2009

To My Pretend Daughter

It is very warm and sunshiny in my neck of the woods...I can't even bear to be at the computer. 

Yard work is calling my name.  Jake and I hit WalMart this morning for all the supplies needed.  (Thank you Marlas for hauling the 10 bags of mulch home in her truck ;)

We also made a stop for a 44 ounce Diet Coke and some donuts...because it makes perfect logical sense to have a diet pop with doughnuts.  (I've been up since 5 AM thus the off combination) 

Anyways, before I blabber on too long and lose you, I wanted to say a big HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julie!!!  She'll be seventeen tomorrow!  

Seventeen.  I remember seventeen.  Mine was filled with lots of drama about a boyfriend who went away to college and I was certain he'd find someone else.  Turns out he didn't find someone else.  Turns out I married him...and so began Life in the Parsonage ;)  

If you don't know who Julie is, then this is obviously your first time here.  I need to come up with a "term" for her.  Exchange student sounds to impersonal.  Pretend daughter makes it sound like I'm making her up.  Host daughter makes me think of going out to in hostess.  Maybe I'll just call  her my Norwegian daughter.  Or just daughter.  And then, people can say,  WOW you look so young to have a daughter that age, and I can say I know, right!?!?  

Either way, I adore her.  And the fact that I completely procrastinated mailing her birthday present so that she in fact will not even receive it until next Wednesday has no reflection on the value I place on her.  It reflects my really bad habit of putting things off until the very last minute while doing other things that do not really need to be done.  For example, her room is all ready for her to AUGUST, yet I can't mail her birthday present out on time?!?!  Nice Sarah....niiiiice.

Julie, hope your day tomorrow is fantastic!!  You are completely loved by our family here in tiny-town USA...hurry up and get here already ;)

If you'd like to wish her a Happy Birthday (and you know you do) click HERE.  

YAY for Friday!  


  1. Happy Happy Birthday a day early Julie!!!!!! Today is beautiful. Already been transplanting with the daycare kiddos in tow. Gotta love dirt under the fingernails!

  2. By the way... totally jealous of your pop and donuts!!!!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday, Julie!!!!

    AND - I am with Jenni....Totally Jealous of Your Pop and Donuts!

  4. Hello! I found your blog through H-Mama's.

    I am a PW, too, and am glad when I find others in the blog world!


  5. I remember once when my hubby and I went to Krispy Kream and got a really sweet filled donut and a bottle of chocolate milk to drink. I thought I was going to pass out in a diabetic coma right then and there. So you were using some great wisdom in drinking your Diet Coke with your donuts- no sugar, right?? :)

    Happy Birthday, Julie!

  6. Happy Birthday, Julie!! (I read through your blog, tried to comment, couldn't get it, I will keep trying!)

  7. I'm so sorry to be doing this on your blog, Sarah, but I can't figure out how to post a comment on Julie's blog. I have wordpress, typed in my url and the word varification, but then it says this in red:

    Nettadresse inneholder ugyldige tegn

    I don't know what it means! I'm not sure if I'm actually posting and it says "Your comment will be posted with author approval" or if I did something wrong.

    Any ideas? Or maybe if you are reading Julie, you can help? I'm sorry!

  8. Happy birthday to Julie! YAY!

    Good call on the donuts. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I didn't have any donuts this morning because the partial, unfinished, de-frostinged ones of the kids' that I finished off totally don't count.

  9. Happy Birthday to Julie!

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the whole diet coke and donut thing...sounds like a good choice to me.

  10. there might be a problem with calling her your Norweigan daughter...lets say you are having a bad hair day, but you are cool with it cause you don't have to go anywhere.... so you dont even wear makeup that do cause ...well, why.... BUT then said daughter says she needs nail polish for her toes TODAY so she can wear her new open toe black patten heals tomorrow and only target has the kind she wants so you go... cause ya know, starbucks and target... and all and you tell the check out girl that she is your norwegian daughter and she says wow, yall don't look at all alike...and then nothing. will you be hurt? will you wonder if you really do look old enough? JK! tell people you found her at the mall and now pay her to be your daughter cause you had three boys and were just to tired to keep going for a girl.

  11. I snorted out loud at the "host daughter" comment!
    I'll be pondering what cute name to give her and let you know if I come up with anything... No promises, you know how my brain has been lately!

  12. Oh that paragraph about procrastinating and yet doing other things that SIMPLY. CANNOT. WAIT. even though they are less important... um, {raises hand sheepishly}... mmhm, me too.

    You are not alone dear girl.

    OH, and I would also be in favor of donuts and a diet drink, in case anybody asks.

    See, God does spread out the quirks amongst his people. Some of us are lucky enough to share with the others. ;)

  13. Happy Birthday Julie...and I would say that she deserves the term "Honorary Daughter" !!!! Hope you have some fun things planned!

  14. How about calling her My Julie? No explanation needed. And those who know and love you know who she is anyway! Now, on to important stuff. My oldest is 17. MY obygyn told me when I was pregnant that anything you eat with a diet coke (you know I am from the south and everything carbonated is a coke), is calorie free. The diet cancels out the calories. He drank a coke float everyday made with Tab. I know he was kidding but I told him I would always tell everybody what my doctor said! He also said if you eat over the sink, the calories go down the drain. I think the man is a genius.

  15. aww.
    thank you so much :)
    I most definivitly will have a great time today.

    Love ya'll Julie

  16. It's okay, I'm a major procrastinator, too. =) Happy birthday, Julie!


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