Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Because I'm Like 15...

Yesterday I "lunched" with friends. Makes me sound fancy, doesn't it? It involved 4 friends, a 2 and 3 year old and Mexican food....faaaaaancy ;)
Anyways, I returned home and did my usual routine of immediately going to the computer to
  1. Check to see if there's any new emails from Julie...they're my favorite.

  2. Check to see if there's any new comments on my current post

  3. Facebook

  4. New posts by bloggy friends

I'm a creature of habit, what can I say...

Before I could get to step 1 though, I saw a little orange note (referring to this post) stuck to my desk next to the computer (because I'm old school and I prefer a desk AND a big ginormous personal computer...the laptop annoys me...for now)

Pretty sweet, I know. And, I can totally read between the lines...he's gonna steal this for sermon fodder...because we all know, when you're married to a pastor (or a blogger) some stuff is just fair game. ;)
Oh, and since I'm like, what, 15 inside? I have a song about yesterday's post :) Oh yes I do. You can thank me later. *cough*


  1. I've actually never heard any of her music. Great song! I feel you on the "sermon fodder". Pastor's kids are easier to use, you don't have to make up afterward :-)

  2. did he tell you he came to see me yesterday!??! ha ha... okay, he was at the lib before me but I am sure he was there to see me! haha! did he tell you what I am doing Memorial weekend?
    I told him that I asked Aaron how he got SUCH a sweet tempered little boy when he (aaron) is so onry!?!? aaron said, "yeah, we got a "ben""! I laughed and said Sarah should feel rooked! ha ha!
    really that little boy has a ben temperment!!!

  3. This is exactly the kind of thing my husband does. Makes you kina wanta keep 'em, doesn't it?

  4. I love getting hand written notes from my husband too. it's a lost art!
    Love the song, wish Carrie Underwood would have sung it though.

  5. One of my BFFs LOVES this song. She sounds so grown up with it.

  6. I have been singing that song ALL DAY. My hubby bought my daughter the soundtrack and *gasp* I catch myself listening to it even when she isn't around. I have been composing a blog post in my mind for days based on this song. I'm glad I'm not alone!!!

  7. loved not only the note and its content, but the fact that it was hand-written. :)

    the climb... that was my favorite part of her movie.

    these 'word verification' characters crack me up... today's is: "vismully"

  8. Great post and love the song. If you get a chance, check my blog cause I got my hubby back for the sermon fodder! lol

  9. too sweet! and i feel the pain, going through a battle of wills (mine and my bodies) right now:)

  10. I JUST heard this song for the first time 10 minutes ago on my ride home from work. Crazy.

    Such a sweet hubby you have.

  11. Oh, that is the sweetest thing. There is nothing like a hand written note from a husband.

    I heard that song on the radio the other day and wondered who sang it. Your blog is very educational.

  12. Sweet note. I have a feeling his sermon this weekend will be titled "Running."

  13. I have to admit that I love this song! Such true words.

  14. I love it! I love the note and the song. I guess I'm fifteen too :)

  15. I love notes from my hubby!
    That was the first time I've heard that song. Loved it!! My daughter has a few of her CD's and we all listen to them!

  16. what a sweet note!

    and great song. only heard it once or twice - great message!

  17. I am new to your sister told me about it today:) I actually just started one of my own (ahh...scary)
    But I have to tell you...the running thing...last September God told me to start running! I avoided it until he reminded me again through a dear friend. So I started...with a friend and fellow believer who had already run 2 half-marys... I had not run at all!! In December I completed a 10K
    (6.2 miles) and in March I completed my first half...keep going...through the pain...through the frustration...through the " I can't"... I am still listening for the Lord to tell me why He wanted me to do this...He gives me little pieces every so often...your blogs on running were some of those peices. Thanks:) I am recovering from surgery (hyster) so I have 2 more weeks until I can run again and much to my suprise I miss it. Signing up for another half this fall...

  18. Sweet note from the Hubby! :) It's always a blessing to be encouraged that way, eh? And you're probably right...sermon material, here we come! :)

    My word verification code is "Ridlini" It makes me feel like someone is sending a hidden message to I need to be on Riddlin like it's the magic Houdini-like cure for all my ailments. Probably so, since I just read WAY to much into that.


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