Friday, May 15, 2009


It's Friday, which means I survived the busy week.  In honor of that, let's get random with some bullet points.

  • I read several different blog posts this week (and if I could remember where they were I'd link to them) with the theme "It's not about me" and they hit home...hard.
  • I watched American Idol this week.  I didn't even know who Kris Allen was...until his 2nd song called Heartless that he did with acoustic guitar, AMAZING!  I downloaded it from itunes...but it's the studio version and not as good as the live one...c'mon AI get your act together and get the live version on there!  
  • Ran 5 miles last night and felt pretty good.  Saturday morning is seven.  I'm kinda looking forward to it, who woulda thought?!?!  
  • Eight years ago today I was about 24 hours out from giving birth for the first time.  I'm thankful that I didn't know ahead of time what that birth story was gonna look like :)   I stopped today though and thought...if I could give birth naturally to my first born who was  almost 10 pounds I can MOST CERTAINLY run 13.1 miles...good grief! ;)
  • My sister-in-law Megan's due date is TODAY!  No baby yet though...Noah's praying it comes tomorrow on his birthday...and that it's a boy, but he doesn't want it to be bigger than him, because everythings a competition to a boy.  I assured him aunt Megan doesn't want it bigger than him either.  Can't wait to get that call!
  • Working on the last chapter of the Beth Moore study Living Beyond's on self-control.  I've been waiting for this one.  Anticipating and dreading all at the same time.  Need me some of that self-control.
  • I've eaten an ungodly amount of sugar this week.  I'd list it out for you, but you'd likely gag and gain 5 pounds simultaneously...just from reading it.  It's that bad.  I've also been in a pretty wretchedly crabby mood most of the week...I think the two may be related.  Time to cut back on the stuff...I'll replace it with more caffeine ;)  Kidding...a little.
  • Go here to see Julie in her cute native Norwegian outfit that they wear on their national day.  Eleven weeks and she'll be here!  77 days...or something like that.  I hope she's ready for life in the parsonage ;)
  • Happy Weekend Folks!  (because we say that sorta thing 'round here :)


  1. I love your bullet posts! I tend to do those too!

    I just want to wish you and yours a very happy and safe weekend!

  2. you're funny today. *smile*
    love you.
    I have an express package coming today! will it be ups or fedex?!?!? I don't know but I can't wait!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Due date to Megan!! I've got dibs on 'It's a girl', on Monday. Mostly because that works best with my schedule, but we'll work with whatever :)

    And Kris Allen was amazing. I could not agree more.....

  4. Well, if you've had all that sugar this week, you probably aren't interested in the weekly free chocolate I just posted about on my blog! Oh well.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, great to "meet you", love your blog and it has such a "happy" design :)

    I gather from your post you are training for a half marathon! Good for you! :) Enjoy your 7 miler tomorrow.

    Oh thanks so much for the podcast recommendations, definitely going to check that out, I am always looking for new stuff.

  6. You can tell Noah that we appreciate his prayers - I hope it comes tomorrow too! :) And he can outweigh this one, I'd be fine with that!

    By the way, I accidentally cut Ethan's hair too short recently. (I didn't look at what attachment was already on the cutters so he got a 1 all the way around). Anyways, he looks SO much like Ben! I've even been calling him Ben on occasion to which he responds by calling me Sarah. :)

  7. Sarah, just stumbled across your blog today. Very encouraging. I'm a pastor's wife with four children. We've been in the ministry for about 12 years now. It is such a blessing to find someone else living in the fish bowl too and loving it! Hope you have a great weekend. Feel free to check out my blog

    I hope I found a new friend.
    God bless.

  8. I must have totally missed the fact that you started watching AI this year.

    Did you eat 5 lbs of tortilla chips and queso for lunch? OK, then you little bit of sugar is alright. Heck, you're running like Forrest Gump anyway.

  9. Sarah,I enjoyed your post.Please continue to pray for me.I go back to the doctor next week!Have a great weekend! Blessings, Faye

  10. We ar anxiously anticipating a cousin too!

  11. 10 pounds, oh my! Makes me hurt just thinking about it. You're right, running 13.1 miles is nothin' compared to that :)

  12. THE "IT'S NOT ABOUT ME" post was mine Chica!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Heee heee!!

    I'm so glad your weekend is HERE!!

    take a break:-)

  13. i haven't watched much of american idol.. but we are hanging out w friends this weekend who love kris.. they say he's a really good guy as well as amazing.
    happy birthday noah!!

  14. That thing you said about giving birth compared to everything else is so true. I tell myself, "You did that three times. THREE times. What else is there?" :)

  15. I love how you talked about self-control and then sugar next. :)

    I couldn't get my nearly ten pounder out, emergency c-section and all that. Then I considered a vbac with Asher, but I'm glad I opted for another c-section since he was 10 pounds 10 ounces. YOW. :)

    I hope the seven miles went well!

  16. Here's to a GREAT weekend ... hope it was filled with goodness, peace and LOVE!

    Have a BLESSED week Sarah!


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