Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Done.

It seems to be the phrase I hear myself repeating lately.  I find myself throwing my arms in the air and saying...I'm Done.

As in...
  • about 6:00 every night...I'm done.
  • a bossy almost four year old...I'm done.
  • a six year old that is using words he shouldn't...I'm done.
  • little boys that do not listen when I speak...I'm done.
  • the routine of school, bedtime, homework...I'm done.
  • rain and cloudiness...I'm done.
  • a house and vehicle that no matter how hard I try, just do not stay clean...I'm done.
  • brothers whining and fighting...I'm done.
I don't actually get to be done.  

I don't even want to be done.  

But I do reach that point...daily...where circumstances push me to the limit of my patience.  Sometimes I just need to step back, put myself in time-out and be done for a few moments.  

My ipod has helped in the I'm Done department.  I can stick that baby on and listen to something positive (instead of my own self pity;)...and it works.  God works through it.

Here's what I love lately:

  • Podcasts by Matt Chandler, Pastor of The Village Church.  It's free to subscribe to at itunes.  They make me laugh, cry, and have brought me to my knees in repentance.  Good stuff.
  • Latest favorite song...which I didn't really like at first, and now love.  Go figure.   

It's amazing what a little change in perspective does.  

I think it's OK to have those I'm Done moments.    I don't know any mom who has not had those moments...daily.  We're human...whether we admit it or not.  I love those little boys of mine...but it doesn't mean they don't push me to the edge sometimes.  Mommahood is constant.  Whether you work full time or stay at home, you're always a momma.  You're always thinking about them, loving them, disciplining them, providing for them.  You can't shut it off.  

I can't think of anything harder...or better than it.  And I'm praying God's amazing hand of patience and gentleness over this momma as I prepare for a summer full- O- fun.  Because I'm gonna need it.  *wink*


  1. I'm with you. On all of it.

    I never thought of keeping my iPod close by for when I need to take a time out. :) Good idea - and I'll check out those podcasts.

    Good post.

  2. Wow! I was just repeating all of this to hubs last night. I was done. Good post, thanks for the encouragement.

  3. I so agree with you..."it is amazing what a little change in perspective does"

    Great post, Sarah!

  4. I've been getting those "I'm done" moments too often myself. I was at that point this morning at 3:36 am when the dog woke me up to go outside and then would not come back inside.

    I spent a lot of sleepless time last night praying for God to change my heart. I think I need an Ipod.

  5. Sarah,I enjoyed your blog and your new song!Enjoy them.Mine are all grown up with children of thier own!I remember days like thoes long ago! Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

  6. Wow can I relate. So, so much! :)

    Some times the days are sooo long and I don't understand why no gets that I am "done". :) How wonderful that God gives us just what we need when we need it...

  7. Wow. Needed to read this. This has been a whole week of "I'm done" for me. Thanks for the encouragement!

  8. I am so done with fighting kids. So done, and over it.

    Thanks for reminding us that we all have those moments....daily.:)

  9. It's like you cracked open my brain and saw what was inside. There are several times a day I just want to collapse and say, "I'm done," and then realize I CAN'T and (ironically, like you said) don't want to. :)

  10. I hear ya! And it's nice to know we aren't alone in this difficult and yet joyous journey of mammahood!

  11. Thanks for the podcast suggestion!!

  12. May I suggest being careful about praying for patience. Remember the verse that says something like "The trying of your faith worketh patience." I'm just saying....I don't know about you, but I'm not too much wanting my faith tried.

    Have a great day!!!

  13. I have been having so many "I'm done" moments lately that I can't even keep track. You're so right's the constant of motherhood that can wear on us. I need a big dose of patience myself, girl.

  14. Right there with ya.

    God is using Matt Chandler to speak to me is profound ways. I can't get enough.

  15. I hear you. My oldest sometimes puts a pretend phone to her ear and calls in a truckload of patience for me. I have to check myself daily...

  16. oh how i need to pray that prayer over myself! i was done at 9AM this morning. that is a bad day! my almost 5 yr old peed in the carseat on the way to her last day of preschool party. what!?! that hasn't happened in years!

    don't you love matt chandler? he is our pastor!!! they're having their 3rd baby tomorrow! his wife has a fun blog that you can find through mine...his blog is linked to her page as well!

    great post, sarah!

  17. man, love, LOVE this post!!!

    i have put myself in timeout TWICE this week because "i'm done" with everything you listed.

    i told chad just yesterday that i need to work on my patience level. its been real low lately. ha

  18. were you spying on me when you wrote this "i'm done" list... because you really struck a cord with me!

    praying for you!

  19. When I saw this title in my reader, I thought you were quitting your blog!

    Glad you aren't!!

  20. You and I must have the same vocabulary...when Hubs asks the kids what I say most often...they chirp back with "Im DONE" what? Did not think I said it that much...Duely noted...;)

  21. Yep, we all have the moments. Now that my kids are basically grown, I have more of these moments at work than at home.

  22. oh, yes, i hear you loud and clear! i'm done has been said around my house several times lately! taking deep breaths, knowing tomorrow is a new day and that time won't stand still always helps!

  23. I so have this "done" moments!!! I think I need an ipod!! I can tell Al I "need" it to be good to everyone at home! That should work!! ha, ha!! I usually put them to bed when I'm done and then we all wake up feeling better!!

    Summer here we come!

  24. so happy to see that i am not the only one DONE!!!!! God has given us these moments (and your great wit) to share and encourage each other, build in one another up in love...thank you!

  25. I totally have been screaming this in my head all day today and then I read it in your blog! Thanks for the encouragement and that I am not alone. =)


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