Friday, May 29, 2009

Let's Discuss...

Let's pretend I have some deep thoughts.  *cough*

In no particular order:
  • When did the word "piss"  become not a bad word!?!  I missed the memo on that one.  Everyone is saying it lately...and it makes me cringe a little.  In my head...still a bad word.  I've even tried  being cool about it...after all, I know language changes over time.  I'm guilty of using the word "crap" which I'm pretty sure used to be less than kosher to say. Still, I'm gonna admit, I can't get used to it.  In this house:  Still a bad word. 
  • Last day of school.  Hip Hip Hooray!  
  • Have to go to Wal
  • My friend Sarah introduced me to the songs below.  I can't even tell you how much I love them!  Peppy little tunes, I tell you.
  • I love Fridays.  
  • I haven't had coffee yet...need to go make some...please excuse me...
Happy Weekend!

Love these.  


  1. Good ol' Superchick. Definitely makes you smile.

    I love Fridays too. And I also hate going to Walmart. Twins?

  2. LOVE running to this album! It's one of my favourite christian albums to run to. Oh and "Breathe" and "Crawl" are great to cool down to after a run.

    Just wanted also to let you know I have subscribed to the village podcast on your recommendation, so I am looking forward to listening to some of the sermons on my run. Thanks :)

  3. OH, it's still a "bad word".....the issue is that people don't seem to care anymore.....that is the sad part.

  4. DEFINITELY agree it's still a bad word. One of the ones I particularly hate!

  5. I agree, don't pretend it's a good one...if you're going to say might as well say s*&t because they're pretty close to the same! Just puttin that out there! Happy Weekend!

  6. I think they are bad words!But what do I know.Hope you have a great weekend sarah! Blessings, Faye

  7. Still a bad word. Makes me cringe when I hear it. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  8. I'm b...a...c...k!!!

    sooo much to blog about!

  9. Superchick, love em! That whole cd is pretty great. I appreciate your randomness more than you know!

  10. Ahh, the "p" word. I don't say it, either, but all my Christian friends do, and my college daughter used it casually the other day. I played it cool because she's an adult, but we never would've allowed her to say that when she was little.

  11. Yep, the p word is still out with me. And growing up... crud wasn't allowed so we didn't even think about using crap. All still out with me. No butt--only bottom or rear end was acceptable. And bull was out of the question, as everyone knew what was to follow. My aunts used to call bulls Mr. Cows. Yep...language has changed a lot. And it is ok not to like it!

  12. Our funny "P" word story is about Don's grandma. Once when he was very young and they were headed on a road trip, she said, "Wait! I have to take a ....." I think Don's mom almost died of a heart attack on the spot!

    It pops into my converstion in the form of being ticked off...

    It's in the Bible, but so are alot of other words.

    Glad you like the tunes! I should have given you the CD today so you could listen to the Guitar hero song...

    How was the movie?

  13. I say it, I don't spray it. Is that a bad thing?
    I'm totally kidding. I don't like it either, won't let the kids say it, but that Papa! I tell you what, that is like his FAVORITE word. Nick will come home from a day at Nana and Papa's and say to me; "Papa's pissed."
    "He's what?"
    "Hey Nick, mommy doesn't like that word, can you not say it. Papa's angry or mad or frustrated ok?"
    "Ok mommy."
    Then he goes back and corrects Papa telling him to use angee or mad or fusste-ated and Papa will look him in the eye and say "No Papa is pissed."
    Yeah, ok whatever, can't control the Papa.

  14. I hate that word. I cringe too. I have a thing with certain words. Like the word *sucks* (just cringed again) That one probably gets me more. It just sounds so uneducated. (haha, I should know, I am from Arkansas)

    I haven't listened to Superchick in years! I have their cd's from way back when I was in high school. We were obsessed, in a girl power, kick tail, kind of way. haha.

  15. Love me some Superchick! Makes me want to join in the mosh pit like some teenager, but, of course, I wouldn't due to the horrifying embarrassment my daughter would suffer.

    You do know the "p" word is in the Bible, right? Any word in the Bible is fair game, I think. Yeah, I definitely think that's the rule. So, "p", "d", and "a" word are all acceptable.

    (If you want to look it up, it's something about "he pisseth on the wall," so maybe the right way to say the "p" word is with the "th.")

  16. That word is definitely not ok in my book. I tend to be a bit on the goody-goody side, but's just gross even if it's not meant as a cuss word.

    I just came across your blog, and I really like it!

    Hope Wal-Mart wasn't too terrible!

  17. Please explain why "piss" is a bad word? I don't see anything wrong with the word.

  18. I even cringed when I read it on your blog. :) It's so funny how things that were ingrained into you while growing up stay with you for life... :) There are so many words I couldn't even say if I wanted to. Not like I would want to - but you know.

  19. My mom and I used to watch different TV shows and we noticed a correlation in each season -- it's like the producers would choose one word to say over and over again, like they were trying to ingrain it in our brains...which they were, I am sure.

  20. i hate that word! along with the word sexy...when it comes to a child's tv show!! i was watching with the girls yesterday and about fell out in the floor!


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