Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Punishing...

Ben took the personality test from yesterday and it confirmed what we already knew to be true.
He's the exact opposite of me.

I was surprised at how closely it wrapped me an oversimplified way.

It says that my "enthusiastic encouragement" is "charming." I'm assuming that by "charming" they also mean "annoying." If that's the case: Right on.

There's one sentence though that totally nailed me.

Although you strive for harmony, when your values or ethics are violated, you can be very emotional, confrontational, and even punishing.

I'd like to lie here, but the truth is, that is EXACTLY me.

It's been rearing it's ugly head quite often lately.

Case #1: A week or so ago Billie and I were running on the trail, seven miler. We do our best to stay on our side of the trail so that bikers and other runners have room to pass us. We also have our ipods on so high that we would likely not even hear a nuclear explosion (that will likely come from North Korea.) Anyways, a middle aged man who was obviously not a hard-core bicyclist because A - he was not wearing a helmet or spandex and B - he had knee high dress socks on with loafers...apparently had to go a little too far around us for his liking. After passing us he turned around and yelled what were probably obscenities. Billie and I looked at each other, and then at him with our most confused expressions. He proceeded to give us, what I like to call "the naughty finger" for another 15 seconds before riding out of sight.

I. Was. FURIOUS. How dare he treat two women like that?!? We didn't even do anything wrong! I kept wishing I had a taser or in the very least some pepper spray because I totally would have chased him down. Sadly, I am not even kidding. Billie, on the other hand, offered the opinion that he must really have some other problems going on in his life for him to react to us that way.

Hmmm...who's the pastor's wife again? Oh yeah...that'd be me. Sheesh.

Case #2 - I cannot turn on the news lately without my blood pressure rising. The government is making me CRAZY. What is happening to America? I'll spare you my rant, mostly because, like my personality synopsis said, I really do not enjoy confrontation. I especially hate bantering back and forth on blogs. It's completely not the point of why I blog.

I post, and then lovely people say kind things back to me...that's why I blog ;)

I also digress easily...back to my point...everyones personality is flawed. Some more than others. How 'bout you? If an incredibly rude man makes an obscene gesture to you do you want to tase him or pray for him? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm working on it....I'm working on it :)

I'll resist getting a tshirt that says "Be nice to me, or I will tase you" I'll also resist ordering this.


  1. You remember the whole "Fight or Flight" instict we discussed in school? Um, I don't really have the flight part down. When threatened--in any way (your bicyclist would count)--I tend to rise to the fight. I really don't love this about me. I would much rather remember that they are just having problems in their lives and forgive them and move on, as your running buddy did. But that response always comes later with me, not first.

    All that to say, I get you, babe. I am there.

  2. i think i would have laughed... too distracted by his loafers? really?

    seriously. i appreciate your honesty. :)

  3. I appreciate your honesty, too. My first reaction would probably be to tease him him first then pray for him! ...and I'm a missionary wife!

  4. Oh, I am right there with you. I would have been tempted to do some tasing myself! The nerve! Honestly, regardless of his issues, that was just rude.

    I heart you, by the way!

  5. That shirt name is HILARIOUS!

    Girl, here's a warning: do not come and drive here in New Orleans if you get that irritated by people being ugly for no reason whatsoever (and there is no judgment coming from me - if I had seen that guy flip me off I would have found a way to chase him down and chewed his head off!). Yesterday I got cut off as I was getting onto the interstate by a cop. A COP. Driving dangerously and then cutting me off and almost running me into the guardrail. I exploded. Then when my 3 year old reminded me it doesn't make Jesus happy when we yell, I had to apologize.

    It's a good thing they don't sell tasers to the public (do they???) because I'd so be in the market to buy one. And that's probably not a good thing! :)

  6. You know me, I would have totally given him the "naughty finger" right back! In my book it's like waving, you're almost rude if you don't wave that finger right back at em! Good thing I'm not your running partner...I'd be getting you in big trouble. hehe!

  7. The first step is to admit you have a problem. :-)

    So, you're JOGGING yet you could still run down a man on a BICYCLE? You go, girl!

  8. at least you wouldn't cry like I would cause my feelings were hurt cause he didn't like me.


  9. Well I was going to make a snide remark about said bicyclist, and then I realized that was exactly NOT the point of your I'll refrain. ;)

  10. Oh Sarah, we are so alike. That kind of stuff really gets me fired up. The only time I really ever lose my temper is when my values or ethics get violated, in which case I can be quite harsh! It's not a pretty side of me, that is for sure.

    I'd definitely tase the guy... then maybe pray for myself once my blood pressure lowered enough to make the Spirit's convictions more audible. It might never even occur to me to pray for him!

  11. I had a similar thing happen to me, but I was driving. I was rolling along, right at the speed limit, a guy wanted to turn onto the road but apparently I wasn't moving fast enough. He gave me the naughty finger too and very clearly mouthed a very bad word to me. He pulled onto the road behind me and sped up to pass me. I kept looking over at him because I was going to wave and smile (got that idea from Rob Bell), but as he passed me he would NOT look at me. Dang. Oh well.

  12. In situations where I don't know the offender (as with the "gentleman" on the trail), I tend to pretend like I don't see it then steam to myself the rest of the day.

    Really striving to be more like Billie in this area...

  13. And, see, I'm so hotheaded that I probably would have given him the finger back -- even though I completely HATE that gesture. =( Boo on me. If I have a few minutes to calm down, I can, but my split-second decision is to always act (bad) before I think.

    Oh, and I might have ranted and raved in my office about some of the news lately...But is it sad that I'm super excited that SOMUCH is going on...Carrie Prejean, Gov. Palin, Iran elections.....As much as I hate it, it is fascinating.

  14. Did you see that you could get the holster free with the purchase of the taser????? Great deal.

    I would cry too, like others have said, because he didn't like me. And then I would tell everyone I know about him and what he did.

    loafers? seriously? on his bike? too funny!

  15. LAUGHING so hard!! i took the test after reading your the same result and the line you just mentioned fits me to a t as well, SCARY!! there are times i think this quality a virtue, others a down-right embarrassment to myself, and my family, i'm sure :) thanks for sharing ;)

  16. Hi Sarah! Swing on by my blog this morning. YOU WON!!! :)

  17. i just love you & your honesty & how i am just like you... we are both christian pastor's wives. its great to know that there is another one like me out there! ha

  18. I took the test too. You and I scored the same. 3% of the population. :)
    My hubby is my opposite too.

  19. You crack me up!

    I recently find myself being pushed to limit lately. It's crazy drivers that are getting to me...the ones who 90 through a parking lot. Ya, I even walked out in front of one about two weeks ago and yelled at him. My husband thought I was going to get killed. It just drives me CRAZY! They are going to run over my kids one day. I've had it...not the right attitude I know. I need a vacation.

    On a different note. I just noticed that I have the same dress as you. You side bar family picture...the blue dress...I've got in brown. You do have good taste!


  20. Me? I wouldn't think to pray for him but I also don't think of tasing someone. BUT I get this weird combo of anger & tearfullness when unfairly wronged by someone. It's a strange thing in me I guess. I growl & cry, how stupid is that?

  21. Hi, you don't know me and my blog is in limbo because I'm obsessed with coming up with the "right" name for it, so you can't see who I am, but I read that sentence and thought "That's me!! I'm constantly praying to become one of those peaceful, sweet, non-overreactive christian ladies- and failing on a daily basis! The only reason nobody gets flipped off by me is that I know with my luck they would end up visiting my church the next Sunday. I do get jealous of my husband, who is a jail deputy and actually GETS to tase people! Of course, even he has to have a truly good reason!
    Also, did you know it's actually ILLEGAL in Germany to flip people off? Guess how I found out?!


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