Monday, June 15, 2009

Classic Me...

Forty seven days left till Julie comes.

The other day a good friend asked me what I was most nervous about as far as having Julie here. It caught me a little off guard, because I'm not really nervous...but the question somehow made me think maybe I should be nervous about something at least.

So I began to make a list of things to be nervous about...because if you're me, that's what you do.

I might be a little nervous that...
  • we will totally annoy her or she will be bored out of her mind at our house.
  • I won't complete the master list I started the day we found out she was coming.
And that my friends, wraps up my worries. Complex, aren't I.

Here is my To Do Before Julie Comes List:

  • Clean attic, take stuff to Goodwill/garage sale - check
  • New bathroom vanity and sink - check
  • re-do Jake's room (for Julie) Paint/carpet - check
  • Bedding for Julie - check
  • New towels - check
  • Caulk tub - check
  • wireless router
  • clean garage
  • Basement organized
  • Pantry organized
  • Paint living room - check
  • paint trim in bathroom
  • paint trim in hallway
  • paint trim in boys' room
  • move Jake's clothes to other closet - check
  • alarm clock for Julie - check
  • hang stuff on her bedroom wall
  • Paint bed - check
  • paint desk - check
  • paint cupboards - check
  • print off memory card pics and sort
  • get scrapbooks caught up
  • paint back door
Notice how most of the things have absolutely nothing to do with Julie coming?!? Like painting the trim in the boys room...I'm guessing she's not really gonna mind if their trim needs "touching up." Or if my scrapbooks are caught up. Sheeesh.

This list is classic Sarah, just so you know.

No wonder I'm a little worried we'll annoy her ;)


  1. ROFL I do the same thing, and then freak out of it's not all done. Although I know deep inside that no one really cares about any of it, because when I visit someone else all i care about is the company ;o)

  2. It sounds exciting to have someone coming for a visit, from Norway. I know she'll just love it with your family.

  3. Just so you know, my 8-year-old is only 4 in her scrapbooks. Apparently she hasn't done one thing since then. Or should I say, Mama has a lot of work to do.

    I long for a week of only scrapping. Hmph.

  4. I love to Shutterfly . . . that is what I do with all of the pictures I would choose to scrapbook! It is fast and easy and best of all no mess! I highly recommend it!

  5. I am hoping I see you tomorrow night?!?! are you coming to the shower? you're related! *smile*

  6. Classic you! I'd have it no other way! The scrapbook may be pushing it!

  7. I'm a classic over-achiever-in-my-mind, too.

    Funny list.

  8. LOL, you are so fun!! I'm sure Julie is going to fit in perfectly.

  9. This post makes me feel so normal! I am a chronic list maker, too. And they have to be epic in nature!
    I'm sure Julie will have a great time!

  10. You should see my Josh and I haven't had FOUR years to get things ready for Josiah. Now with only a few months before he comes home, I have A TON to get done.

    And here I sit at the computer. Typical me. :-)

  11. haha. I don't think you should worry :)
    Having something to do is always important, but don't stress it.
    I can always help when I come.

  12. That's quite the list! You'll be busy till Christmas and may miss her stay altogether. ;-)


  13. She's going to fall head over heals in love with you. And all your quirks. It's going to be such an amazing adventure. I can't wait to read about it :)

  14. Coming from someone with recent experience, painting isn't too bad... :) And touch ups and trim go quickly. Getting the motivation built up to do it, now that's the challenge. :)

  15. First you were having the weird preggo dreams because of her coming and now you're nesting... you are a freak of nature. I love you anyway. Hey... after you get done "nesting" your house can you come and do mine?

  16. Yeah, but you already have a lot of them completed. I'd wait and have to do almost all of them the last week!!!!


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