Friday, June 19, 2009

Someone's Messing With Me...

It has been a weird week here in the parsonage.

The weather: Weird. It's finally hot and humid, but it's been storming and then nice and then get the idea.

My children: Monday-Wednesday I could have sworn that something had taken over their little bodies. Thankfully they've returned to normal yesterday and today.

The mower: Demon-possessed. I'm sure of it. I'll spare you the details.

The coffeemaker: Three years ago I ditched my simple Mr. Coffee because I believed I needed something fancier. I did what any reasonable Pastor's wife does...I donated the old one to the church ;) The new one lasted less than a year and broke. So I bought another fancy model...and today, that machine had enough nerve to not brew ANYTHING. And I just cleaned it with smelly vinegar on dare it.

I once again did what any reasonable Pastor's wife does who lives 27 steps from the church...I marched over there and "borrowed" my simple old, trusty coffee pot. Because pastors wife needs coffee. Bad.

And it brewed me coffee.

God bless it.

And soon, I will drive to Wal-Mart (again) and purchase a new coffee pot. But this time...I'm buying the cheapest model I can find. No timers, no bells and whistles...just the $9.99 special...which will probably last forever. Maybe.

Anyways, my point originally was...that it's almost as if someone has been messing with me this week. You ever feel like that? Like I keep waiting for someone to pop out from around the corner and say "Ah ha! We were totally messing with you!" Because THAT seems like the only reasonable explanation :)

I give you pictures that will undoubtedly make you feel A: thankful that your children are incapable of making messes this huge or B: thankful that someone else's house looked like this.

You are welcome.

Because it's rained there are puddles...
Guess why he has chocolate around his mouth...

The mudroom...

My Bible has been laid open to Psalm 65 for the past few days. I can't move past it.

Verse 3 says: Our guilt overwhelms us, but you forgive our sins.

The rest of the chapter is good too...but it seems this week I needed to be reminded of that very thing.

I fail. Profusely. I am less than stellar in every area of my life...which leaves a feeling of guilt behind. On weeks like this, it overwhelms...literally.

God brought me back to the very basics of my faith. I am a sinner, saved by His grace. Forgiven...over and over and over again. And through that verse this week, my load of guilt lightened. He picks me back up, brushes me off and places me back on the path He's planned.

I couldn't be more thankful for that.


  1. You poor thing. I think you need a trip to Starbucks!!

    What a great passage to keep open. Love it!

    Hope you have a wonderful, less crazy & messy weekend!

  2. thank you so much for your post today, it really touched me.

    Also, your remark about someone coming around the corner saying, 'ha, I've been messing with you.' totally reminded me of hoops and yo yo (these really funny e-card characters from Hallmark) LOL.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I'd make you a cup of coffee, but I think I'll let you keep the boys + their mess!! (Sorry. I've been there and done that. The mess with girls is more finger nail polish related. Polish + brand new carpet = one mad mama. She lived. She's 26 now.) I love Psalms 65. Happy Weekend. Happy Summer Solstice!

  4. the difference between boys and girlie girls (like mine) is astounding. aren't you glad you're documenting this? they should see this when they're older. ;)

  5. those pictures say "family and summer" to me! I loved them!!! I think the first picture of your son covered in mud is says he has a mom who lets him be a boy!! (even tho it was probably exasperating at the time!)

  6. Wow, I think I need that verse on my wall!! Don't you love how the Holy Spirit breathes life into a verse you've read over and over?

  7. Great verse. I need that reminder too. Thank you.

  8. I always hated my little Mr.Coffee back in the states. But here in Korea, coffee makers are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, and I would give anything for a $10 Mr.Coffee!! Brew a cup for me, won't you?

    Your boys look like they're having fun with life - truly "Wild at Heart." Way to go, mom!

    Thanks for sharing this verse. Have you read "Transforming Grace" by Jerry Bridges. It really brings the reader "back to the very basics," like you said.


  9. Is that chopsticks in the ice cream?

    Great verse. Profound. So, then I guess there's no point in feeling guilt. We can feel it all we want, but the fact is we're forgiven, whether we feel guilty or not.

    Or guilty is what we are every day. No getting past it. He forgives us every day. Every stinkin' guilty day. His grace amazes me.

  10. Your post is beautiful! Our backyard is a HUGE mud puddle right now. We should get our boys together and let them play in the mud!

    I have a great coffee machine . . . come on over!

  11. God is so cool like that! i always feel so good when He places ma back on the path...

    Good Post!

  12. I totally understand the need for coffee!!! Great pics - living life to the full....that's what I call it! :)

  13. Thinking I need to let my Bible open up to Psalm 65 verse 3 for a few days!

  14. Thank you Sarah! Now I don't feel so bad about my house!! We can live in a mess together with our three children! If you lived closer, I'd come help you clean yours and you could come help clean mine!


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